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III III III 111 111 111 111 III I 111 III 

3 2870 01047452 4 

11 Piymoytfi Street 
East Bndgewatef, I^a 02333 

Out of the Blue... 

: i % 


East Bridgewater High School 

11 Plymouth Street 

East Bridgewater, Massachusetts 02333 

(508) 378-8214 

^Zfhank Hjou dV{%. ^Paons! 

The Staff of the 2000 Torch would like to dedicate this yearbook to Mr. Nick Paone. 
For the past nineteen years Mr. Paone has been the drivingforce behind the Torch. His 
dedication and service has been appreciated and valued by both students and faculty. 
I Although the Torch will continue to be produced without Mr. Paone, it will never be quite 
the same. Thank you Mr. Paone, for all that you have done to provide the students of East 
Bridgewater with the memories of their high school years. We hope that you will always 
have good memories of making the yearbook happen. 

fieh School... 

The class of 2000 would like to formally thank the both of you for the hard work 
and dedication you have provided for our benefit. The times you spent extra hours after 
school and the times you spent helping the class when we needed it the most are greatly 
appreciated. Through all the Homecoming floats, through all the car washes, and through 
all the dances, you have been there when you were needed most, and the class of 2000 
would like to thank you for that. Thanks for all the support, preparation, and calculations 
you put towards the benefit of our class. We wish you all the best in the future, and it was 
a pleasure to work with the both of you through the ups and downs of these four years. 
Thank you!!!!! . 

-The Class of 2000- 

There is No Better Place to Learn. 3 


The Torch 2000 

Junior Prom 














Student Life 


World Beat 



«Wpk. V *• . 

«?*tP>' V? ' 









rm ,*«-«* amJ 



invite* y^ 




,, 'p,-a»n 

a* 1 
ffitoh lik f ° l °lZd ****** 

MS °' d0Ck 




8 East Bridgewater High Schoo 


Aww... we know 
y°u guys are cute, 

but buff to o? Come 
on now, stop 


^ roj * Court- Sh 

Matt ^l:: n D Am y Afcr*« wc^ 

dtta - Dave c^WttJcXi^tauren 

There is 

'rom. 9 

Shannon and 
Jen show off 
*eir gorgeous 
dresses as one 
bi g smiling 

Jessica, Katelyn, Erin and Lori 
were all dreaming of the wild, 
wild, west. 

0r *eca° Smil e 

Everyone came together for a night of dreams. 


Kelly and 

decided to 
bust out 
with their 


moves on 
the dance 
, floor. 

^oup hug! Mehssa, Erin K^u % 
Angela, y ou girls look ^f^ 

Aren't they the 
cutest couples? 

Scooter, Brin and Sarah Loo^ 

like they are ready to danc 
night away. 


Are these guys the 
guests or the bouncers? 

Sleep Tight 

When questioned about 
their sleeping habits, the 
students of EBHS had this 
to say... 

73% of all EBHS students 
admit to falling asleep in 

The Most popular subjects 
to snooze during are 
Science and Math classes. 

What caused students to 
wake from the sleep of 
the living dead? 

Here are some of the best 
responses; the names have 
been withheld to protect 
the innocent. 

"Ifiell out of my chair and 
hit my head on the desk 
next to me." % , 

"J was having a dream 
where I was falling and as I 
was about to hit the ground 
I woke up shaking the desk 
to stop my fall. Mr. Illsley 
interrupted class to see if I 
was alright. " 

"That crazy Mrs. Crowell 
sprayed me with her stupid 
water bottle. " 

"One time I fell asleep in 
Mr. Siddiqui's class, and 
when I woke up I was all 
alone. Everyone must have 
gone to lunch. " 

"I began to drown in a 
puddle of my own drool. " 

"I was out like a light in 
English class, and I could 
just barely hear Mr. Cronin 
talking about averages. I 
heard him call out my name 
and in a stupor I yelled out 'I 
like math.'" 

"Mr. Santos whacked me 
with a ruler. It hurt. " 

Through These Doors 

Walk the World's Most Tired Students. 

While most AP Calculus students stare at the board with a puzzled look, 
Peter decided it was better to catch up on his sleep. 

Sarah tried mental absorption; sleep on 
the book and the answers will come. 

■A f\\Mf 

Amy decided to dream of a far, far 
better place. 

Sshh... we won't wake Krishna if you 

Mike is the only one on this page who 
should be sleeping. 


Yet, Through These Doore Walk the Most Unique Students. 

Charlie's Angels they're not! 

This picture speaks for itself! 

Cute little devil isn't he? 

Marik and Angela prepare 

their game faces for the 

ultimate battle of the sexes. 

, . Lizette was shocked to 

Join us. Together we can rule the galaxy! gee Mr IMey win thfi 

limbo contest. 

There is No Better Place to Learn. 13 

A look at what E3HS students do with their spare time. 

Bill and 

Melissa didn't 

mind when 

the camera 


their between 

class activity. 

Sorry Guys! 

Jill loves to look cute. 

Come on Steve, Bill, smile! 

J.P. in the 
girls locker 
room? That 
surprise us. 
Maybe he's 
looking for 
beauty tips. 

Don't worry 

Amy, we'll keep 

this our little 


Come on guys, give me some tips! How 
do I become a power hitter? 

Fon: "I was here first." 
Phil: "No, I called this chair!' 

Zafeteria romance. Isn't it enough 
:o make you lose your lunch? 

I don't 
care if 
they are 
made of 
I still like 

Mmm, Mmm 

Why does Pork taste so 
good? The cafeteria ladies 
know the answer to this 
question as well as the others 
that we asked the student 
body. Here are the results. 

54.25% of all EBHS 
students purchase school 
lunch on a regular basis. 

The meals that you liked 
the most were nuggets, 
breadsticks, spaghetti and 
pizza. Many people responded 
"Airheads," but after checking 
with Ms. Kraemer we found 
out airheads are not 

The most responded 
to question was, 
What are the chicken 
patties really made 

"Grade D (but edible) 
meat. " 

"Airheads. " 

"Ignorance is bliss. " 


"A Mr. Abate chemistry 
experiment gone terribly 
wrong. " 

"Refried Beans. " 

"Ground up bugs. " 

"Chicken. " 

"An elite group of military 
squirrels bred not only as 
spies for the US govern- 
ment but also as tasty 
treats on a bun for the 
youth of our nation. " 

Okay David, it's chew, chew, swallow, swallow, then laugh! 

There is No Better Place to Learn. 15 


to the Common 

* MvbitEX * WoncLuand 

^eitzl joxmai ^jzbiucmj 12, 2000 

iJ-'xs.^s.nts.a Jdu in, 

( or 

2000 & 2002 

• row in 

With the 
disappointment ofnot having any 
snow days to date , the Seniors 
2nd Sophomores agreed that this 
years theme should provide the 
school with its first storm of the 
year. "Winter Wonderland" was 
i chance for everyone to let loose 
ind show just how GQandYM 
they could be. Weeks of 
Preparation culminated in a 
pectacular event, making this 
year's semiformal the best ever. 
With a beautifully decorated 
cafeteria and an excellent dj, the 
semiformal turned out to be a 
frozen tundra. The excitement 
to get dressed up and to boogie 
down was overwhelming, and 
If he crowd was more stylish than 
any ever seen in the cafeteria 
before (except maybe the lunch 
ladies). The sem formal was an 
unforgettable event that was a 
good time for everyone who 

• • • 

a n 


O U £ X 

18 East Bridgewater High School... 


O U X 


z a 


You think your gonna grow up, move to Florida 
and buy yourself a nice little house with a white 
picket fence and a puppy?? ?" 

-Mr. Santos 

n these following pages let's take a look at the people 

who help to make East 
Bridgewater High School the 
place that it is. Our faculty is a 
group of people who do what they 
can to make East Bridgewater 
High School the best it can be. 
Whether it be Mrs. Cox and Mrs. 
Miller celebrating another fine 
production of the drama club or 
Ms. Liva, Ms. Dennison, Ms. 
Carlson, Ms. Cragin and Mrs. 
O'Brien chaperoning the Junior Prom; these people work 
hard to help the students to enjoy their years at EE3HS. 

This past year we have had some new additions 
and we have also said good-bye to a few friends. Ms. 
Costa and Mr. O'Pourke have joined us in the 
mathematics and science departments respectively. Ms. 
Cragin has made the move from Assistant Principal to 
the Director of Curriculum, Instruction and Professional 
Development Coordinator for grades K-12. Mrs. Frost 
and Mr. Kjellerstedt have found out that you can get too 
much of a good thing. They both decided that this past 
school year would be their last. To each of them we hope 
that they will find continued satisfaction as they settle 
into their new positions. 

So "Let's get started folks" Here is our faculty. 

There is No Better Place to Learn. 19 

Dr. Judith Riordan 
Superintendant of Schools 

Overlooking a traditional New England town common at the 
dawn of the millennium, East Bridgewater High School represents 
the values of a small town and the promise of a new world. The EBHS 
tradition is preserved by caring students and teachers working 
together to achieve excellence in academics, arts, and athletics. 
This community of students and educators is dedicated to the 
development of individual potential and personal character. 

The growth, achievements, and potential of the Class of 2000 i 

continue the Viking legacy. You 
have nurtured your dreams with 

perseverance and energy. As individuals you have grown, and by 
sharing your gifts with others you have enriched the culture of East 
Bridgewater High School. Whatever the future brings, the lessons 
and memories you have acquired here will endure in the choices you 
make and the people you become. As you pursue your goals in life 
you carry the spirit of EBHS — a spirit of effort, compassion, 
enthusiasm, and pride. 

Winston Fairfield 
Assistant Principal 

The Class of 2000 will 
move on to new challenges and i 
achievements, but you will always 
be apart of East Bridgewater High School, just as East Bridgewater i 
High School will always be apart of you. You leave with our love and i 
our hopes that you will cherish your roots as you soar to a bright i 
future of success and happiness. 

"For you I wish these two things, 
To give you roots, to give you wings. " 

The Power Hitters 

East Bridgewater High 


Clockwise from top left: Social Studies Curriculum 
Coordinator, George McCabe, English Curriculum 
Coordinator, Patrick Cronin, Director of Curriculum, 
Instruction and Professional Development 
Coordinator for grades K-12, Carolyn Cragin, Student 
Activities Coordinator, Barbara Gillespie, Technology 
Coordinator, Harry Ferrell-Locke, Pupil Personnel 
Services, Kathryn Levine, Science Curriculum 
Coordinator, Ron Abate , Math Curriculum Coordinator, 
Leanna Russell, School Psychologist, Nancy Miller, 
Athletic Director, Al Smith, Music Director, Dan 
Lasdow, and Administrative Assistant, Richard Achin, 

Daniel Lasdow 
Director of Music 


Carolyn Barnes 

Art & Guidance 

Art Club 

Sharyn Bell 

'Barbara, we're going back to the top whether you want to or not!!!' 

22 East Bridgewater High School.. 

Christine Liva 

Harry Ferrell-Locke 

Technology Coordinator 

Business Education 

Joanne O'Brien 

Business Education 

Future Teachers' Club Advisor 


Tgd#H0LOIiY ^POdATi 


This is that place. 

Gloria Sloan 
Business Education 

Kathy Hegarty 
My Turn 


There is No Better Place to Learn. 23 

Christina Mason 


NHS Advisor 

24 East Bridgewater High School.. 

John Lucier 


Football, Indoor Track Coach 

There is No Better Place to Learn. 25 

Learma Russell 

Mathematics Coordinator 


Richard Meier 

Barbara Nelson 

Denise Robertson 

26 East Bridgewater High School.. 

Jamil Siddiqui 

The Calculus 

Class of 2002, Math Team 

There is No Better Place to Learn. 27 

28 East Bridgewater High School. 

There is No Better Place to Learn. 29 

30 East Bridgewater High School.. 

Helen Backstrom 
Guidance Secretary 

Dottie Frost 

Secretary to the Principal 

This year will be Dottie's last at 

EBHS. After 1 1 years we hope 

that she finally has some time to 

relax. Take care Dottie, and leave 

the key to the supply room. 

There is No Better Place to Learn. 31 

• • • 

a n 

a I n t 


32 East Bridgewater High School... 





tudent life? What student has a life?" 


Student life is something that affects each and 
every one of us, therefore this is our section. It's the 
music we listen to, where we dedicate our time, the way 
we dress and the people we help. It's the everyday trivial 

stuff that makes up our lives. We 
begin by taking a look back at the 
summer. Many of us just tossed 
on our sunglasses and hit the road 
ke Mike Kenney, Laura DeSerpa, 
Michelle Cohen and Kerrin 
Augustyniak. On our way we hit 
sites like Canobie Lake Park. Then 
we move on to the school year, 
starting with Homecoming and 
Halloween. Sarah Podricks caught the idea with her 
gypsy costume at the Key Club Halloween Party. From 
there we put on our warm mittens to celebrate the 
holidays at Christmas on the common. Holly Punnals 
had the idea and the spatula; the sandwiches weren't 
that bad and were for a good cause, the sophomores. 

Then we really take a look at our lives. Interviews 
with the student body showed our views on a variety of 
subjects. It seems that "we all work for the money" and 
fashion is a hot topic. Like Chris Richard, we all have our 
own style. Caitlin Colombo personifies community service 
as she helps the kindergartners. Seniors' true feelings 
were revealed at the Torch Awards, but don't worry Doug 
and Angela, you aren't that loud. 

Finally, we end this section with some of the really 
Important stuff, our memories and our accomplishments. 
Hopefully this section succeeds in capturing our 
thoughts, ideas, and lives. 

There is No Better Place to Learn. 33 

-Jhz \jci±tandl^lid£s 

On the eve of December 2, 1999 just 
hours after the blood drive, the Torch Staff 
brought something new to East Bridgewaten 
High School. The first ever and quite; 
possibly the last "Torch Awards" were held J 
In the tradition of the Academy Awards 
and the Golden Globes, the 32 different 

Senior Superlatives were presented. Fifty-one different seniors took 

home an award. Amy Smollett and Peter Egersheim won three Torch 

Awards each, including the Best All- Around Senior. Each award was 

given out by a presenter hand picked by the Torch Staff. The event was 

a great success. The audience was wonderful and really showed their 

support of each of the presenters. The crowd went wild over several presenters, most noticeable was Mr. 

Burkett's presentation for Best Eyes, Mr. Moore's presentation for Cutest and Mr. Illsley's cinematic debut in 

the clip, "Most Likely to be locked out by Mr. Illsley". Mr. Harper (wearing a tuxedo for the first time ever) and 

Mr. Condon came dressed in the Christmas spirit. They even brought in a machete to make sure that they would 

be able to open the envelope. This event was so big that Mr. Bill 

Smith even skipped out on Smackdown to join us. Over thirty 

different Faculty members were involved in presenting The 

Torch Awards along with four current underclassmen and two 

Alumni. Many of the teachers were there in person and for the 

unfortunate ones who couldn't join us, they presented their 

awards by videotape. From the first presentation by Mr. Post 

for Most Changed (and my, how Mr. Post has changed) to the last 

presentation by Mr. Siddiqui for Best Ail-Around, it was a 

wonderful evening for all those involved, and as for whether or 

not this was the last Torch Awards, only time will tell... 

sssENTi 8 sr, -if- 

Hw tf Ask 

ook to the Past to Buil 

onger Future 

On the weekend of October 29th East Bridgewater 
High School hosted its annual homecoming festivities. And 
what better way to begin homecoming than the traditional 
rally, co-hosted by Ms. Carrara and Mr. Siddiqui. The band 
and colorguard performance illustrated why they are the 
five-time defending NESBA champions. Each of the Fall 
season sports teams were recognized, including the girls 
soccer team, which made the playoffs for the fourth straight 
year, and the Patriot League Field Hockey champions. AD 
Smith made a special appearance presenting the 1999 Boys 
Track Team with the Championship banner. The highlight of 
the rally came when Seniors Joe "Mankind" Daggett and 
Peter "The Rock" Egersheim demolished Josh Lagerval who 
portrayed a Randolph Blue Devil in their Smackdown 

imitation. The Homecoming dinner sponsored by the class 
of 2001 took place Friday evening. The dinner was well 
attended, serving over 200 people. That night the boys 
varsity soccer team hosted an exchange team from England. 
They played admirably and managed to tie the British 
team. The next day's events included the annual 
homecoming parade and football game. The parade was 
led by Dr. Riordan and the School Committee followed by I 
the East Bridgewater High School Marching Band and the 
members of the Homecoming court who were dispersed 
among the floats of the underclassmen. The Class of 2001 1 
won the trophy for the best float, with their depiction of the 
rainbow bridge of knowledge which spanned the chasm 
between past and future. The members of the homecoming : 

court were introduced during the 
halftime show. Susan Porier, 
Shannon Silba, Sarah Stewart, Amy Smollett, Andrea Mallett, Doug Colburn, 
Tony Lombardo, Marik Fiero, Matt Monterio and Mark Margarit competed 
for the positions of royalty. One of the toughest decisions ever, the homecoming 
committee crowned Matt Monterio and Amy Smollett as king and queen. The 
East Bridgewater Football team played Randolph and won 21-0. Led by Junior 
Kevin McDermott's three touchdowns and the Vikings' solid defense anchored 
by Doug Colburn and Scott Viscardi, East Bridgewater annihilated the 
Randolph Blue Devils. Later that night the homecoming dance, sponsored by 
the Senior Class, was attended by over three hundred students and alumni. 


October 31st... what do 
you think of? Ghosts, goblins, 
and ghouls, fairies, princesses, 
and beauty queens. Every year, 
EBHS celebrates Halloween in 
a special way, with the Key Club 
sponsored Halloween party. 
Students all gather together for 
a night of fun, games, and goofy 
costumes. Elementary and 
middle school students come 
dressed to impress. Throughout 
the night, high school students 
led the younger kids through 
games like "Simon Says" and 
bobbing for apples. The night 
ended with a costume contest 
in which the most unique wins. 
But of course, in the spirit of 
giving, all the kids walked away 
with candy and excitement. The 
high schoolers were left to clean 
up the mess. Overall, the 
Halloween party was a great 
success; everyone, and we mean 
everyone, came dressed to 
impress. Some of the most 
unique costumes are pictured 
here. Check out Kelly, the 
princess, and Pam, the angel. 
This event makes Halloween a 
time that is never forgotten. 

38 East Bridgewater High School.. 


Christmas is the most 
wonderful time of the year, 
especially at EBHS. Each year 
before Christmas, the whole 
community traditionally gathers 
together to share in the Holiday 
spirit. All of the local 
organizations along with East 
Bridgewater High School clubs 
are given a table and contribute 
something. The Sophomore 
class sold grilled cheese 
sandwiches and hot turkey and 
veggie soup. The seniors 
offered everyone's favorite 
coffee, Dunkin' Donuts, in 
addition to selling EBHS key 
chains. The key club sold 
sweatshirts and T-shirts. The 
sports parents and the music 
parents all lent a helping hand. 
The day began with a parade 
that started at the Foxboro 
building and ended at the High 
School parking lot. Participating 
in this stream of colors that 
washed across EB were floats 
of all shapes and sizes, as well 
as our own band and color 
guard. Overall the day was a 
blast, although it was quite 
cold. Everyone walked away 
with the Christmas spirit. 

There is No Better Place to Learn. 39 

I TMeMost 

' i 

ThisyeartheTorch Staff 
decided to dedicate a spread, 
better know as two pages, to all 
of the working students at 
EF3HS. About 53.56% of the 
students at EBHS have jobs. 
The majority of the workers are 
juniors and seniors, but there 
are a few sophomores and even 
some freshmen. When the 
students were aeked why they 
worked, many said money wae a 
arge factor. According to Pub 
106's best worker, Sarah Nolan, 
"Urn, money is definitely a 
factor." Many of them seemed 
to agree, although Jay Prusak 
told us that he works at 
Tedeschi's, for the money, but 
"they don't give me any." 

So what does everyone need the money for? Or need we ask such a 
question? Obviously everyone needs the money "for the things you do" says 
Cheryl Peloso, who spends her time at Wendy's. Those things we do seem to 
consist of paying for our care. In fact, many of us work mainly to keep and 
maintain our care, and the gas they burn up constantly. F3ut there are some 
other reaeon we work. Our favorite Ice cream scooper at Peaceful Meadows, 
Leigh-Ann Brosihan, put it best when she explained "the money's good, but 
the people are fun." In fact, many of the student workers at EF3HS like to 
work because they enjoy the people they work with. 

So what else is there to say about working, well, what do we receive 
from working besides the money? Everyone seemed to have lots of answers 
for this. Sharrel Paul elaborated on this idea by saying that "work teaches 

1. Supermarkets 

2. Fast Food a.k.a. 
Dunkin ' Don u is 

3. Pumgin' gas 

at Skip's 

53.86% of all 
EBHS students won 

40 East Bridgewater High School.. 

us good things for the future." These things include responsibility, 
time management, and people skills. 

So with all these great things about work why don't we all give 
it a shot? Well, as some of the students pointed out, work can often 
take away from other parte of our lives. If we are athletes, working 
can often Interfere with practices and games. It can force us to 
decide between our school work and social lives. But there's another 
lesson that comes with work. Time management is probably the best 
benefit from working. We learn to set our priorities and pick the 
Important things in our lives. 

Maybe it was put best by one our favorite teachers, Mr. 
F3urkett, when he explained, "Work is a good thing; it teaches 
responsibility outside the classroom and reinforces what you learn 
In school. Yet, some students take on too much work in order to pay 
for the less important things such as fancy cars and status. Try not 
to pass up the things that will be over soon, because work will always 
be there." 

There is No Better Place to Learn. 41 



fc$ysi&- j^, 

jm r lir*£a 





\i::...-I L.^--a.f 



It's a 
'Freedom Thing' 

42 East Bridgewater High School.. 

A stream of cars 
rushes into the back parking 
lot at precisely 7:25. Just 
20 minutes earlier, the lot looked like a ghost town, as you can see 
by the time line. If you observe the back parking lot you can get 
a general idea of how the students of EBHS feel about driving. It's 
a "freedom" thing. Senior Nicole Gill explained how driving 
changed her life in that, "I can go places when I want; I can go 
wherever I want." Then again, Nicole also said that driving is 
expensive and she hates paying for gas. In addition to the high 
cost of driving, we all seem to get disturbed by the other drivers 
on the road. Another Senior, Rob "FON" Chamberlain, states 
"dumb people bother me." Many of us seem to get agitated by 
the lack of courtesy on the roads. 

So do the positives outweigh the negatives? Here at EB, 
they sure do. Tiffany Overstreet says, "Driving is fun, new and 
great plus it lets you leave your house and EB!" Many of us feel 
that driving has changed our lives. It gives us a chance to see 
different places, meet new people, and try new things. Even 

though it may cost 

us our paychecks or 

frazzle our nerves, 

driving provides the 

ultimate freedom. 

So next time you get 

in the car, think of all 

of those people who 

cannot drive and 

I cherish every morning 

you get to pull into 

the back parking lot. 



^sff *wr 






The Helping 

Hands of 



All over EBHS, 
students are Reaching Out to 
the community, spending time 
with people, and trying to explain things they don't know. Community Service 
is integrated into many EB students' lives. Through a new program called Reach 
Out, many students are able to put extra school time to use. Mrs. Barnes leads the 
new program, which ranges from helping out at the Middle and Central Schools 
to visiting nursing homes, to building things in shop for charity. Sophomore Jen 

Whitney visits hospitals through the 
Reach Out program, and Sophomore 
Chris Hall teaches CCD to little kids 
and volunteers through a program called 
Brothers' Keeper. Chris and Jen agree 
that, "Teaching and working with kids 
makes me feel good about myself." 
Through the National Honor Society 
and Future Nurses, Senior Amy 
McCormack visits nursing homes and 
soup kitchens. Community Service has 
given Amy an outlet to do what she tells 
us she enjoys. Although at first glance 
you may not notice these random acts of kindness, if you dig a little deeper, you'll 
see just how much the students at East Bridgewater High School care. 

44 East Bridgewater High School 

At EBHS there doesn't seem to be any single 
dominant style. Rather, all of the students seem to 
"dress however we want" says Senior, Angela 
Lawson. Another Senior, Doug Colburn, seemed 
to agree when he explained, "I wear what I want; 
I don't need to impress anybody." Our taste in 
clothes does not stop at our closets however. In 
fact, it carries over to our taste in music. Amy 
McCormack defined her taste in music and fashion 
as a "wide variety. My style is just whatever." It's 
obvious that most of us at EBHS are open to many 
different styles, genres, and ideas, but Junior Kristin 
Clark contests that this mind set does not include 
everyone. She said that there are some of us who 
"just want to be in a certain group and will change 
the way they dress or the music they listen to just to make it in." Although this doesn't apply to everyone, it's 
hard to say that there are not some divisions in style here at EBHS. Sophomore, Chris Hall, pointed out that, 
"There are definitely a lot of cliques. There are those who dress grungy, and there's the preppy people, and of 
course the rappers. A lot of people try to be like other people." Senior Jay Prusak agreed and explained that, 
"All the Homey G's dress like Homey G's, and the skaters wear the grungy clothes." So where does this conflict 
of ideas come from? Some of us feel that EBHS is open and not limited to one genre, while others believe that 
everyone tries to belong to a certain clique. Well, it's a little bit of both. Maybe another factor is grade-level. It 
has been noticed that while the Seniors are all laid back, and dressing for comfort, the Freshman are all trying 
to fit in with just the right style. This concept was explained by Lyndsay Signori in that, "It goes by grade- when 
you're a Senior, you're ready to wear whatever, but if you're a Freshman, you have the pressure to dress up." 
No matter what the story is, Leigh-Ann Brosnihan, a.k.a. Bottom Line, was right when she said, "There's a 

definite correlation between fashion and 
music; they need each other to survive." 
Even with that said, the Freshmen 
continue to dress up and the Seniors 
dress down because no matter what the 
genre or taste, every individual at EBHS 
has his or her own personal style and that 
is what makes our school great. 

There is No Better Place to Learn. 45 

If you were to drive by 
the town hall on any Sunday 
night from September to 
November, you would be 
surprised to see large numbers 
of cars in the parking lot. 
Inside the town hall, you 
would find 20 girls dancing, 
speaking, and working hard 
for one of the best experiences 
of their lives. On November 
14, all of these girls, six of 
which were from East 
Bridgewater High School, got 
on the stage to strut their stuff. 

Junior Miss is a tradition 
in which the whole nation 
participates. The six girls from 
EBHS, Adrianne Grabau, 
Jamie Alfieri, Sue Poirier, 
Amy Smollett, Lauren Ferbert, 
and Andria Blackman all 
competed for the title of 
Capeway Junior Miss. The 
competition included onstage 
and offstage components. The 
offstage included an interview 
and academic judgement. On 
stage, the girls performed 
fitness routines, displayed 
talents, and presented 
themselves verbally and 
formally. The talent routines 
included dancing, karate 
patterns, artwork displays 
and pieces on the piano. 

Adrianne Grabau 
earned First Runner Up in the 
competition, and Andria 
Blackman won the Diane Carr 
Award. Beyond the tangible 
awards and gifts, the girls also 
became friends with almost 
20 other girls and shared an 
amazing experience, memories 
of which they will carry with 
them for the rest of their lives. 

I Susan Poirier 

46 East Bridgewater High School... 

fi # Nargakit 


Mme Barbara Gillespie's class of 2000 French III students participated in the annual mock French 

wedding after spending a month of studying the French society and wedding customs. Each 

student played a role in the ceremony, with each role picked by a lottery held in class. The 

roles ranged from bride and groom to a mayor, priest, readers, and photographer. Meaghan 

Ortenzi and 

Justin Hastings 

were the bride 

and groom, and 

they each wrote 

impressive vows 

completely in 

French. The two 

exchanged their 

vows in front of 
students, faculty, and parents who 
were exclusively invited. Nicole 
Gill was in charge of planning the 
wedding, helping to decorate the 
library, changing it from a world 
of books into a snowy winter 
wonderland, matching the theme 
of "Noel Blanc." After the actual marriage was completed, a reception followed, featuring a beautifully 
constructed "une piece montee," or a mountain of creme filled pastries covered by a sugary glaze, created 
by the renowned chef Andrea Mallett. Many painstaking hours went into the event in the form of invitations, 
decorations, filming and editing, costumes, and scripts. On behalf of the '98 French III class, the editors of 
the Torch would like to thank Mme Gillespie for her time, effort, and love she so willingly donated to this fun, 
educational, and outstanding celebration. 

Senior Will 

Jewish War Veterans 
Matthew Monteiro 

Daughters of the American Revolution 
Amy Smollett 

48 East Bridgewater High School... 

/, Allison 'Badger, hereby mill, myfruitness to my fruity Shannon Silba. 

I, Stephanie Bodio, hereby will, all the clothes that won't fit in my college suitcase tc 
my sister, Brianna. 

I, Leigh Ann Brosnihan, hereby will, my collection of Sty^s greatest hits andjapanesi 
pop to Whole andSteph. 

I, Doug Colburn, hereby will, my number 10 to 'Kevin Luddy and my boots to Angek' 
as well. 

I, Peter Tgersheim, hereby will, all the millions andmillions of The Jtgcklsfans chantiny 
his name, begging forthe great one to come backjiextyear. 

I, Marik Jiero, hereby will, this "Life moves pretty fast, if you don't stop and loot 
around every once in a while, you might miss it." 

I, 'Kj.cole Qill, hereby will, a medium shirt to Maura so she'llnever be cold and to even 
one "Love each other or perish." 

y I, 'Nicholas Inglis-Jeagins, hereby will, the Drama Club stronger than ever, to tfu 
future Jreaks and weirdos. 

I, Mia Jensen, hereby will, the cool exchange student program for a cool person like me. 

I, Kirsten Johnson, hereby will, my hearty laugh for Marky always and all of my soccer 
memories and stories for my soccer girls to carry on forever. 

I, Monique Jones, hereby will, my sequined L.A. Qear jacket to Kathy Lynch, so she will 
finally be happy. 

I, Tiffany Joslyn, hereby will, the task^of finding a newyearbookadvisor, at least hah 
as good as Mr.Siddiqui, to my co-editor Kim Allison, and my desire to be involved 'I 
every student activity possible in this school to anyone willing to take the job. 

I, Angela Lawson, hereby will, all my drama friends, I will you your Qodzilla andt 
Doug, I will you my boots. 

1, 9\{ickLupi, hereby will, the hope that everyone can have thegreat times andmemorie 
that high school brings. 

I, "Kathy Lynch, hereby will, my Jubu jeans to Monique Jones and my rap CD's to 'Pete 

I , Andrea Mallett, hereby will, the tennis ball to Lyndsay, Kjrsten, Stacy andShirl; an 
I will Saturday trackmeets to all my trackgirls. 

And Testament 

I, "Erin Maloney, hereby mitt, Heeeri to all my girls, and my boots to 'Boof 

I, MarkMargarit, hereby will, a 'Marky Smile" for all you who have made my year 
(you know who you are) and of course, a pretty littlegrey mini-van named Shania. 

I, Matthew David Monteiro, hereby will, my job as a mentor in the middle school to 
anyone as crazy as me. 

i I, Steve Moore, hereby will, some s*I*9^J* to my friends so they can have lots of fun 
for us to share. floppy s*I*9{^^F* ! 

I, Meg Ortenzi, hereby will, to my whole lunch table, my violent spear fight with the 

I, Chris Talmquist, hereby will, my Judge Mobile to anyone who thinly that can 
handle its strong repsonsibility. And the Line of the Day to keep with everyone who 
made it special. 

I, Jason Talmquist, hereby will, my little white 'Volkswagon to Mike Xenney and my 
: sticks to %errin Augustiniak^ 

I, Cheryl Teloso, hereby will, my javelin to l^icole Qill, l^icole Mauger and all the 
soccer and trackmemories to all the girls. 

I, Sarah'Rgdricki hereby will, Simonsays tolori, Qus theShofPut toSteph, and Sat. 
, meet and all the hot guys to "Katie. 

I, Josh'Rosenbaum, hereby will, to all who come after me, the knowledge that only you 
• can help yourself here, because the majority of everyone here is useless. 

I, Lyndsay Signori, hereby will, my lucky red shirt to all of my soccer girls. 

I, Shannon Silba, hereby will, my American flag to Miss America. 

I, Michael Silvia, hereby will, the math team presidency to my mystery successor who 
has yet to be named. Qoodluckjn coming in Jourthl 

I, Amy Smollett, hereby will, the Class of 2000, a smile and memories of the past. 

I, Lizete Varela, hereby will, my City crown to Monique Jones because of all the 
crowns she has, she wants mine the most. 

I, Meg Weljkpvic, hereby will, the Class of 2000 the strength to reach for their dreams. 

"So it is said, so it is written, and so it shall come to pass." 

-The Class of 2000 

There is No Better Place to Learn. 49 

• • • 

a n 

a i 





a a £ 

50 East Bridgewater High School... 



J. he Fat Lady never sings at EBHS." 

-A.D. Smith 

Angry fans charge the field, and the two opposing 
towns brawl for bragging rights. A familiar headline for 
high school sports in the last year, just luckily not here 
at East 3ridgewater High School. High school athletics 
has always been a strong tradition at our high school 
and we've actually been lucks/ enough to have a few good 

teams over the past four years. It's 
nice to think that sports aren't 
about winning or losing, but it 
always feels better to be the team 
jumping up and down than the team 
hanging their heads. To feel the 
excitement of victory and the sting 
of defeat are all part of the game. 
Pride is a large part of sports, and 
everyone is proud to be a Viking. 
Long standing winning teams in our town have been 
football, baseball, and basketball. There hasn't been much 
variety, but as of late many teams have started to 
experience success. With the addition of both a golf 
team and hockey team in the last few years, there are 
more choices than ever. Whether shooting a ball in a little 
hoop is your game or smashing a tennis ball at eighty 
miles an hour is for you, we do it here at East 
E3ridgewater and we do it with pride. And even if you're 
not the one to participate In sports, we can all remember 
getting psyched up to watch a big game and cheer on 
our friends. 

Over the past few years, we had some quite 
successful teams and then some teams in "transition." 
There is a strong sense of school spirit running through 
us all and school athletics are a great way to 
demonstrate our ability and pride. 

There is No Better Place to Learn. 51 

Front Row: Dennis Sheppard, Kevin McCabe, Shawn White, Jeremy McCabe Back Row: Coach McCabe, 
Kenneth Rettman, Aaron Bush, Phil Perry, T.J. Smith, Dave Nilson, Coach Crean. 

The Boy's cross-country team had its best season ever, finishing first in the Patriot 
League and 12 lh overallin the All-State meet. They started the season off in a very 
strong way, going undefeated in their first six meets. This successful team also 
had an unusual make-up; the top seven runners were all underclassmen, with one 
Senior exception. The team consisted of Senior, Dave Nilson, junior, Phil Perry, 
sophomores, Thomas Smith, Shawn White, Aaron Bush, Chester Miller, freshmen, 
Jeremy McCabe, Kenny Rettman, Kevin McCabe and Dennis Sheppard. The boys 
were undefeated at home; won the prestigious South Shore Principals meet, and 
finished fourth overall in the Class D meet. With these team honors came many 
individual honors. Dennis Sheppard was named to the Enterprise All-Scholastic 
Team and Shawn White received honorable mention. East Bridgewater had three 
team members named to the Patriot League All-League team, Shawn White, 
Thomas Smith and Dennis Sheppard. The team has a great deal to be proud of this 
past season; coached by Mr. McCabe and Mr. Crean the team was a close knit 
group that enjoyed each other as much as they did their sport. The next several 
years look to be just as promising for the Viking runners considering that the team 
will be returning the majority of its team for the next two seasons. 

Front Row: Coach McCabe, Holly Runnals. Allison Cobb. Kelly Cobb, Sarah Rodericks. Pam DeAngelo. 
Catherine Belmore. Lara Batti, Coach Crean. 

The Girls Cross Country Team had an awesome 1 999 Season. Captains Kelly Cobb 
and Sarah Rodricks, and teammates Katie Belmore, Pamela D'Angelo, Holly 
Runnals, Lara Batti and Allison Cobb proved that running hundreds of miles, 
having a new coach and being the smallest team at EBHS, wasn't all that bad. Miles 
were made into nothing with the strong and friendly spirit that kept the team 
together. Also helping make the miles easily conquerable was their new coach, Mr. 
McCabe, accompanied by Mr. Crean, who returned from the 1998 season. They 
brought their sense of humor to the team and the ability of the girls to persuade 
them to shorten the practices made them easv to welcome. The size of the team 
made the girls work harder to pull through and win a meet and made it easier for 
the team to grow into fast and great friends. The girls had a record of 5-5 for the 
season, but those numbers cannot accurately reflect the personal and team 
accomplishments that were achieved. The most memorable meet came when East 
Bridgewater swept the first five places at their last home meet against Randolph. 
Kelly Cobb won first place honors. They improved the next Saturday where the 
team finished 1 6th out of 42 teams that competed from all over the Boston area . The 
girls and the coaches were pleased by this wonderful comeback and agreed that it 
helped to make a great ending for a good season. 

nil f Il# i Iflf Ilr 1 

ime Ba,im< 

Front Row: Erin Maloney, Marisa Rindone, Angela Lawson. Caitlin Colombo, Erin Folloni, Kerri 
Zimmerman, Melissa Garabedian, Sara Nolan, Back Row: Coach Roberts, Renee Benyue, Shelly 
Chaves, Amy-Lynn Roshinski, Maura Gardner, Rachel Anderson, Karissa Carey, Tarah Martell, 
Amy McCormack, Lisa 
Samia, Erin Young, 
Andria Blackman, 
Michelle Roan, Jill 

The East Bridgewater 
High School Girls 
Field Hockey team 
finished their season 
with an outstanding 
record of 9-5-3. Not only 
was this record good 
enough for a playoff 
birth, but it secured the 
girls their first Patriot 
League title ever. After 
getting off to a rocky 
start (1-3-1) the girl 
really pulled together to 
defeat Norwell 3-0 and then 
they went on to win 10 of 
their next 12 regular season 
games. It was an 

outstanding season, led by 

3 Captains Erin Follcmi^ 
Caitlin Colombo and Kerri Zimmerman. 
Seniors Lisa Samia, Melissa Garabedian, Sara 
Nolan, Amy McCormack, Erin Maloney and 
Erin Young also played major roles in the team's 
strong season. The offense, led by Junior Maura 
Gardner's league leading 14 goals, was usually 
able to provide the Vikings with a comfortable 
lead, and for the games they didn't, the defense 
anchored by Erin Folloni and her nine shutouts 
made sure that every game was close. 

Individual honors were 

record setting season 

Zimmerman, Erin 

prevalent during this 
Lisa Samia, Kerri 
Folloni, Maura 

Gardner and Karissa Carey were all 

selected to the All-Star Team. Both 

Kerri and Maura were also 

selected to the All-Scholastic 

|Team. Coach Lisa Roberts, who 

did an outstanding job, was 

named the Coach of the Year 

by the Boston Globe. The 

girls worked hard and 

although they were not 

able to advance as far as 

they would have liked 

to in the tournament, 

; they were able to earn 

the Patriot League 

Banner that they were 

striving for all year long 

and they will be a team 

that East Bridgewater 

High School 

will not soon 


Front Row: Angela Brown, Jessica Yurkins, Emily Simpson, Katie-Anne Sands. Julie Motte, Van 
jNguyen. Jennifer Ramsey, Back Row: Sandy Butler, Kim Smalley, Mikaela Anderson, Tori 

Snelgrove, Sara Johnson, Emily Goode, Tiffany Overstreet, Tracy Moore, Angela Rotundo. Sara 
.Gates, Coach Cull. 

Front Row: Jack Hanratty, Dan Joughin, Dave Knight, Eric Johnson, Jesse Conant, Matt 
Tobolski, Brian Sheppard, Chris Barton Back Row: Mark Ferioli, Joe Frost, Mark Magarit, Kevin 
Dixon, Tom Hansbury, Josh Lagerval, Ryan DeSouza, Greg Hill, Coach Martin 

The East Bridgewater High School Boy's Soccer team completed another 
season, that started with a 6-0 win over West Bridgewater. Lead by captains Josh 
Lagerval, Kevin Dixon, Tom Hansbury, and Joe Frost the team ended the season with 
a 7-10-2 record. Other players that helped the team to have one of their better seasons 
were Mark Margarit , Ryan DeSousa, and Dan Joughin. Leading the league in 
scoring were juniors Joe Frost and Dan Joughin. They placed one and two in scoring 
respectively. Three players were chosen to represent the team in the Patriot League 
All-Star game, Tom Hansbury, Joe Frost , and Dan Joughin. All three players are 
juniors and returning for another year of kicks. 

During the month of October the boys hosted an exchange team from Great 
Britain. The Brits lived with their EB counterparts andcompeted against several area 

teams. The Brits had an undefeated record 
here in America; their only blemish, a tie 
against their hosts, your East Bridgewater 
Vikings . During the 1 999 season, the Soccer 
team not only represented their school and 
community, but also their country. 

Each of the players will be able to 
look back and remember that they help 
contribute to East Bridgewater' s best record 
in years. Helping them to be prepared for 
each game was a series of inspirational pre- 
game speeches made by Kevin Dixon , Josh 
Lagerval , Joe Frost, Tom Hansbury, 
and. . .Oh yeah Freshmen Greg Hill . 

First Row: Nicole Beddia, Sara Moukalled, Ashley Niland, Ashleigh Moore, Second Row: Erin Kenney 
Kaity Corthell, Briis Wile, Nicole Mauger, Stefanie McHugh, Danielle Morrissey, Coach Mauger, Third 
Row: Lauren Ferbert, Cheryl Peloso, Nicole Gill, Andrea Mallett, Lyndsay Signori, Kirsten Johnson, 
Stacy Holland, Brittany Lavalle 

Opposite Page, First Row: Rachel Pooler, Jalvna-Marie Estrella, Nicole 
Meighan, Jaime Tressel, Allison Smith, Jessica Zahka, Second Row: Kristen 
Morrissey, Sonya Pawlyshyn, Alia Braley, Leanne Ring, Abby Haines, 
Rebecca Horan, Collleen Lynch, Ari Wile, Kim McHugh 

The girls soccer team continued their tradition of 
excellence finishing off the '99 season with a winning record 
of 11-5-1. This season marked the fourth straight year of 

tournament play for the 
seniors on the team. 

ight starting seniors including captains Lauren Ferbert, Nicole Gill 

and Lyndsay Signori, led the team from start to finish. In addition 

to the seniors, major contributions were also made by all of the 

i underclassmen on the team, 

\ including juniors, goalkeeper 

1 Erin Kenny and leading scorer 

Nicole Mauger. The unity of the 

team, in addition to the support 

of Coach Bill Mauger, served to 

make their successful season a true 

team effort. 

Although the season began 
slowly, the girls picked up and came 
;ether to finish third overall in the Patriot 
League. Highlights of the season included the 
team's 2-0 defeat over Rockland in their final league match, qualification 
to the state tournament, mud wrestling at practice, weekly pasta tests 
and running miles upon miles with Lyndsay in the preseason. 




- : V\ ^ 


V. i$L 







Front Row: Chris Richards, Steve Moore, Brian Connolly, Matt Monteiro, Kevin MacNeil, 
Billy Breheny, Michael Belmore, Matt Singleton, Scott Viscardi, Doug Colburn, Dave 
McAuley, Marik Fiero, Jake Gurney, Jay Rock. Second Row: Adam Chopinski, Ed Perry, 
Tim Brown, Joe Silvia, Corey Casey, Gary Kingman, Steve Samia, Kevin McDermott, Mike 
Cowgill, Cole Jeness,Tom Duquette, Brad Bishop, Sean Nichols, Third Row: Mark 
Robillard, Richard Colburn, Dean Lucier, Ross Safko, Matt Boyce, Derek Volner, John 
Deneen, Tim Desmond, Dave Heeps, Sal Longo, John Paul Kenn, David LaFratta, Fred Tully 

The 1999 East Bridgewater High School football season 

was a successful one for the hard hitting Vikings. Led by 

a talented and close knit senior class, the team started the 

season with a five game undefeated run, and later 

completed the season with an impressive 6-2-2 record. The 

team opened the year with a 19-6 victory over Catholic Memorial, and 

followed that up with perhaps their most exciting game, a 14-13 victory over 

Norwell. In a hard fought game the difference turned out to be one play 

during the waning seconds 
of the fourth quarter. With 
the Vikings leading by one, 
senior Kevin MacNeill 
blocked an attempted field 
goal on the last play of 
regulation to preserve the 
win. Later in the season, at 
the annual Homecoming 
football game, Junior Kevin 
McDermott displayed his 
extraordinary offensive 
skills by rushing for all three 
of the Vikings' touchdowns 
of the day. Overall, the 
football team finished 
secondin the very competitive 
Patriot League. The Vikings 

Em. * 

■Ml :'WVf 

^^iB E- 5 ■ 

^E F ^*tfifflt( 

' "*"•.-'■";> J 

were led by senior captains Matt Singleton, Michael Belmore, 
Scott Viscardi, and Bill Breheny as well as 
-Coach St. George and Assistant Coaches 
John Lucier, Fred Cushing, Darren 
Burkett and Steve Fernandez. Playing 
in their final season were seniors Doug 
iColburn, Marik Fiero, Jake Gurney, 
i Kevin MacNeill, Dave McAuley, Matt 
| Monteiro, Steve Moore, and Jason 
J Rock. The Vikings also boasted more 
I All-League representatives than any 
other team in the Patriot League. 
t Among these talented young men 
rere Matt Singleton, Scott 
L Viscardi, Mike Belmore, Doug 
Colburn and Kevin MacNeill. 
Congratulations to every 
single player that contributed to 
'making the 1999 Viking football season 
not only successful, but memorable as well. 

Front Row: Brett Dungan, Justin Gluck, Mike Knight, Matt Brown, Mark Climo, Sean 
Benner, Matt Mauger, Matt Medeiros, Jim Gambee, Mr. Burkett, Second Row: Joey 
Elsmore, Jason Baldeck, Josh O'Kelly, Dan Spector, Josh Davis, Dan Bombardier, 
Goeff Smith, Matt Zimmerman, Will Gilbert, Third Row: Brendan Craig, Andy 
Wagner, Jared Wolfe, Michael Randal, Richard MacDonald, Kevin Carrigan, Joe 
Fiorini, Gordie Lawson 

There is No Better Place to Learn. 61 

Front Row: Katie Climo, Erin Mondeau, Kathy Lynch, DeAna Botta, Back Row: 
Diane Charette, Laura Buckley, Maria Bouix, Ashley Thomas, Moriah Phillips 

Duririg the 1999 Season the footbalLcheerleaders got off to 
a rough start. Asa matter of fact, there was a time when no one was 
sure thglfhere would be a season at all. For the entire month of 
September the team was without a coach and trying to hold 
practices on their own. Thanks to the dedication of A.D. Smith a 
new cheerleading coach was found, Kate Katristis. Coach Katristis 
really brought the team together and enabled the team to continue. 
Although the team was unexperienced at the beginning of the 
season they came a long way. The highlight of the cheerleading 
season came on October 29th when they hosted the annual 
Homecoming Pep Rally for the entire student body. Led by 
Captains, Senior Kathy Lyncrrand Junior Erin Mondeau tlie rally 
went smoothly and kicked off wh&Kwas to be an enjoyable 
Homecoming weekend. 

T rwi J 

w w lw A wi- Jt I ft IlII \*, %J v JL It %«^ A CI iTP A IL !L^ y -._..■-— 

The boys track team was burning it up during the 
coldest time of the year. Every member of the team 
performed exceptionally this season. At the date of 
publication, the team had lost only one meet. This meet, 
versus Randolph, was critical, and the results were very 
close. Captain Marik Fiero explained, "It came down to the 
last relay, and any time you're in a race as momentous as 
that one is, it's always exciting." But the 48-38 meet against 
Randolph wasn't the only thrilling part of the season. So 
far, the team has qualified for the state tournament in over 
13 events. Overall, the team finished the season second in 
the league, falling only to their toughest rival, Randolph. 
Captains of this year's team included Kevin Dixon, Scott 

"I'm pleased with the effort 
of every kid on the team." 

Viscardi, Dave Nilson, Marik Fiero, and Doug Colburn. 
Kevin qualified for states in all of his events including the 600, 
1 000, 1 mile, and 2 mile. In addition, he was awarded the MVP 
of the Patriot League indoor track team. Key runners on the 
team, included Dixon as well as Ed Perry, TJ 

\ Smith, Dennis 


I Shawn White, 

and all of the senior captains. During the 

season, there was an increased support from 

the underclassmen. Coach John Lucier 

stated, "I'm pleased with the effort of 

1^1 every kid on the team." Both coach 

"-§!,;. Lucier and Crean were thrilled with 

their successful team and season. 


Front Row: Andrew Wagner, Kevin McCabe, Dennis Sheppard, Dave Nilson, Doug Colburn, 
Marik Fiero, Kevin Dixon, Scott Viscardi, Matt Mauger, Sean Benner, Second Row: Mark 
Robillard, Mike Terrell, Dan Joughin, Fred Vannucchi, Matt Madeiros, Paul Folloni, Brendan 
Craig, Ryan Gilbertson, Dean Lucier, T.J. Smith, Sean White, Gordy Lawson, Back Row: Coach 
Lucier, Eric Schnell, Steve Moore, Corey Casey, Ed Perry, Peter Schnitzler, Matt Tobolski, 
Ryan Coyne, Tom Duquette, Jeremy McCabe, Joe Fiorini, Gordie Lawson, Matt White, Coach 

to o n n n fi r; a & rs n a $ 



Front Row: Lyndsay Signori, Andrea Mallett, Sarah Rodricks, Kelly Cobb, Nicole Gill, Second 
Row: Ari Wile, Jen Harlow, Maura Gardner, Stephanie McHugh, Heather Driscoll, Heather 
Smith, Jill Smith, Brighid Lynch, Brianne Baird, Lara Batti, Ashley Harris, Third Row: Coach 
Carrara, Sumner Flynn, Pam DeAngelo, Katie Belmore, Tracy Moore, Lauren Russo, Jessica 
Thurston, Angela Brown, Rachel McManus, Jessica Bishop, Alyce Poliatti, Angela Rotondo, 
Colleen Lynch, Holly Runnals, Coach Burkett 

Girls Indoor Track: 

and we stay away from does. 

With six wins, one tie, and one loss, the Girls Indoor Track | 

team has had an excellent season. The year's captains included 

Andrea Mallett, Kelly Cobb and Sarah Rodricks. Sarah remained 

undefeated in the shotput through the regular season with her best 

' throw of 30 feet and 4 1/4 inches, while Andrea Mallett scored the 

highest number of total points for East Bridgewater. In addition to 

the intense effort of the captains, other key runners included Maura 

Gardner, Jill Smith, and Katie Belmore. Sophomore Rachel 

McManus commented, "The most exciting meet of the season was 

;the Hingham meet." This competition was the Lady Vikings' only 

j loss, but it was a tough fight until the end. The girls' single tie came 

i from a strong duel with Scituate in which the girls put forth a superb 

! effort. The final meet of the season, against Norwell, was a great 

victory for the girls. The team's perseverance throughout the season 
was shown in this last meet, as they won 45 1/2 to 40 1/2. Four girls 
from the team qualified for the Class D State meet, Andrea Mallett, 
LyndsaySignori, Maura Gardner and Sarah Rodricks. Andrea finished 
8 th in the high jump and Sarah Rodricks finished 13 th in the shot put. 
Three girls from East Bridgewater also represented the town at the 
Pentathalon: Seniors Andrea Mallet and Lyndsay Signori, and Freshman 
Jennifer Harlow. This Pentathlon consists of five events, the 55 
hurdles, high jump, long jump, shot put and 800 meter. The coaches 
chose these three girls for their distinct ability in the high jump and 
hurdles. The Girl ' s Indoor Track coaches, Denise Carrara and assistant 
coach Darren Burkett, believe that the caption on the girl's t-shirts 
sums up the effort of the team this year. Walking around the school 
you're bound to come face to face with a track shirt now and then: "You 
say run, we say how far." 

4 , 


^^ *w' 


T» fe "^ 

T l 

nSwisi'Slfik. Better P*lf!H Bf^C e a in. 6 7 1 

Boys, schmoys. If you were to ask any of the girls on the 
basketball team how they compared themselves to the boys, they 
would all respond with the same statement, "We're better." Led by 
captains Colleen Prout and Lisa Samia, the East Bridgewater High 
School Girls Basketball team had its best season ever this year. At the 
date of publication, the team was 14-7 and had participated in the 
tournament for the third year in a row. The team's biggest win this 
year for the girls was against Rockland. The excitement came down 
to the last seven seconds of the game, when Bridget Larkin sunk a 
layup to defeat Rockland 53-51. Bridget is this year's Patriot League 
highest scorer with an average of 20 points per game. Another of the 
Lady Vikings' most intense games was played against Randolph. The 
East Bridgewater girls finally emerged victorious in a double overtime. 
Colleen Prout hit two 3-point shots and Bridget contributed 4 foul 
shots to bring home the win. Cooperation and determination were 

major factors in the success of this 
year's team. Every girl on the team 
contributed one hundred percent 
effort to each game. Never before 
has the Girls Basketball team at 
E.B. had such talent. Through the 
past few years, the girls have had 
a hard-working team and look to 
have an excellent future. 

There is No Better Place to Learn. 69 

This year's Varsity Basketball team was proud of the space they 
earned in the tournament at Press Time. After making it through 
round one in the tournament, the team finished the season with a 
record of 13-9. Coach Fernandez was not only genuinely optimistic, 
but proud of his team. He said, "The boys worked hard, and showed 
a lot of heart through good and bad time. Overall, they are a great 
defensive team." 

The Captains of the 2000 Varsity team, Matt Singleton, Dave 
Capuzzo and Bill Breheny, all showed great leadership, worked hard 
and kept the team together. The team started off the season with two 
enormous wins. Against Abington, the Vikings won the game 47-45, 
with Matt Singleton's two key free throws. Similar to that against 

Abington, the Viking's 

competition with Middleboro 

was even closer, 47-46, and 

came down to the last two 

seconds of the game. The 

boys were down by two 

points until Dave Capuzzo's 

two free throws stole the 

game. From there the boys 

went South to Florida, to win 

the Miami Diamond Auto Classic Tournament. Matt 

Singleton was named to be a part of the All Tourney 

team and Dave Capuzzo was tournament MVP. 

All of the seniors on the team worked diligently 
and their experience through four years of varsity play 
helped in the accomplishment of such a successful 
season. Jason DaSilva was a model leader for everyone 
on the team, as he always gave the team 110% effort. 
The Captains performed not only on the courts but off 
with the utmost leadership. They may not have won 
the tournament, but the teamwork shown by the boys 
proves that they are winners in every way. 

Improving immensely, the inexperienced East Bridgewater 
Basketball Cheerleading squad had a wonderful season. Many 
who were just .introduced to the sport in December, have 
really worked^, ^#*% diligently, ...proving to 
be very talented V' ^V Tj ^'--^athletes. 

The captains: Erin Wi^!f9 Maloney, Tarah 

J* Carey took on the 




Martell, and Karissa 

challenge willingly, in the 

program for the future. 
Mats, donated to the 

Sports Parents, have 

the opportunity to practice 

and tumbling. We thank them 

generosity. Seniors, Kathy Lynch,* 

and Erin Maloney will be greatly 

and have worked assiduously with the new girls. The 
coach, Beth Marcus-Smith, has also been an asset to the 
team. She has provided the girls with an array of new 
techniques. The basketball cheerleaders look forward to 
another great season next year. 

hopes of bettering the 

girls by the Viking 

given them 

more elite level stunts 

greatly for their 

Monique Jones, 

missed next year 

72 East Bridgewater Hieh School 










Hill' 1 

Front: Joe Daggett, Matt Monteiro, Marik Fiero, Kevin Luddy, Kevin MacNeill, Back: Peter 
Robillard (captain), Tiffany Joslyn (manager), Dave Capuzzo, Brian Wasik (captain), Chris 
Robinson (captain), Rob Andrews, Bill Breheny, Dave McAuley, Matt Singleton, Coach Cronin 

With only two seniors 
starting on varsity, the Viking 
baseball team completed its 
eighth consecutive winning 
season with an 11-9 Patriot 
League record. This was 
enough to qualify the young 
team for the MIAA State 
Tournament for the thirteenth 
time in the last fifteen years. 
Sophomore pitchers, Rob 
Andrews and Kevin Luddy, 
complimented Senior pitchers, 
Peter Robillard and Chris 
Robinson. Brian Wasik led the 
team with a .431 batting 
average, earning All-League and 

All-Scholastic Honors. Other All-League selections were Chris 
Robinson and Matt Singleton. Team honors went to two members 
of the Class of 2000. The coach's award went to Dave McAuley and 
the sportsmanship award went to Marik Fiero. 

[Front: Steve Karch, Sal Longo, Chris Berretta, 
Derek Volner, Paul Mann, Joey Lauzon, Dave 
pHeeps, Tim Brown, Matt Lewis, Back: Coach 
! Martin, Jake Perkins, Jason Houser, Mark 
Robillard, Tim Foster, Bobby Doherty, John 
Eaton, Matt Costello, Ted Phillips, Bob 

Front row: Amy Fredricks, Kristen 
Kendrick, Erin Folloni, Katelyn Volner 
(capt), Colleen Prout, Back row: Coach 
Dunphy, Michelle Cohen (capt.), 
Stefanie McHugh, Meghan Rosenberg, 
Amy-Lynn Roshinski, Sarah Dimond, 
Erin Kenney 

"The East Bridgewater 
Girls Varsity Softball 
team had a great year, 
the best this decade," 

! said Coach Michael Dunphy. 
The team finished the season 
with a record of 16 wins and 7 
losses. They advanced to the 
South Sectional, where they lost 
to Apponequet in the semi-final round. The highlight of the year came 
when the Vikings defeated the previously unbeaten Middleboro 
Sachems 5-1, in the second round of the state tournament. 

Members of The Class of 2000 were Colleen Prout, Katelyn 
Volner, Michelle Cohen, and Erin Folloni. Colleen Prout, an 
outstanding shortstop, was selected as one of the best offensive players 
of the year. Katelyn Volner, the catcher, was voted one of the best 
defensive players of the year. Michelle Cohen, the pitcher, captured 
best pitcher of the year. She pitched 167 innings in 23 games. Erin 
Folloni, the first baseman, was also voted best offensive player of the 

The Vikings had a very successful season, but they could not 
have done it without the help of every player and their coach, Mr. 
Michael Dunphy. 

76 East Bridgewater High School. 

The Team of the Decade. 


is better than 

ffV SOFTBALL Front row: Katie-Anne 
Sands, Suzanne Ferrell-Locke, Kristin 
Murphy, Amanda McAuley, Morgan 
Duperey, Second row: DeAna Botta, 
Lauren Bartell, Daena Nicholson, Coach 
Lombardi Third row: Caroline Singleton, 
Ashely Niland, Emily-Anne Patt. 

Front Row: Jimmy Riley, Jim Foley, Jesse Stevens, Patrick Hayes, Steve Boyce, Steve Moylan, Ed Perry, Ross Fellows, Tom 

The E.B. Boys Track team won their first ever Hansbury second row: Mark ^^^ 

J Boyce, John-Paul Kenn, Adam Olivera, Third Row: Hien Nguyen, Doug Colburn, Matt Tobolski, Joe Frost, Corey Casey, 

P^frrQf T.PP1CT11P title With an OtltStandin2 Cole Jenness, Dave Nilson, T.J, Smith, Jason Cox, Fourth Row: Joe Sylvia, Steve Moore, Tom Duquette, Matt White, Phil 

" _ ^ Perry, Ryan Clements, Sean Findlay, Grayson Burger, Fifth Row: Billy Sims, Scott Viscardi, Brian Connolly, Mike Belmore, 

reCOrd Of 10-0. Every individual played an RickColburn, Dean Lucier, Adam Corthell, Shawn White, Back row: Coach St. George, Coach McCabe. 

important role in this season's meets, but 

unfortunately only a very few get recognized. Those who were key point contributors include captains Pat Hayes, 
Jim Foley, and Jesse Stevens, as well as Ross Fellows, Adam Corthell, Steve Moylan, Doug Colburn, Kevin Dixon, 
Mark Margarit, Dave Nilson, Bill Sims, Scott Viscardi, and Kevin McDermott. Most of these boys qualified for States 
also. The key meet of the season, which determined the championship, was against Rockland. In a controversial 

photo finish race, Dave Nilson won the 200 meter dash, which was a 
meet-winning race. The Rockland coach, arguing that his runner 
won, claimed, "The better team did not win." Those who were on the 
Vikings team know the better team did win, and that some people are 
sore losers. Congratulations to the 1999 Viking's boys track team. 
For the 2000 track season, the captains are Doug Colburn, Kevin 
Dixon, Mark Margarit, Dave Nilson, and Scott Viscardi. 

The Better 

Team WON! 

Patriot League Champions 

A little bit 


Front row: Brighid Lynch, Lauren Warman, Kenn Casano, Kelly Cobb, Lyndsay Signori, Andrea Mallett, Elizabeth Smith, 
Yoko Kotoura, Coach Davidson, Second row: Katie Belmore, Heather Driscoll, Jill Smith, Pam DeAngelo, Sarah Rodricks, 
Marisa Rindone, Nicole Gill, Kristen Clark, Julie Motte, Sally Sproule, Coach Jordan, Third row: Lacey Loughlin, Holly 
Runnals, Laura Buckley, Sara Moukalled, Maura Gardner, Tarah Martell, Karissa Carey, Nicole Mauger, Kristen Daniels 

The East Bridgewater High School girls spring track team had 
another successful year. Led by captains Lyndsay Signori, Andrea 
Mallett, and Kelly Cobb, the team managed a nine win one loss 
season. The team was well rounded in all events and this was the key 
to their success. Andrea Mallett excelled in the 100 meter hurdles, 
high jump, and triple jump, Lyndsay Signori in the long jump and 
330 meter hurdles, Jill Smith in the two mile, Nicole Mauger in the 
800 and javelin and Karissa Carey and Sarah Rodricks were equally 
talented in the shot put 
and discus. Nicole 
Beddia and Sara 
Moukalled were two of 
the oustanding freshmen 
sprinters on the team. 

A lot of 
recognitions were given 
to many people in 
different areas on the 
team. Andrea Mallett 
broke the E.B.H.S. high 
jump record. Lauren 
Warman, Andrea Mallett, 
and Karissa Carey won 
the Heptathalon, which 
took place in the middle 
of June 1999. The shuttle 
hurdle record was 
broken at the State Relays 
by the team members 
Lauren Warman, Nicole 
Gill, Lyndsay Signori, 
and Andrea Mallett. 
Lauren Warman and 
Andrea Mallett received 

the All-Scholastic awards from 
East Bridgewater. The two 
seniors on the team, Yoko 
Kotoura and Lauren Warman 
will always be remembered. 
Yoko, an exchange student from 
Japan, lived out her dream of 
participating in track; something that she couldn't do at home. All the 
girls on the team appreciated her spirit. Lauren Warman, an athlete 
successful at whatever she tried, broke the New England 330 meter 
hurdle record. She also received a full scholarship to Boston 
University for her amazing athletic ability. 

The whole team together was a success and hopes to improve 
their record to be league champions as they were in 1997 and 1998. 

Front Row: Angela Rotondo, Angela Brown, Allison Smith, Erin Sheppard,Van 
Nguyen, Jen Ramsay, Emily Simpson Back Row: Rachel McManus, Brianne Baird, 
Lauren McFarland, Kim Allison, Christine Wiegand, Alisa Beretta, Megan Walden, 
Michelle Boucher, Caitlin Fitzgerald, Moriah Phillips, Coach Danielle Chapman 

82 East Bridgewater High School 

Gotta Love Tennis 

Danielle Chapman and Dave Wechter coached the 1999 Varsity Tennis Team. 
Christine Wiegand, an exchange student from Germany, led the team and played first 
singles; Michelle Boucher played second singles; Caitlin Fitzgerald played third singles. 
Alisa Beretta, Kim Allison, Erin Sheppard, Allison Smith, and Jaime Tressel often shared 
the responsibility of competing in first and second doubles. Last year, the team won 2 of 
its matches, which were both against Mashpee. The sportsmanship displayed by all 
teams made tennis enjoyable. Tennis is a game of honesty and trust. All the players 

showed these qualities when it came to calling 
the ball as in or out. There were a lot of first time 
players, but the returning players made them feel 
more than welcome. All in all, the members of 
the '99 East Bridgewater tennis team should be 
proud of their performance. The Tennis team is 
still relatively new and continues to grow more 
and more each year. With several players 
returning, the team looks forward to the 2000 
season and hopes that it will improve upon its 

There is No Better Place to Learn. 83 

Despite the fact that the EB Golf 
Program was in its second year of 
existence since the program has 
returned, it turned out to be a 
successful year that the program can 
build upon for years to come. 
Highlighted by a 9-0 victory in the 
first match of the year good tilings 
were to come for the '99 squad. 
Junior captains Justin Hastings and 
Bill Benner, accompanied by such 
players as Michael Tupper, Eric 
Johnson, Matt Wood, Nate May, 
Heather Silva, Jesse Conant, Dan 
Joughin, as well as Chris Palmquist, 
put together a seven win season for 
EB. Michael Tupper, Eric Johnson 
and Nate May all competed in the 
All-League Meet. 
Michael Tupper was the highest 

Michael Tupper, Justin Hastings (capt.), Matt Wood, Eric Johnson, Coach Howell, Nate May, Bill Benner 
(capt.) NOT PICTURED: Heather Silva, Dan Joughin, Jesse Conant, Chris Palmquist. 

finisher, placing 4th out of 21 . The Viking golfers, Coached by Mark Howell, rode a 
hot streak during the month of April and the 
beginning of May, but came up just short of a 
tournament bid. The 2000 squad looks to build 
upon the 1999 season. 

East Bridgewater High School... 






a x o u n 


East Bridgewater High School... 


o u % 



recent study proved that the most 
accurate prediction of future success is extensive 
involvement in student activities. Being a 
caring, involved student creates a better school 

-Mr. McCabe 

Try to imagine what EL3HS would be like without the 

various Clubs and Organizations:; 
there would be nothing to do 
except homework! Extra-Curricular 
Activities are an integral part of 
school life. Every one of us, at one 
point or another, has benefitted 
from the activities that the clubs 
provide. Whether it be laughing at 
Nick Inglis as he comes "out of the 
closet", or being transfused with 

the blood that Jason Brooks donated at the &\ood drive, 
or going on a road trip with The History Club, or lighting 
your fellow NHS members on fire with the candles at the 
induction ceremony, the diversity of the East Bridgewater 
High School Activities program offers something for 
everyone! It provides the students with an opportunity 
to Interact with members of the faculty as well as their 
friends. Watching Leanne Lel3lanc make cotton candy at 
Christmas on the Common or witnessing Mark 
Margarit's, Amanda Collins' and Andrea Mallett's 
culinary skills at the pancake breakfast, allows us to 
work together for something besides grades. The clubs, 
groups and activities make EE3HS something more than an 
Institution of secondary education. East E3ridgewater 
High School... There is no better Place to be involved! 

There is No Better Place to Learn. 87 

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we would be lemiAA ij- we didn't thank the 30 pluA 
IfOcultf and itudenU, who helped Isu contnMmtina the 
written wonJeA. c&mpUlea. in the 2000 Vo^^h, ia 


[juAtin <Maitin<jA, GhiiA 'fyitdae liou PalmauiAt, Mi. 
Giaain, MaikMaiaaAd, Mi. McGalse, 7.§. Smith, Mi 
QitleipUe, Pom Jbe/Jnaeta, Rachel AndeUon, GufAtal 
Sweeneu, SoMidlauewal, JlunaAau Sianou, -Amu- Smollett, MaiiA fyieno, oiLn Mandeau, 
R&ienlfefcf, tCaniAAa Gaieu, Mi. Gnanin, Kelly RindcmelMeaan UJalden (they ale (me penAon) , Ml. 
^bunpAy, Sufanne tf-ewell-Jlocke, Nick 9nahi, Ryan M&ieu, Akky Jlainei, Kelly Galli, Saiah 
Qieaony- Bolton, Robin M»Me, {jilt Smith, Matt McmleiAo, fikz Jlead Ralph (Mike Siluia) , Ml. 
Santoi., Mi.. <Jleaaity, 2>an Qouth/io and Ripon lieiAel. 

They won AGAIN!!! 

Having won the New England Scholastic Band Association championships for the past four years, the East Bridgewater Viking 
Marching Band, led by Drum Major Suzanne Ferrell-Locke and colorguard captain Sarah Stewart, successfully claimed their title 

again, now being the only group in East Bridgewater to win a 
championship title for five years in a row. "We did it once, then we 
did it again, then, we did it again, but then we, again did it, and this 
year, we did it again. And next year, we'll probably do it again," 
remarked FON and Buddha, the drumline section leaders. Receiving 
first place at several shows, including the Viking homeshow, which 
had not been held for eight years, requires high acheiving skills in 
several areas. The judges critique visual effect, visual performance, 
ensemble music, music effect, music performance, and present 
awards in best colorguard, best percussion, best music, and best 
overall performance. At finals, held in East Boston this year, the 
marching band received best percussion, best music, and best 
overall performance with a score of 92.3, which was earned by the 
marching band's hard work and dedication. The band spent three 
strenuous months preparing their show, practicing every Tuesday 
and Thursday night and every Saturday afternoon. This year's 
show, titled "Earth, Wind, and Fire", consisted of three songs, 
"Gotta get You Into my Life" featuring Jessica Jones, Aaron Bush, 
and Jared Burrell, "After the Love is Gone", which highlighted Aaron Bush and Jared Burrell, and Ed Perry, Phil Perry, Aaron Bush, 
and Jared Burrell were showcased in the closer, "In the Stone". Despite the fact that the East Bridgewater Viking Marching Band 
is losing several valuable seniors, Sarah Stewart, Ryan Morey, Rob Chamberlin, Jessica Jones, Mia Jensen, Peter Schnitzler, and Fred 
Vannucchi, the marching band plans to continue its tradition of excellence in the upcoming season titled "Chicago". 

90 East Bridgewater High School... 

Concert Band 

l The Concert Band continues to excel at the music 
department's creed: "The Tradition of Excellence." 
During the 1999-2000 school year, Band switched to 
4th period and Chorus to 3rd making it possible for 
students to take "Honors Music Performance" and 
ihave both Band and Chorus every day. This has 
■ dramatically improved the band's ability to perform 
! well. This year the Band has played at their traditional 
ivenues as well as the Washington D.C. and MICA. 
And with only a small group of Seniors leaving, the 
,future looks bright for the Concert Band with many 
Igood musicians left. The Band continues to play a 
'wide variety of songs. From Latin Jazz to traditional 
jmarches and modern compositions, the Band performs 
'them to their highest capacity. With limited resources 
iand time, the Concert Band is and always will be, a 
powerful performance group in the High School and 

Concert Choir 

This 1999-2000 school year is proving to be another 
amazing year for the East Bridgewater High School 
Concert Choir. This year, along with the Concert 
Band, Marching Band and Ry thmix, the Concert Choir 
is going to Washington, D.C. Like previous trips, this 
will surely be a memorable experience. Currently the 
choir has over a hundred members. Ms. Sharyn Bell, in 
her seventh year of directing the Concert Choir, has 
made the choir grow, not only in size, but also in 
quality. Her flawless (and patient) direction has made 
the East Bridgewater Concert Choir one of the best 
mixed choirs in the area. As the largest elective in the 
school, the East Bridgewater Concert Choir has been 
amazing full auditoriums of East Bridgewater citizens 
since its revival with Ms. Bell's hiring. 


The select group of choral singers, The Rythmix, have 
been a tremendous music group in the town. Whether 
iit's dazzling audiences at the annual spring and 
holiday concerts, or at the pops concert, this group has 
made the East Bridgewater Music Department a real 
iforce in the state. This group of about twenty-four 
dingers has even performed for the Women's Club in 
jtown, and they had the ladies cheering and dancing in 
their seats. The Rythmix practice on Monday nights 
and their extra effort shows through in their 
performances. Led by Ms. Sharyn Bell, this group is 
only growing larger and stronger. 





U_ \f ; 

' ' J**JB3h"- 




fi^ .illt" 

In the spring of 1999, the Drama club along 
with advisors Mrs. Coxand Mrs. Miller gave a spectacular 
rendition of the musical "Damn Yankees." One of the 
most memorable aspects of the show was the surprise 
cameo appearance made by Mr. Cronin, Mr. Burkett, Mr. 
Cushing, and Mr. Siddiqui as enthusiastic baseball 
fanatics. Nick Inglisprotrayed the lead role of "Shoeless 
Joe from Hannibal, Mo", and was supported by Ryan 
Morey's Van Buren, Stephanie Safko's Meg Boyd, and 
Jared Bunnell's Joe Boyd. Leigh Ann Brosnihan as 
Sister, Leah Tedesco, as Doris, Dan Gouthro as Lowe, 
Ed Perry as Mickey, and Buddha as Sohovik rounded out 
the team. 

From the murder of Mr. Boddy (portrayed by 
sophomore Justin Bois) to Mr. Green' sfinal declaration, 
"Clue" was a murderously funny play performed be the 
Drama Club \999-2000. It was staged on the weekend 
of November 5-6, 1999. The dedication of the cast, 
crew, and director, Mrs. Helen Cox, made the performance 

East Brid 

; h S c h a n 1 . 

a success. Senior Ryan Morey portrayed the lead role of Wadsworth. Rob 
"Fon" Chamberlain as Colonel Mustard, Michael Silvia as Professor Plum, 
Nick Inglis-Feagins as Mr. Green , Jessica Gammons as Ms. Scarlet, Leigh 
Ann Brosnihan as Mrs. White, and Mia Jensen, the exchange student from 
Denmark, as Yvette are all members of the graduating class of 2.000. The 
audience was spellbound as the characters were introduced and then 
promptly knocked off. A wrench, lead pipe, knife, rope, revolver, and candle 
stick were never used so effectively as in the hands of the assassin 
masterfully portrayed by Stephanie Patt. The play got rave reviews from 
people of all ages. Laughter filled the auditorium as the actors unraveled the 
mystery. Mrs. Cox was presented with a bouquet of lovely flowers and Mrs. 
Peacock's golden slipper. Neverthe same show twice, "Clue" was an enjoyable 
show for the audience and cast alike. 


# -^ 



The Key Club is the junior chapter of the Kiwanis Club. Led by 
president Kelly Cobb, and officers, Mark Margarit, Amy Smollett, 
Pam DeAngelo, Jill Smith, and of course Mr. McCabe, the Key Club 
had its first major event of the year which was the annual Children's 
Halloween Party, held Halloween night in the cafeteria for kids in 
grades K-3 . Members dressed in costumes and entertained the guests 
with games such as Simon Says, Freeze Dance, and Donut on a 
String. This was followed closely by the Kiwanis Christmas on the 
Common, where the club sold popcorn and cotton candy. The 24th 
annual pancake breakfast was also a success. All money went into 
funds for charities and scholarships. The members are also anticipating 
the upcoming first-ever "Seniors Prom", where the older members of 
the community can "bust a move" with their Key Club dates. By far, 
however, the biggest and most profitable event of the year is the Lock- 
In. For one night, from 9pm to 6am, students are "locked-in" the 
main floor and mini gym area, where they can attend an all night 
dance in the mini gym, participate in sports such as basketball and ™ 
volleyball in the gym, watch movies of several different genres, and < 

llCtPn tO llVP hnnH^ IT! th^ IlirfltOrilim Tn 1 QQQ thl^ P\/PTlt rSllOpH CWIf*V Ton Sncll -' tovc . Brighid Lynch, Nicole Tirnne. Evan Buckland.KnsienKcniirick, Dave Messing. Jeff Kelley. Mike Tupper, Briannc Baird. Suzanne FeneH-Locke. Megan Walden. Fifth 
llOLCll LU 11VC UdilUa 111 UlC tlUUUUl lUlll. Ill \.yyy^ LlllS CVClll lalSCU UVCl Row:AJliMnMiKhe]l,UureflBandl.Kn^J>>derQ.Mel^ 

Ch 1 1 C\C\C\ C 1_ 1 1-. * "1_ J L ' *° v ' Ionian Duperey. Allison Smith. Jaime Trcssel. Emily-Anne Pan. Sisih Row: Lauren McFarland, Rachel McManu*. Mike Kenney. Ken-in Augustiniak. Lauren Feroli. Deanne Aucoin. 

vPl3,UUU IOr SCllOltirSrllp, SUrpaSSing tnC rCCOrU Set the preVlOUS Year. Chris Banon.ljuraSaya.Hten Nguyen. Steve Marten.^ 

Samantha Robertson, Rebecca Horan, Jen Harlow. Joe Frost, Chris Ricci, Jeremy McCabe. Kim DeAngelo. Katie Findley. Ari Wile, Eighth Row: Sumner Flynn, Angela Noon. Kelly Rindone. 

Jen Masse, Justin Hastings. Marik Ftero. Dave Nikon. Kevin McCabe, Matt Tobolsk!, Erie Johnson, Chris Richard. Christopher Palmquist. Back Row: Caitlin Clifford. Meaghan Phillips, 

Amanda Johnson. Jill Almon. Bonnie Lundgren, Amber Graham. Kelsey Brooks 

: Betha 
e Cohen. Michelle Roan. Lacey Loughli 

lephame Pali. I 

Potnet. Jessica Thurston. Jen Gibson, Brits Wile. Heather Dnscoll. Jessica Zahka, Sic 
'hillips. Amanda Richards. Doug Colburn. Amanda Collins. Andrea Mallet!. Man Mom 
. Erin Sheppard. Megan Roscnbutg. Stacey Sampson. Fourth Row* Alia Braley. Allis 

Haines. Erica Hansbury, Kendra Pickering. Alycc 
me McHugh. Karissa Carey. Tarah Mine!!. Ryan 
ro. Mansa Rindone. Noel Flynn. Sarah Rodericks. 
Cobb. Erin Morrissey, Mia Jenson. Jess Bernard. 

Whether it be dancing with the seniors or entertaining trick-or 
treaters. Key Club members always enjoy serving their community 


Stand is a unique group of caring, open-minded students who 
advocate tolerance through a policy of awareness, while reaching: 
out to and speaking out for those who have been and are. 
discriminated against in the school. It is an 'umbrella group:' thati 
is to say it shelters and provides support for people who have been 
victimized by racial, gender, body-type, age, heritage, sexual 
orientation, or religious (etc. . . ) based discrimination. The STAND 1 
group has had speakers from the Department of Education come in 
to speak to the faculty and a presentation to the student body is in 
their sights for the near future. It is vital to eliminate needless 
discrimination in any setting. However, in doing so in a school it 
makes the learning process safer and more enjoyable for everyone 
involved, and though the process is arduous, the STAND feels it is 
well worth it. If you are alike in mind, give us a visit! STAND 
meets on the Fridays opposite of AFS till 2:15. 


D\v: Holly Runnals, Lauren Russo. Evan Buckland . Hien Nguyen. Back Ri: 
Jen Blushi, Sarah Gregory-Barton. Amy-Lynn Roshinski, Nick Inglis 

96 East Bridgewater High School... 


Suzanne Ferrell-Locke, Sarah Moukalled, Lauren Russo, Holly Runnals, Jill Smith 

Students Against Destructive Decisions is a group of concerned 
students working together to help their fellow students. The club 
discusses several different topics, all that are related to teenagers 
in the committee. The most frequently discussed issues include 
drunk driving, the use of drugs, and violence awareness. The 
group will pick a topic, understand and outline how it relates to and 
effects the teenagers at EBHS. From there the students work 
together to form a solution or create ways in which the problem 
could be helped. That's when the group jumps into action. Once 
they get some ideas they start making the problem an issue. They 
make people aware. Common and past strategies include making 
posters, announcements, bulletins, and fliers. In addition they 
often do fund-raisers to help their cause. Every year the group goes 
to a state wide conference for SADD in which all the students from 
the area meet to help solve concerns together. This year's club 
includes advisor Mr. Shippee and faithful attendees Jill Smith, 
Monique Jones, and Justin Hastings. 

Student Senate 

Student Senate promotes unity among school activities. The 
Senate is composed of representatives from each school club as 
well as five representatives from each class. The President of the 
Student Senate is the Junior Class President, Jill Smith and the 
Senate is advised by the Student Activities Coordinator, Madame 
Gillespie. Since all clubs and grades are represented the Senate is 
as diverse a group as the High School has, but one of the major 
goals of the Senate this year has been to encourage togetherness 
within the student body. The Senate takes part in such activities 
as the Bloodmobile, teacher appreciation and they are also included 
in the administrative activities such as the Student Advisory 
Committee to the Principal, the High School Council and the 
School Committee. Student Senate plays an active role in the 
livelihood of the school. 

From Row: Lori Bennechi. Rachel Anderson. Justin Hastings. Kelly Cobb, Amy Smollctl, Jill Smith, Pam DeAngelo, Sieve Moore. Chris Ricci, Second Row: 
Michelle Roan. Heather Driscoll. Erin Sheppard. Sarah Rodericks. Andrea Mallell. Doug Colburn. Nicole Gilt, Peter Egershicm, Laura Buckley, Lizelc Varcla, 
Third Row: Jesse Conant, Bethany Ortcnzi, Meaghan Ortcnzi, Kirstcn Johnson, Kendra Pickering, Deannc Aucoin. T,J. Smith, John-Paul Kcnn, Sara 
Moukalled, Karrissa Carey, Fourth Row: Adam Ricci, Kaitlyn Clifford. Amanda Johnson, Emily Pall, Suzanne Ferrcll-Lockc. Angela Noon. Rebecca Horan. 
Ari Wile, Abby Haines, Rcilly While. Back Row: Nicole Micghan. Kristin Morrissey, Mark Magarn. Stephanie Pall. Amanda Collins 

There is No Better Place to Learn. 97 

French Club 

Was the French Club was organized to spread the French language 
and culture to the community, or just to get a picture in the year 
book, the world will never know. Started by a group of students 
with a love for the language, and advised by Madame Gillespie, 
the French Club promotes diversity and the appreciation of a 
culture other than our own. The French Club lends their time to 
teaching elementary school children about the French Language 
to provide a multi-cultural experience at an early age. Not only 
a club for French students, the French Club invites any person 
who has an interest in the culture to join. Vi vre la Francais ! ! ! 

Top: Andrea Mallett. Chris Palmquist, Susan Porier, Sharel Paul. Mike Silvia, Amanda Collins, 
Nicole Gill, Amy Smollett, Meg Weljokovie. Justin Hastings, Mark Margarit. Meghan Ortenzi, 
Madame Gillespie 

Art Club 

The Art Club is responsible for some of the decor located throughout 
the building. In the past they have designed and produced the stain 
glass window over the main doors and most recently the Art Club 
created the Humantree in the center stairwell. Since last year the 
members have made their own leaf to place on the tree. The Art 
Club is also responsible for half of the exhibits in the Museum of 
Fine Arts. (Just kidding) There are a lot of new members this year 
along with President Rachel Anderson, Vice-President Shawn 
Anderson, Treasurer Kara Joy, and Secretary Jessica Zahka. The 
Art Club is Advised by Mrs. Carolyn Barnes. 

East Bridgewater High School.. 

Front Row: Kara Joy, Jessica Zahka, Allison Smith, Jen Lindstrom, Christine Brooks, Lauren Sheppard 
Second Row: Kelsey Brooks, Jaime Tressel, Katie Hartman, Dana Boczanowski, Rachel Anderson, Stacey 
Sampson Third Row: Amanda Johnson, Jen Harlow. Mark Robillard. Peter Egersheim, Shawn Anderson, 
Erin Feeney Fourth Row: Daryl Thomas, Jessica Bishop, Jill Almon, Leanne LeBlanc, Katie Findlay 


Germany. Denmark, and Panama are this year's A.F.S. countries. 
The American Field Service, or A.F.S., is a club dedicated to 
spreading ideas and changing lives. Every year East Bridgewater 
hosts a group of exchange students through the A.F.S. exchange 
program. Mia Jensen, Peter Schnitzler, and Fred Vannucchi make 
up this year's group. These students come to E.B. for a year, stay 
with a host family and attend E.B.H.S. The A.F.S. Club helps 
these students adapt to E.B.H.S. and learn about American life. At 
the same time the A.F.S'ers are able to learn about other cultures 
and meet different and interesting people. So far this year the club 
officers; Tiffany Joslyn, President. Erin Sheppard. Vice President 
, Suzanne Ferrell-Locke, Treasurer, and Jaime Tressel. Secretary. 
along with their Advisor, Mr. Ferrell-Locke. have been hard at 
work organizing dinners, fundraisers and field trips. The group 
will be hosting all the areas A.F.S students for the annual A.F.S. 
weekend in March. So far the year has been great and all the club 
members are looking forward to the fun to come. 

Front Row: Jaime Tressel. Suzanne Ferrell-Locke, Erin Sheppard, Tiffany Joslyn Second Row: 
Ari Wile. Jessica Jones. Ed Perry, Leanne Ring, Samantha Robertson Third Row: Phil Perry. Peter 
Schnitzler. Mia Jensen. Abby Haines. Lara Batti, Aphrodite Vallas. and Nicole Meighan 

Front Row: Mrs. Sloan, Caitlin Colombo, Steve Moore, Meg Weljkovic, Maura Gardner. Second 
Row: Mike Kenney, Michele Cohen, Kimberly Hill. Charley Fortier, Back Row: Mrs. O'Brien, 
Jennifer Ridley. Lauren Joy, Lori Bennechi. Kim Smalley. 

Tommorrow's Teachers 

you are interested in becoming a teacher, you might want to 
ronsider checking out Tomorrow's Teachers Club. Mrs. Sloan, 
me of the head supervisors says that the club is trying to promote 
ind encourage teaching; and not only in public schools, but even 
cross seas and other places. In the club the kids meet and discuss 
things such as holding a conference, guest speakers, and field trips. 
With the innovation of the Reach Out program, kids from 
tomorrow's teachers club would help volunteer at the middle 
school or central school. One field trip included a trip to Camp 
Borgass in Sandwich as well as another to Bridgewater State 
College to sit in on college courses. The club meets every 
Wednesday after school. The tomorrow's teachers Club is lead by 
an all-star cast of EBHS students: Steve Moore as Mr. President, 
Caitlin Colombo as the Second in Command, Meg Welkjovic as 
the girl who writes stuff down, and Maura Gardner as the Keeper 
of Funds. Mrs. Sloan and Mrs. O'Brien advise the club. Also 
included is an ensemble cast of twenty other supporting students. 

There is No Better Place to Learn. 99 

Future Nurses 

Future Nurses and Health Careers is a national club for students 
who are interested in nursing and other medical fields. Part of the 
clubs responsibilities are fund-raising for various groups around 
the area, such as homeless shelters, nursing homes, etc. The 
money raised is used for scholarships to members of the club. The 
Future Nurses Club is not only about fund-raising, they also 
participate in field trips, such as to local hospitals where they 
would take a tour and visit areas that interest them. The Club is 
both for girls and boys, but so far this year only girls have joined. 
The head of the Club is Mrs. Urban, the school nurses. The club 
officers are: President Erin Young, Vice-President Michelle Roan, 
Secretary Amanda Longo, and treasurer Meagan Bosworth. Any- 
one who has an interest in the medical field is urged to join this 

Front Row: Erin Young. Michelle Roan, Megan Bosworth, Second Row: Melissa Garabedian, 
Amy McCormack, Karissa Carey. Mrs. Urban 

History Club 

History is everyone's favorite subject. Everyone has an interest 
in History. Ask the question, "How did that happen?" and the 
response will undoubtedly be somewhat historical. You can have 
little understanding of the present, and no idea of the future 
without knowledge of the past. At best, history will only provide 
some insight into the future. However, without a collective 
memory a society can not have a well-formed sense of identity. 
The purpose of the History Club is to foster and better understand 
the most interesting subject any person can pursue. History is 

Front Row: Reilly White, Mr. Santos, Mike Terrell. Cole Jeness Second Row: Evan Buckland, 
Meghan Rosenberg, Kim Allison, Sarah Rodricks. Marissa Rindone, Steeve Moore, Tom Duquette, 
Jared Burrell 
100 East Bridgewater High School... 

National Honor Society 

The National Honor Society held it's annual induction ceremony 
on November 23, 1999. That night, forty-two new members were 
inducted, which raised the total numbers of members to seventy- 
two. The National Honor Society is advised by Ms. Mason, and led 
by President Matthew Monteiro, Vice-President Mark Margarit, 
Secretary Kirsten Johnson, Treasurer Amanda Collins, and Tutor 
Coordninator Marik Fiero. The club stands for service, character, 
scholarship, and leadership. 

On December 22, 1999, The N.H.S. will bring gifts and holiday 
cheer to children that have to spend their Christmas in the Brockton 
Hospital. The National Honor Society is a very prestigious club, 
and the class of 2000 members are very proud to be the scholastic 
leaders of East Bridaewater High School. 

Front Row: Amanda Collins. Mark Margarit, Kirsten Johnson, Marik Firero. Matt Monteiro. 
Second Row: Stephannie Berube, Noel Flynn, Sara Rodricks, Marissa Rindone, Sue Poirier, 
Meghan Ortenzi, Nicole Gill. Lyndsay Signori. Andrea Mallett, Third Row: Kerrin Augustiniak. 
Amy McCormack, Caitlin Colombo, Stephannie Patt, Mike Silvia, Leigh Ann Broshnihan. Chris 
Richard, Kelly Cobb. Last Row: Lizete Varela. Lauren Feroli, Tiffany Joslyn. John Peterson, 
Justin Hastings, Josh Rosenbaum, Chris Palmquist 

Math Team 

After 5:00 on Thursday nights you'll only see one classroom with 
its lights on. In Mr. Siddiqui's room, the Math Team is at work 
practicing for the next meet. Pizza is usually bought, delivered 
courtesy of Palmquist' s Fudge-Mobile and President-in-training, 
Florida Boy (you know, the one that went to Florida). 

Led by Math Team President Michael Silvia, 10 students 
attend each meet, on the first Thursday of each month. From 
November to February, the team competes with other 
schools to earn the most points. Sophomores Suzanne Ferrell- 
Locke and Emily Anne Patt teamed up with seniors Nicole 
Gill and Big Head Ralph to lead all scorers. Hey 4 th place 
isn't that bad... after all, what do you think we are, geeks? 

Front Row: Emily-Anne Patt, Suzanne Ferrell-Locke, Big Head Ralph, Samantha Robertson, 
Caitlin Colombo, Second Row: Kim Allison, Lyndsay Signori. Third Row: Kara Joy, Chris 
Palmquist, Nicole Gill, Riley White, Nick Inglis-Feagans, Last Row: Meghan Rosenberg, Austin 
Reno, Dave Messing There is No Better Place to Learn. 101 

• • • 

a n 



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t n I 

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a a £ 

102 East Bridgewater High School... 

ats off to the memorable class of '2000! 

Not only are you special individually, you are 

special as a class -the first class of the new 

millennium!" , , ^ /T) . 

-Mrs. O Brien 

& Ms. Carlson 

More than a grade level, being a senior is it's own 
attitude. It's being at the end of your formal education, 

being the role models of the 
school, and being the young adults 
everyone expects us to be. It's 
been four long years and it's finally 
come to end. For some of us, this 
is the end, and for others it is 
just the beginning. We've gone 
from Immature freshman on the 
first day of school, to respectable 
young adults as we prepare to 
graduate from high school. There were times we wish we 
had never gone to school, but also times where we never 
wanted to leave. High school is an experience like no 
other. It's an Important time in all of our lives as we 
struggle to accomplish our goals and define ourselves as 

As the next chapter in our young lives closes, we 
ook to the future for prosperity and opportunity. High 
school will always be a fond memory for most of us and 
something we will constantly look back to. As our 
impending graduation arrives, let us look back at high 
school as the next step in our lives and the stepping 
stone to our success. It's been an amazing four years 
and hopefully not the end to a successful and wonderful 


S>eet of Luck to Xhe 
Class of 2000! 

There is No Better Place to Learn. 103 

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i.lisk iVI o xi tii.^ 

ft pi rj ii' 

ri milt 


VYorsi Clise ox Senloxitis 
pave Capua**© amd Jess Beffi© 

Most Accident Prone 
I Kevin Dixon and 
n Young 




:li I!- 

ely to 

|v Mr. 

Be Lot 


B e s t^P(Ji A i o li n d 

.AfXW blfwII'S't't Sl.Ii'dl': 
PeteF IE 8** f 3 'K 'sM Wt 

Best Personality 

Amy Sm o 1 1 e 1 1 and 

Peter Esersheim 



4 i 

Mr. Illsley 

Front Row: Justin Hastings, Stephanie Bodio, Amy Smollett, Kirsten Johnson, Second Row: Mike Silvia, Michelle Cohen, Stephanie 

Collins, Sharrel Paul, Kelly Brigham, Matt Montiero, Jamie Alfieri, Adrianne Grabeau, Fourth Row: Chris Palmquist, Meg Weljkovic, 
Noel Flynn, Lizete Varela> Andrea Mallett, Lyndsay Signori, Tiffany Holmes, Jen Ridley, Lauren Joy, Fifth Row: Marissa Rindone, Kelly 
Cobb, Sara Rodricks, Chris Ricci, Tony Lombardo 

108 East Bridgewater High School.. 

'>*'*• e 




Well, tf?4, altmit hena, ^/uzdi^ation 
tkatiA,. M(^&lf{fMAwimiacu^^ 

(h^e/imtri£xzd(md>. ^keclaAA,o(2000 l ^^^J^^c^^^c^^^^^^^W. ^^WaaWasM^ 
<2^pj^e^^w^^^. ^(J^^^^^^6W^^<J<^W1 We La/wed almd tke qmMqk^ udme, at 

we/i£-<Lpli£(m4£i2Gncd& Wetememl^mW'!]tiatm4£M^ 

yi&bkmen cmd mw~ muck ute Lowed, up to tkem. l/Uell, now- we cuie tkem. jtiA-do- mUteuit to 
UMch/idicuiAkow^deuentee^ Wkatli even mane 

dt/iaM(jB tkouak, iA> that we ate mt euett kail way twM4/^ tile. £oon, dame uA- will he (fUM-time 
emploueeL, heattei^iAli^oMeae, <MwMlkaaeaMdeuixMi£>(dk^ jutime, wemmf,<^ma/iAied, 

wu&cJwd?i£M', an&ei^ ^odrnftketeail, w^didlkau^aumawai^to 

(p-J ' Arn^wau-, m- matte/i wke/iewe gq. o^wJ^weheoome, e^^^^«W/(2«tt<2^^^eW^^^^^ 
(andhad!) memo4^pmm,dcmol. ytdoundd-Jziml^j^G^, htdcu^ 
(ait. jtwMlhemcet&deekxm-(m^(ddhe&tfa 

okodeu mcpit Ukem to- duceeed one aoma. MauweaiiheaJjmtatolljaw-cp^ 
itijjuueii. ^aJzeadAMmta^c^euefyj^^ 

aLaiti^impAeMykm,. WliicJi£4j^aaiUmucj^^ (wmu^beitoMAlcw&uu^ jakeuoun, 

timemli(fe, uMxedhyiU^ ^(m-tjjOSu^tokxzuejjiuiw^ 

tkmai-. Jladtlu, neae/i jpsiaet Uixdw^an^tkeQtaiA,o(2000. 

Ifou/i QtaiA, P^eiMent, 
Amy MmMett 


"We are about as happy as we make up our minds to 
be." . 

ACTIVITIES: Soccer 1 ,2; Softball 1 ,2; Key Club 1 ; Sadd 
1,2; Torch 1-4; Executive 2,4 

LEFTOVERS & LITTLESTUFF; pulled over w/ BL; 
Projects w/ CPMJ; LV always sad; Legion w/ AG; A+J's; 
jr. prom w/ AFAGBCCPBSMJJT; jiggalo w/ CP; getting 
lost & finding CA; lo yr. Eng; dance at SMDA w/ 
AGGLKGJH; 72398 & 7299; Special times w/ Anthony: 
luvyou! AG 143 thanks 4 everything; Mom thank you so 
much; I luv you mom, dad, & Ed. 


"But once I had brains, and a heart also; so having 
tried them both, I should much rather have a heart." 
ACTIVITIES: Key Club 1-4; Exec. 2; AFS 1-2; NHS 3-4 
"Upper-Classmen can..."; x-mas trees; P Breakfeast; 
NY w/ LF, MK; Lock-Ins; "Briwinkle"; Thursday nights LF, 
MK, JP; Cape Cod Trips; "Bobby+Joe"; "Powder"; FM 
Gang; "Flirt"; FM x-mas parties; " Hit from Behind"; 
Raviolis; Waterwizz; JR. Prom w/ MK; calls from JP; 
CLP; Summer '99 w/ RH; Mix' Fest. Thanks family and 
friends... I luv you!!! 


"If you love someone let them go, if they come back to 
you they are yours forever; if they don't they were never 
yours in the first place." 

FUTURE PLANS: College, become a teacher get married 
and have kids, live happy. 

MEMORIES: Dance 96' w/ KL&ED, WB-Guys& fun 
times, KOAW/JK, Mally/JW , KL,TS,CS,PB. Grounded 
in Fla NewYrs95-98, Thong-butt, no pants, no legs, 
Barbie girl, Old Orchard Beach LW/KT.KD, Darty w/KT, 
COJPJPSKJK, Giggles, Scituat, Jr. Prom. Plymouth w/ 
you mom for always being there and to all my family and 
friends I love you all, Thank you and good luck! 


"Life is a dream, the only real thing is you. " 

MEMORIES: Times with my girls: AG LF DB KZ EM LS 
AK SS AL. Ladies night in the limo. Rollin' w/ my homies: 
JB JY KZ KP DB. House-sitting 4/99. Summer of '99. 
Sessions w/ KZ DB AG. Jr. Prom w/ SM; Jamesbond w/ 
KZ KL. Where's my car MS? Buggin' out w/MN-luvya 
bro. Late night munchiesw/ AG. Campin'98w/CHSH. 
Smokin' buddy AL yeah baby yeah. Talks w/ LF-luv ya! 
Wayne's rockers. Hey Fruity Blutey. Neva forget u 
guido#16. Thanks Mon, Dad and Jackie 143. I'm finally 
out of here. 

Love always, Alison 


"If you love something let it go if it comes back to you then it 
is yours if it doesn't it never was, hold me down baby" -DMX- 
SN MS KZ SL CP DR CM AB. Nantasket Beach Ballin w/ MN 
BS JF CP CR DR here comes da boom! Cndyland w/ BS chillin 
at Ferrerias GD 98 Rez w/JF BYFBA NYRS98 Maine w/ MN 
RN Pats Gms camp waterskin watercountry w/MN Summer99 
TTCMN NYRS w, SC Bang MN Rollin in my car w/ the 
Blacklightw/ Matty. Thanks to my family for everything. Shelley 
I love you w/ all my heart: 4/13/98. 

Mi key 

"Just do it, no matter what it is." 
ACTIVITIES: Football 123 Captain4, Baseball 14, Track 
23 Weight lifting 

MEMORIES: Hanging out with Friends, Football team, 
long drives, Boston w/ JL, NM, SV, BS, SC and the Big 
Pun, kicking car, tussin, ski trip to Utah, BC football 
games with dad, going to war with the boyz, ski trips to 
Sunday River, The River Rave, the longest night ever, 
snoring really loud after the Jr. Prom, summers on the 
Cape. Thanks to everyone in my family. Love you Mom, 
Dad, Pete, Kate, Gretch and Grammie. With out you I do 
not know where I would be. 


"Live life to the fullest while you have the chance to." 
ACTIVITIES: Trackl Golf 2,3,4 VDT 1,2,3,4 
FUTURE PLANS: To live a long and prosperous life, to 
get married, and achieve all the goals I can. 
MEMORIES: Supporting the A&F scene, partying with 
my boys JD AB JB BE ER The Big T MB NM JL BS MT 
SV SM, Another Brick in the wall o god a telephone pole, 
"The Lair" chillen with the VDT cruisen around the prison 
with PM 5000 and the Big T CS Love you I'll remember 
the old gang too love and peace to you all and good luck 
in the future! Thanks Mom, Dad, Sean, Elyse, and Tori 
Love U. 




"If you want a rainbow you have to put up with the rain. " 

ACTIVITIES: Football Cheerleading 2,3 National 

Honor Society 3,4 

FUTURE PLANS: Go to college, great job, marriage, kids 

and what makes me happy. 

MEMORIES: Christie?? Football games; Toilet papering 

NH; Talks; Hanging with friends; long nights-mornings; 

ramp, what happened that night? Bdd 2 weeks; Jr. prom 

w/ AH 1 1-17-98 Love you! You've treated me like gold. 

Thank you!! Thanx 2 my family esp. Mom, Dad, Jen for 



"Live each day like it is your last. " 
ACTIVITIES: Field Hockey 1234 
MEMORIES: Catumet, Fiyas, Times in Boston, X-mas 
sleepovers, spring break, karate, jet ski, teaching 
swimming, going sailing, rec dance w/ Matt, JR skip, 
Times in PT, MV, CC, TRURO. Summer girls, Life 
guarding in Falmouth, Road race weekend, Times w/ 
CN, CP, BW, TD, MD. Going riding and diving. Junior 
Miss. Times w/ MD. I love you. Thank you Mom, Dad, 

Baby Blizz 

"God put me on Earth to achieve a certain amount of 
goals. Right now I 'm so far behind I'll never die." 
MEMORIES: Limo with the girls passing out at Wrenthem 
SE represent HSA Girls #1 Rolling with AB HS Bugging 
out 1-4 Hotel all nighter RA RA Malonist Heffa your 
always in my heart, EBC your chillen roast what up. 
Times with -EM, AB, AP, JS, CP, HS. Thanks to my Uncle, 
and my Nana. You'll always be loved. This is for you Mom, 
Dad and Kevin, Thanks for getting me out of bed evey 
morning I'll always love you guys. It's finally over. C-ya 
around everyone. I'm outty. 


"I'd rather die on my feet than live on my knees. " 
MEMORIES: Partying w/ EPC-JB, EC, MT, MF, JD, HB, 
EBGB'S, JA,CM- The River, Livinroom, Claybanks shows 
w/the crew Hempfest 97,98,99 Madseason 97,98,99 old 
Bubbly sessions w/the crew showz/z/trainingw/Corrigan 
SPED crew lol swooping and stooping sow the seed 
D.I.S. L.Y.S. Sehintin were have all the goodtimes gone 
hardcore fury RPG Pond Scum Thanx Brian Special 
Thanks to my whole family, my friends and anyone who 
supported me. Thanx Keith. 


"New needs need new techinques. The modern painter 

cannot express this age in the old forms of the 

Renaissance or any other past culture. Each age finds 

it's own techinque. " 

ACTIVITIES: Art Club, Art all state, etc.... 

FUTURE PLANS: To take all the correct avenues that 

life has to offer and live it to the fullest. 

MEMORIES: AC, BGSAA, and 1999 AA. Wk at RB and 

going to Bos. To all my friends: JR, AR, JW, CC, JC, JB, 
NC, SB, SG, LB, JL, AA, MC, DM, EA, JF, LD, and to 
everyone else and my family for being there. 


"Dreams are always taller than you are, that way you 
have to reach to make them come true." 
ACTIVITIES: Executive 1 , VP 2-4; Jr. Archbearer; Girls' 
State; HOBY; Viking Voice 3&4; Peer Ministry 1-4; FH 

MEMORIES: Hangin' w/the girls: LJ, NF, MW, TH, KJ 
ESPANA '98 AL, MK; JOHN LJ; Baking w/NF, SM 
Roche MW, PC, NM; Hockey games w/ TH; Mondays 
LIMPY LJ; A-fer TH; Good luck Bri and Julie! 
Thanks, Mom and Dad! I love you all!! XOXO 


"Whoever said, 'It's not whether you win or lose that 
counts, ' probably lost. " 

ACTIVITIES: Football 1,2,3 capt. 4; Basketball 1,2,3 
capt. 4; Baseball 1 ,2,3,4 

MEMORIES: Chillin' w/everybody, NH w/KM MS DM, 
Locked out at MS, caught at KM, Sleepover at my house 
KM DC MS, who's got the granola bar, RAW IS WAR, 
Sox games, B-ball trip, Pasta feasts, Steve Miller, Jr. 
Prom w/Melis, Party at Ferbs, workin w/DC KM, NH w/ 
KM EY MG, Camping at MS, Times w/Melis- love ya! GL 
2000! Love you Mom, Dad, Elisa and Garrett. Thanks for 

Love, Billy 


"If yours goals are unreachable, try a step/adder." 

FUTURE PLANS: I hope to become a Rockette and live 
my dreams. MEMORIES: Times w/Shan ML PC H JW JH 
Sha-Kel nation, Ehh? Aruba w/Sha, 1 st class? Pilgs4ever. 
PFs w/HD+LL BSB 2 nd row w/LP! Sampsonite! B-rides w/ 
NM! Shnoosh! Proms. Luvugrampapa! BBHRGS! Camping 
+NH w/Sha. Secrets of the teepee! "xpeld" w/JH. Xlent 
typing skills! 12345! MB-Boom! 27c. sugar. Ruus! Dood 
Dental! ChurchSt w/CH. NHM! Plastic swords. 
Chris, I Love You 



"No time to regret things done in my past we live each 

day as if it was the last. " -Death Threat 
MEMORIES: Times spent with EC, KB, MF, AR, HB, DB, 
JG,LL, RR, JM, BB, CM, MT, MM and the rest of the crew 
97? Parties at huts, banks, river, flats, and Murphy's 
house, stoop. Long night with fire. 5's the magic number 
98? Beaming. Madball, Snapcase. 25 ta Life 121 the 
van, notorious middle school dance and the girls at 
school. Nantucket. Times spent with the police. My 
cheeks hurt. OF Bubbly. Red Devil. Milka crew. Suicidal 
Tendencies. Fruiting. Friends old and new, and my 
whole family thanks for the help and support especially 
all the sped teachers. Love, Jay. 


"If you can't dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them 
with bull." -W C Fields 

ACTIVITIES: Drama 1-3 sec. 4; Chorus 1-4, Rythmix2- 
4; Band 1-4, Marching Band 2,3; NHS 3,4 
THE GOOD STUFF: Arsenic, PCC w/BD, KZ, Bad 
names, illegal drama, horrid scripts, my "mom" JW, the 
PM girls, crack w/FON, big dresses, all the work with 
NIF, SS, Mrs. C, Boston: Exit 20, JG JJ! Shmengy! The 
Van, Pop Tarts, fun at rehearsals, Clue, anime, cool kids 
SS NT SJ AB AL MS JH JB DB RM AR and the ones who 
already left. Arigatou gozaimasu to Mom, Erin, and Ben 
for everything! 


"If consequences dictate a course of action, then it 

doesn't matter what's right, it's only wrong if you get 


FUTURE PLANS: Work for Microsoft or start my own 


MEMORIES: Banned from Holiday Inn & NH with BT. 

OZZFEST with TB & others. Strips with NT & JG. Monte. 

Bond on "No f riendo 64" My cellar. Class "D" with TB, KD, 

& JG. Stolen car with KK, JH & DM. Rhode Island & 

CONN. "KWIN" Broadmeadow Crew. With each passing 

day I watch my love for Dawn grow more and more. Fd 

also like to say thank you to all my friends and family. 


"/ might win, I might lose, but I will never be defeated. " 
ACTIVITIES: Basketball 1,2,3 capt 4; Baseball 1,2,3 
capt. 4; 

MEMORIES: To all my friends I love U, EY House, 
squirrels PK, Frattas pad, The List, Florida, camping, 
The 4 of us: AM MK DM, Baltimore, New York, Red Sox, 
WWF, Scavenger hunt-sorry about the poop Marik, 
AOL, Times w/Amy- U are my star I love you. Mom- this 
year is for you. I love you Kerri, Joey, Mom and Alexis. 
Jeannette & Steve- Thanks for everything u mean a lot. 
Nancy & Paul- Thanks for everything u made a difference 
in my life. We did it coach- Thanx for being there! 


"Stupid people do stupid things, smart people outsmart 
each other then themselves, " -System of a Down 
FUTURE PLANS: Find waldo, Go to college, fall in love, 
have some kids, take over the world, live happily ever 

MEMORIES: OZZFEST 98+99, Woodstock 99 Kom+Rob 
Zombie Tree Bickfords Primus, Type O, Making fun of 
Fugly "Impy, Impy, Impy" The Wall. I love Nate Dawg, 
Jim, Mandy, wretched munkee, Jenn, Ms. Hegerty, 
DWRWNWJW, Anthony and Dan.Thanx Mom 
Gram+Gramp + the rest of my family who tolerated me 
because they loved me and believed in me. 


"Sanity is the playground for the unimaginative." 
JC BD tha Perryz JR tha Carnes/Doolinz JJ LB AB JB 
AFSers: Raph Mia P Fred Pete Perry ANYONE ELSE I 
EVER JAMMED WITH namely: Goonie JS Frog-E 
Peetah+TSRDBJL96-00Drumline-OOSE BABY!! The 
4 YEARS: UgnaTheSplashingBandTripsComps+ 
THERE is NO spoon backstage stuff R'PH AUN . . . Thanx 


"/ know where I am, but I don't know where I am going. " 
MEMORIES: Braintree, PILPPLDJCJNJG, Late movies, 
spiders, boardwalk, NH, prom '97 JN, fruit boots JC, 
Halloween PS JG, car rides LD KM PP, "Where were we 
going?", "It doesn't matter what you think." PP, trash at 
DD, But she was the captain JG, Camping PP, Stop 
Signs trying to catch that cat. Jetty Woods basements, 
Sag. bch middle of nowhere. RS still thinks he's in the 
congo. Remember KC I always get on 1st. Thank you 
Mom, Dad, PJ, and PM. 


"We must always look to the future." -Stan Kenton 
ACTIVITIES: Marching Band 1 ,2,3; Concert Band 1 ,2,3; 
Chorus 2,3; Rhythmix 2,3; Jazz Band 1,2; National 
Honor Society 3 

MEMORIES: NESBA comps; Times w/RM, FON, JJ, 
JG, AL, PP, EP, JR; Low Brass outings; Road trips; 
Angela + lea... The Punch is horrid!; ECJ '97 + '98; 
Winning DCI World Championships w/The Blue Devils 
(thanks Tray); Thanks to everyone that was ever there 
for me. Thanks Mom, Dad and Danielle, I love you, Josh 


MEMORIES: Hardcore Shows, 25 to Life, madball, 
NRSV, with Ml, BB, JB, JB, SH, LK, JB, EBGBS, Goonys 
Bands, Stod crew, 2 show day, fights Rl, The Fest x3, 
Randy's Barn, busted at ESS with BC, KD, NT, PTK, 
Halloween, GFD, River, Brook's House, Murphy's House, 
Metal, Tattoo Party, EMO, MBC, Trip to NH with MM, 
*Bunk, xsxex, 121, hurt during diecast, banks, BHC, BEF, 
CN Smith Farm, Soco, Uncle Don's, The Boys = Brockton 
Kids, Mitch, Browns, Parkers, MC, JD, OB, MacDonalds, 
PE, AM, JB, ES, NB, LR, JE, CI, AF, JT, JE, KC, MM, 
NT, ZS, BO^JC, BB, SOG, DH, KR GC, SH, Potty, AB, 


" You've got to trust your instinct, and let go of regret' -31 1 
ACTIVITES: X-C 12 capt 34;lndoor track 2 capt 34; 
Spring track 12 capt 34;NHS 34;Stud Sen 3 sec 4; Key 
Club 123 pres4;Executive1-4;PCC96+7;JuniorArchbearer 
MEMORIES: Loon98; Roadtrip99; humma;50milers; 
JoeScreamin; DQ+PGs runs; WBPw.JSDMSRMR; NH 
w.NF/MO; 1/2 marathon; Satmeets; Is that my mum?; X- 
C;M+M; LaborDay drive-thru; 311/keys/tix?; Urn hi...; 
Beach w/ MRSR; Growin up w.MM; What???; Can I get 
a; football games-times w.MFDCAMKJ; 3rd eye blind + 
eve6; 9.9.99; 5.19;Canada w.DMJSSPBLMM; "Todd"; 
Prestone; Kakob; U sick?; Thanks to my family and 
friends for everything! Good luck Ally! Love, Kelly 


"Let us always meet each other with a smile for the 
smile is the beginning of love. " 
ACTIVITIES: Future Nurses Club 1-3; Tomorrow's Teach- 
ers 3,4; Key Club 1-4; AFS 1-3; Student Executive 1-4; 
V Softball 1-4 capt. 3,4; Basketball 2,3 
MEMORIES: Prom, 21-1, BC Dances w/Steve, Softball 
w/Pick, shaving cream, running AR over, Summer 99, 
Booger Patrol, Princess, Canobie, Macarena, Train, 
Trojan Man, Cosmic, New York: He waved at me! BNL 
@ mix fest 98. Times w/LGSBARJULLAMMKKALD 
Thank You Lauren + softball fam 


"The will to win is not nearly as important as the will to 
prepare to win." -Bobby Knight 
ACTIVITIES: Football 1,2,3,4; Track 1,2,3, capt. 4; 
Basketball 1,2,3 

MEMORIES: Goin thru school w/all my boys: BB, MF, 
DM, JD, MS, KM, DC, ML Hangin w/AM, MG, MK, EY, 
LF, AM, Ange, AC, sleepovers at Matt's, rock it down/ 
Caught-1 1/10/97atEY's. Frosty'sw/KMatAL, LOON w/ 
AL, Wachusett w/everyone; Florida Trip, LK w/AL, KL, 
DMB w/KL Steve Miller 99, work w/BB, KM, RAW, Sox 
Games, camping trip 99, DMG/lunch, BK w/DC, 
Dances:KO w/DC, KM, LF/Prom, Times in my truck; 
Thanks to my family, Good Luck Rick and Rachel, LATA! 

Mander, D 

"Live forever, for the moment"- SG 
ACTIVITIES: Key club; Executive; NHS- Treasurer; 
Drama; Art; AFS; Torch; French; Student Senate; Viking 
News; Jr. Archbearer; SAP 
FUTURE PLANS: College, Work Hard, Have Fun. 
MEMORIES: Fun times w/MM, KC, CC, SP, LJ, AM, MF 
AS, KB, SP, NG, MW, JH, BL, KJ, LS, MG, AC, LC; Lang 
Lab! Tape balls; Long talks w/MM; Race wkend w/KC 
Smith Farm; Paper Airplanes; "Judy"-MM; "L-A-T-E-R" 
Mall; Friendly's; Sally's phat; Skiing; VT.; MS. L's Wig 
Bacon; PCC '97; Jinxes; Inside Jokes; Codenames 
Proms. Love you Mom, Dad & Lauren! Thanks! 


". . . how we think, what we value- those you must choose 
yourself. You can't let anyone- or any society- determine 
those for you." -Morrie Schwartz, Tuesdays with Morrie 
ACTIVITIES: Field Hockey 1 ,2,3 Captain 4; S.Ball 1 ; W/ 
S Track 2; Executive Comm. 1-4; NHS 3,4; Tommorrow's 
Teachers 3, Vice President 4. 

FUTURE PLANS: Work hard, have fun and be successful. 
MEMORIES: F.H. Buds; Road trips w/SP-SB X-ganza, 
"trucchi's!"; LS- My hero; Smidget-AS; MO-Q; Junior 
Prom-2.5; "Judy!"- MM, AC, SP; Sally's phat; #8,1 2-U 
gOt it!; CCDw/MW;5Fs; K-2 & little buds. 
Mom, Dad, & Pete-(Francisco)- I love you. 


"What I have in my heart I will take to the grave. . . " 
ACTIVITIES: Football 1,4 Track 3 
FUTURE PLANS: Go to college, live a happy and 
successful life. 

MEMORIES: Hanging out with AJ MG KM PM PM CS 
2000. BS concert 99 w/ AJ SV JL. Texaco Sta. W/ SV 
MH JL HAHAHA. English 1,2,3,4 w/ EF going down to 
the Cape w/ MG SC KM RB JS PM, AJ B-Day CS MH BJ 
SV MT AF JM. Jr. Prom"99 w/ AG JA MJ CL BS CB. Jr 
skip w/ LVCSBS MB BBJLSVpoortruck.N. Beach with 
MG First time kiddo. MR. C Room w/ MR LV CS Mom 
and Dad thanks 4 everything. 


"Do you like pancakes?" 

MEMORIES: This years pep rally, the Rock and Sock 
Connection. I would like to give mad props to all my 
ghetto gangsters: The BHH, JR, Goonie, JD, Adam is 
god, JP, SH, JL, MH, CB, Anyone that I forgot, tough 
luck. Everyone know your roles and visit my web page 
at, and by the way IT DOESN'T 
MATTER if you like pancakes!!! 


"Mess with the Best, Die like the Resf 
ACTIVITIES: Basketball 1,2,3,4, Football 1 
FUTURE PLANS: To get rich and have a family 
MEMORIES: Hanging out w/the guys, trip to Fl w/ B-ball 
team. Bahamas partying bf football games, night at the 
track w/ KD, AL, JF, KL. The T-Ride to Celtics game w/ 
KL, KD, KM, Homecoming Dances. Making the B-ball 
tourney in 98 "Is it hot in here?" at ML. Trip to NY w/ DC, 
MC. Times with all my friends, I Love all of you. Thanks 
Mom, Dad, Vic, and Jen for everything. 


MEMORIES: Hanging out with AR, DC, JC, SN,SH, AH. 
And driving around in the early morning hours with 
nothing to do. 

Deusa Portuguesa 

"There are two kinds of people in the world, those 
who are Portuguese, and those who wish they were!" 
ACTIVITIES: Key Club 9, 1 Drama 9, 1 Stand 1 0, 1 1 
Future Teachers 11,12 Viking Saga 11,12 
FUTURE PLANS: Become a creative writing profesor, 
write a couple of novels, and lead a happy life! 
MEMORIES: Making memories w/ AD RC ML MC TM 
MK CF KA JP SS- anyone else I missed- AD it's been 6 
yrs, you're the best! Boston, football games, summers 
weekends, vaca, growing up and experiencing life- 
Thanks everyone- Mom, Dad, Alex- all my luv 


ACTIVITIES: Field Hockey 1 ,2 Softball 1 ,2 Future Nurses 

MEMORIES: Boston w/JKKHMGPM Fish "Yeah Ok 
Elise" Times w/JKKHPM Field Hockey 8th per study 
shoppin w/ Kate Art Class my Babyshower Katie you're 
the best, Joey, I love you, always (thanx) Mom and Dad 
Thank you so much, I appreciate everything. Shea 
mama loves you! 


"Unless a man undertakes more than he possibly can 
do, he will never do all he can do. " 
ACTIVITIES: Soccer 1 ,2,3, Captain 4, Track2,3, Captain 
4, Baseball 1 , Basketball 1 , Indoor Track 3, Captain 4 
FUTURE PLANS: To go to college then get married and 
start a family. 

JGDCMLEMKCEY times atthe Cape with TCKRJRLCJP 
Celts games w/ KMKLJD growing up in the hood w/ KL 
times in the shed w/ the boys Salem w/ TBBOJB "I'm 
allright guys" -PR Sledding w/ KMDCKLLRLP Jr. Prom 
w/ VS Good luck class of 2000 Thanks for everything 
Mom and Dad, Love, Kevin 

The Rock 
"My friends look out for me like family. " 
ACTIVITIES: Art Club 2,3,4 Football 1 (Yeah Football!!) 
MEMORIES: The Suburban Rejects, Studio15/12 cent 
& crews, Shocka! BHC: Eggroll, Mick, T-Rod, Skins & 
Sandy, Old Orchard, Riding w/ TB AF AJ, driveway, pit 
& shed parties, Halloween 97, The Rat, Roche Bros. July 
5,98, Warped tour 97-99, 41 9 w/ Brad, F-in kids, NBS w/ 
Jay & Andy, Olean NY & CTshows, Cali 99, Wrestlemania 
XIV, Senior Skit w/ Joe, Mortar Blast, Props to: Gabe NM 
CP, anyone who supported me, GB, K&J, EBC, Brad, 
Tim, Mel, Dana, Mom 


"It's better to burn out than fade away." 

FUTURE PLANS: Graduate from college and hang out 

w/ everyone. 

MEMORIES: Goofinaround with JHLFRBTinaSeminoff. 

Hangin over KT and Bg house. Friday night college fair 

w/ KR JH. The Beach w/TS and CD. The Braintree Plaza 

Hanging out w/ PD JL DD AW KM AN. home alone. DN 

w/ TS and more. Bjs parking lot. SP w/ PD and Tins S. 

Adam Noska. Brockton Fair. Thanks to AN TS PD JH KR 

LF and my family and anyone else. MZ doobage w/ TS 

PD AN CD KT BG. Thanks Mom and Dad 



"Don't look down on anyone, unless you're helping 

them up." 

ACTIVITIES: Soccer 1 , 2, Captain 3,4 Cheering Captain 
2, 3, 4. Spring Track 2, Captain 3, Student Senate. 
MEMORIES: Freshmen New Years wKL, MG, EYToni/ 
summer 97 w/ AB, MB 96/97 soccer girls GB-BP w/BL 
Trip 98 w/AG, July 4th w/ David, party 2/99-my house. 
DW1st w AB KZ JR Prom/court. Boston w/TH. All my 
friends- 1 43 XOXO, thanx- been a blast. Rob-Thanks for 
the memories. 12-23-98. Grammy, Gram. DF and RP, I 
know that you're watching over me! Thanks Don. Mom 
and Dad, I did it! w/ your love. I survived EBHS. Class of 
00' good luck & we're out... 




"Some people dream of success, while others wake 
up and work hard at it. " 

ACTIVITIES: Key Club 1-4; AFS 1-2; Softball 2; Exec. 
Comm. 2; NHS 3-4. 

KA&MK; Prom; Powder; Graphic Arts w/AR; Cape Cod; 
Summer of 99 w/ RJ, SH & all the guys; "Girls! Girls! 
where are you going?"; selling xmas trees-KA, JH, MK, 
AR; Thursday night group; pancake breakfast; WM-I'll 
always remember you- 10/5/99; lock-in; dunkin' donuts; 
SS-fat. . .butt! Times w/ JG. And to my friends and family- 
Thanks 4everything! Love ya! 


"High school, shmigh school!" -ME 
ACTIVITIES: Baseball 1-4 Captain; Football 3,4; Indoor 
Track 3,4 Captain; NHS-TC; KeyClub 
MM, MM, AL, LS, MG, MK, AM, EY, MO, KJ, Brockton 
Boys-rn, jc, jp, dc, jt, ps; Plymouth camping-99, JrProm- 
BB on wall, 31 1 -Keys tickets?, ARID, NYC-Fr, Citation, 
Honest Guy-DC?, Late night on-line, Cher, late night 
rides to Plymouth, WB w/DC, yeah it is, Todd-Renee- 
DUR! Boys State-T7. Sam K. *The only girl who never 
annoyed me-KC Thanks Dad, Evelyn, Mikala, Nae, 
Narin(mini-me), and Coady. I'll always love you all. 


"The most beautiful things in this world cannot be seen 
nor touched, they must be felt with the heart. " 
ACTIVITIES: Field Hockey 2,3; Key Club 1-4; Exec. 
Comm. 1 -4; NHS 3,4; Jr. Archbearer; HC & Prom Comm. 
MEMORIES: Fun times w/ all friends BFF-EMSB; bakin 
w/ SB; limo to Bos.w/ EM; NH w/KC- wifey; Gold's w/MK 
MM's strong legs; Mondays w/ SBTFSS Joey-DB 
shopping w/ AS; Venga Boys SBCHSM; NY w/MS 
Maine w/EM; jetti w/ SB: A-Fer; talks w/SBSM. Times w/ 
Jeremy: 6/22/98, proms & semis, MV. Thanx & I love 
you: Dad, Mum, Bill, Sumner & Billy. Love Always, Noel 




"If you are not hard on yourself, you will never be any 

ACTIVITIES: Field Hockey 1,2, captain 3,4, Softball 
1,2,3,4, Basketball 1,2, 

MEMORIES: FH Girls I love you guys. Beating Middleboro 
21-1, Undefeated?, Softball Semifinals, half day with 
KV, 99 FH all the way to the banner. EM Bologna links, 
AL, you'll always be my sweeper, MR I love you, Thanks 
for always being there, KH you're always in my heart, 
Talks with "C"- write it down, Thanks Mom, Katie, Lauren, 
I never could have done it without you. I love you. Live 
life the way that you want, you only live it once. ILL), AP 


"Try to remember, the world is what you make of it. If 
you value everything, all the world has value. " 
ACTIVITIES: yearbook: 1, F.O.L.:23vp4p,, 

MEMEORIES: Mike, JP, Kaity, Kerrin, Laura, Ryan, 
Littlejohns, DMB '98, kiss c, Boston-rip, mix '99, jhns 
foodm Greg, Adam, Rich, PapaG's, 2 wks w/B, week @ 
mike's, JrProm.s. boarding, innerring,pitcrew, "bubble", 
exch.- Fred, Kristen, PeterG+B Altoids!, apush-3, The 
Calculus- <j,5? spanglish 


ACTIVITIES: Baseball, Sophomore, Junior, Senior; 
Football, Freshman, sophomore; SADD Freshman 
FUTURE PLANS: I want to college and become a police 


"You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one. . . " 

-John Lennon 
ACTIVITIES: Chorusl , vp 2,3, pres 4 Rythmixl -4, Dramal -4 
DC.SVEN&SPIMPY WAAF Party KV my fav! Times at 
my house, Florida98, hangin' w/ the carnie folk, Kris' 
pants, "good to go!" soph. English, Riverside w/ JJ Fon 
and PP, My PRI! Times w/ Matt, Boston? Free vines! 
Coney island Baby! Ms Bell and Andrea, I Love you. 
Special thanks to Dan who's always there for me and to 
mom who I love more than anything. 


"You have brains in your head, you have feet in your 
shoes, you can steer yourself in any direction you 
choose. "-Dr. Seuss 

ACTIVITIES: Field Hockey 1-4, future nurses club 4. 
scavenger-poop-Boston ;^Aj3 fires; si ovas; Phat5; EY 
Rockas; Halloween wars; Put it in a cup-AL; FH Bus; raw 
is war; sox games; NH w/ EY KM BB; KZ Loft Steve 
Miller; Camping; Jr. Prom w/ BB, ferbs party; times w/ 
Billy-Love ya. Thanks Mom, Dad, Karenaand Paul. Love, 
Melissa. GL 2000! 



"Doesn't matter it's in the past" -Rafiki 
ACTIVITIES:Soccer1-3capt4,Track2,3capt4,lndoor Track 
2-4,student senate 2-4.SAC4, Exec treasl ,sec2,3, NHS3,4 
FUTURE PLANS: To be successful, but most importantly 
to be happy © 

MEMORIES:spps-frosh b-ball, France Cha,MO,BS- 
Parlez-vousDF,Bird don't fly away, VT-officer in Yosika,3 
rds JS,CF,DG, soccer talks/feasts,Xsw/DB,JB,Boro- 
KJ,MM #7 is mine Matt, pud jumping LS, PCC, GFD CP, 
trips to NYC,luv ya cuz AM, Proms-KJ&EG's after, 4 
amigos, times w/Jesse my BC I LOVE YOU Thank you 
Mom, Dad, Chris I love you ail-Janie- 



WARPED TOUR Bermuda T Position, Wal-Mart, 
Honduras, Bos. Trip Nantasket, Punk Rock Shows w/ 
CH. Dime boy Billy, HA HAJR.Carshows;chachi pants, 
night swimming, house parties w/ CH & LG, Spank, I 
Love Shaws. J&P you guys rock! CH you are my BF I 
love ya thanks Ma & Dad Dave Lauren, Shaunna & Dave 
Thanks MA for everything I Love you. Gracias papa por 
todo. Gracias por darme entusiamo cada dia, y las 
tiempas buenas y malas. Thanks to everyone I forgot. 


"Life is full of choices. " 

FUTURE PLANS: To go to college and become suc- 

ride w/KM,NH,AC,DC. Movie Theater w/TH,MP.PC w/ 
BA,PG.CE's Parties and our clear slushes. Boston trips 
w/AG,CH Watch out for the lemonade JS. The shiny 
floors... Ready splash run. Making it back. Beach w/ 
Thanks for everything Mom and Dad.TFBHM Josh 


"Do anything you want to do as long as its what you 


ACTIVITIES: Basketball 1, Baseball 1 

JOBS: BK,RPI. Future plans are to go to college, and 

make a lot of money. 

MEMORIES: Hangin out with TH, JP, BE, KE, ES, RP, 

BA, AG, ED, KM, LS, MT, JS, KE's, BE and SC's house. 

April 1 9,1 999 with BA, JG. Accident with TH, KK, Nights 

with ED. The remote control Frog Mobile, TH's pieces of 

crap. A lot of memories forgotten, Tom's Problems with 

Town. Vacations to-NH, NY, ME, FL,VA,WADC, the 

Cape. Thanks to all my family and friends, especially my 




"Never believe what you hear, and only half of what you 

Activities: Basketball 1,2,3; Softball 1 ; Student Exec. 1 , 
2, 3, 4; Key Club 1 , 2; Student Senate 1 , 2; Homecoming 
Commitee 1 , 2, 3, 4; Prom Commitee 3, 4, Junior Miss 4 
Memories: Rockland game w/ ABKZAKLSMKMGAM, 
Ferb's parties, Ladies Nite in Limo, Haunted Mansion, 
Jr. prom w/ BC, "The cops r here!," Getting busted 
@ AB's w/ KZMSCBMN, munchies w/ AB, Buggin out w/ 
party, 702 SMDA, A+J's, JA 143 girlie, Thanx Mom, 
Mike, Kera, and Jay Luv ya! 


"What goes around comes around. " -Me 
MEMORIES: Hanging around PM's with SC PM JS BC 
KM JG Easton people Also hanging in Brockton BB & 
friends going to Salem MA working with SC PM Driving 
around aimelessly also climbing the EB water tower 
Being higher than everyone else lifting with BCHigh kids 
skipping with friends having bon fires Friday nights 
memories of girl friends SP CL GD and more Thanks to 
my Mom and Dad for grounding me so I would pass I love 
you both and to my brother and sister too thanks for 
everything. Also thanks to Mr.C for everything you did for 



"/ have not yet begun to fight." 
ACTIVITIES: Football 1234; Track 234 
FUTURE PLANS: Join the Coast Guard 
MEMORIES: Times down the river Robins Pond; SMB; 
Football games SS after lunch; Shocka; going to miss 
the dis; For friends: MK; DS; DC; DM; BB; TB; BO; PE; 
AF; ML; KD; CB; MS; KC; CC; KM; NC; JB; EC; SH; NT; 
NH; SH; JR; EM; AM; LB; KO; JA; KM; MB; SV; DL; MF; 
SL; SN; PS; AM; EY; MG; KL; DB; KH; AL; JG; CR; JF; 
KZ; AM; HN; JL; MT; AH; DN; JD; LF; AB; KB; RA; PH; 


"Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's 

Future Plans: To graduate from college and be successful. 
Memories: Good times w/ LF, AR, KA, SP, KB KR, JP, 
MK, SE, CL. Maine, the island, no fat, Jr Prom, Fatty's 
study, Cape Cod, Dance nights w/Fattbutt, Kele, LJ. 
Factory of terror (Denny's) Late nights, S&B Grapes, 
Matchbox 20, Halloween Party w/Michelle(veg) 
Matt&Shandon. Hanging w/Billy. Times w/Jon, 
conversations w/CS. HANGING W/ MH, MH, DH, JS, 
OF 99' Quincy, all nighter. Thanks Mom & Dad, Matt, 
Michelle, Dan and Jen. I love you! 


"Out of all the things I have lost , I miss my mind the most. " 
ACTIVITIES: Soccer: 123 
FUTURE PLANS: To live to eat and to die. 
MEMORIES: The BLAZER, my mustang, the mall. 
Vikings, the Jr. prom, Wednesday mornings, 9/2/98 the 
beach times with Monica, soccer with J's the locker room 
H-Mo hash practices, Mudding in pits RAMOS times 
spent on 44 Jugalos Chuck and Duck Springfield times 
with JL, BR, AJ, BC, SV, JD, JW, CS, JH, MC, PD, SM 
Thanks Monica for all the support Thanks Mom, Julie, 
Mark, MiMi. I love Monica. 



- ^"^J^^^cr^i 8m 7— 

m F'-n 






:«wi: . ^»»*wSsx_ - 


"How long a minute is depends on which side of the 
bathroom door you're on. "-Zall's Second Law 
ACTIVITIES: Soccer 1,2; Softball 1; Student Executive |? 
1; Art Club 3,4 

FUTURE PLANS: To become a movie set designer and 
open a night club. 

Cheerleading. Times with Pete M. RAKMBWEDPM you 
guys are the best. 1 2 hour trip w/ "G" DL MM "I am a rock 
star" ROLLING. Lights off! Elise's house. Camping with 
BB KM RD. Swimming Becky's house. 143PM Best of 
luckBrianne. I love you, Mom, DadandLenore.Toallthe 
people who thought I wouldn't make it, look at ME. 


"If ever I believe my work is done, than I start back at 

one." -Brian McKnight 

ACTIVITIES: Key Club 9-1 2;Exec.1 0-1 1 , Secretary 1 2; 

NHS 11-12; Student Senate 1 1 VP 12; Basketball 9-1 1 ; 

Golf 10Capt. 11 Capt. 12 

MEMORIES: Times with SR, MR, KC, MF, CP, SP, RM, 

MC, JC, RC, SP. "Trevor"; Parties at my house; Montreal; 

DW w/ CP; B-Ball Junior Year; Boys' state w MT; Rich, 

thanks for being there; all friends K-12: Thankyou!; All 

family, Mom, Laura, Pops, and esp. Muffin: I love you all! 

Thanks for everything! 


"/ figured out what went wrong in my heart I stay strong. 

MEMORIES: Thanks Mom, Dad, Dan, Doug, Drenda, 
the kids, I love you all. Much respect to ED, JP, JG, MR, 
R, PE, Dan & Bruce, CaC, RM, CP, PP, MP, DM, BR, TR, 
Straight edge youth crew, the studio, the bands-TSR, 
12cents, cuzen, Seven day curse, as the sun sets, XXL, 
no regret, PTK, Irate99, matal, over cast, shadows fall, 
embrace today, converge, cavein, bane, all out war, blood 
has been shed, again without feeling, youth of today, 
nile, the dillenger escape plan, H20, Days ahead Drug 
free for life, PYC knowledge. 


"Don 't let your fears stand in the way of your dreams. " 
ACTIVITIES: Basketball 1,2,3,4; Soccer 1,2,4; Track 
1 ,2,4; Student Senate 1 ; Executive 1 ,2 
MEMORIES: Moving the North Carolina-LHS; The soccer 
girls; Hanging w/ JB, MM, BL, MK, CP, CP, LD, AM, ING, 
LF, KJ, LS, HM, EG, KH, NB, SC; Soph. English; VBw/ 
JB. CC, KH; NC-MB w/BL, CP, KH-frogbite, ripoff; LD j 
Rocker; JC's Party; 400 LD, 800-AM;AF; Rocks-CP, LD; 
Betsy and Bruno; 2 hrs. Hingham? Blowtorch-LD; TNA- 
CP; old times with MM, DD, BD, JO, JO Thank you 
Peloso's; Thanks Mom, Dad, Mike, and Kim. Love, 


"No guy is worth crying over but when you find one that 
is he'll never make you cry." 

MEMORIES: Lock-in '97. Knocking over all the videos 
10-31-98 JR, "What happens if we go straight?", Dazed 
and confused @ Ferbs Hockey Games w/SB, Driving 
around BSC, Riverside w/LD, AM, CP, JR, EB $200 
Barking w/ SS, Football Games, Long talks w/Green JR 
Prom w/JH, Saying Good-Bye to JH, Roberta, Green, 
Dodge, Rusty, King, Homey Talks w/ LF, LV You're a true 
friend. Mum, I couldn't have picked a better hero! JG, 
Thank you for all your help! Thank you Dad. To all my 
friends and family, Thank you, I love you all. Love, Tiffany 


"/ never should have dropped my guard, so you could 
stab me in the back." -Fred Durst 
MEMORIES: Times w/ Amy, Melis, Shay, Renee.Chillen 
w/ NT, JG, RP, KW, GR, ZC, JF, CR, RS, CM, BD, KB, 
EC, JB, KC, DB, MP, GP, Summer of 99 w/ MS, Jl, 
BD,crew times w/ZC, NT, SH-Sparkit! Fest! Rocker 97, 
Sunday River, New Year 99 Club armands, Amys Par- 
ties, busin, Blizzed, phat5, Ange 710, labeled CRU 
River, times w/Casey & NY CRU, all the parties, Bobbys 
house, slurpes, I finally did it, Thanx 4 everything-mom 
and dad. Danielle & Shell thanx good luck guys, miss you 
& luv you daddy-this is for you! Luv Coley 


"I'm not a crook" -Richard Nixon 
FUTURE PLANS: Go to college, make lots of money,and 
drive a Corvette 

MEMORIES: Times with all my boys, MT's ramp, 
weekend parties, Audi in 98, Eclipse in 99, car crashes 
in 99, times in L. A. .California, parties at the beach, Cape 
house, times in New Hampshire. Times with Stephanie, 
November 17, 1998, times in the Cape and New 
Hampshire, Halloween night with SB in 98, times with 
Steph almost everyday since Nov. 17 lh Love U Girl 4- 
Life, summers at Barbour Corporation, test driving 
Corvettes. Love U Steph. 


"/ led you here, for I am Sparticus." -Tom Scott 
ACTIVITIES: Drama 1,2,3 Vice President, 4 President 
Concert Choir 1,2,3,4 Vice President, Rhythmix 1,2,4, 
STAND 1,2,3,4, Concert Band 1,2 
FUTURE PLANS: Act, play and write music and be 

SJ, NT, NM, AP, AA, DH, TM, MP, JR, PR, KS, LT, JW, 
LW, CW. Grease, The Matchmaker, Guys and Dolls, 
Town Council?, Damn Yankees, Clue, Godspell, AFS 
Students, JT 


"To travel is to live, at rejse er at /eve" -/-/. C. Andersen 
ACTIVITIES:CoiorGuard,KeyClub, Drama, Chorus, Rhythmix 
FUTURE PLANS: To look back and say I had a good life, I 
did what I had dreamed about. 

MEMORIES:My first day, my first experience with 
American showers. AFS weekends. Waterskiing, color 
guard practices and competitions. Marching band and 
colorguard is the kewlest. My first hurricane. Trip to 
Kings Diminion. Plymouth Beach. Holiday in North 
Carolina. First schoolday. Singing and Dancing to Grease. 
Cars!! Steph you're a true friend! Suz, we'll always be 
hopeless dreamers! Thanks to all my friends, Mum, Dad, 
Brian, and Suzanne, I LOVE YOU ALL. Love to my 
Danish parents. 

Kirsty & Kirdy 

"Some say that I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one. . . " 

ACTIVITIES: Soccer 1-4, Executive Comm. 1- 
4, Treasurer 3,4; NHS 3,4; Secretary 4; Viking News; 
Girls' State, Student Senate 3,4. 
MEMORIES:Times w/ MO, LS, AM, MM, NG, SM, CP, 
BL, SH, LJ, JR, MF, SB: SPPS "The Buber" BD RUN! 
LDROCKA! Pasta tests w/all my soccer girls Jr.Prom & 
afterprom: "Ain't nuttin but a BS!" GS dancin w/LJ 
"Caressmedown" Barking JF at Nantasket times at the 
Cape w/MO Riverside summa"99" BBC sauceroo w/AM 
snugmeister: the box Matrix-ABS Thanks everyone for a 
great 4 yrs! Thanks Mum,Dad,&Erick: I love u all! 


"Remember me now. Cause things change. Five long 
years ago. Wow that's some time. Things will never be 
the same" -Bouncing Souls 

MEMORIES: Hanging out with my friends, who have 
given me supportfrom the start: LK,HL,BP,JB,AB,MF,EC, 
JB, JC, and anyone who I forgot. Shows on the weekends. 
Warped Tour '98 and '99. Saturday nights at HL's. 
Skateboarding with HL and JB. Annual Sunday River 
trips. TR's lawn with HL. And finally all the time spent 
with my friends and family, whether good or bad. 


"A little inaccuracy sometimes saves tons of explanation. " 


ACTIVITIES: Band 123 Pres 4, Chorus 34, Marching 

Band 1234, Jazz Band 1234, Rhythmix4, Drama 1234, 


FUTURE PLANS: Seeing you all spend lots of money at 

my restaurant. 

MEMORIES: Low Brass FSU, Backstage hangout, 

Riverside, Boston Ex. 20, Senior Prom w/ Buddah, and 

music (hopefully I'll stay with it!) Love to my friends: JG 


NT TS my ECJ friends and maybe AB. Special thanx to 

my family. 


"It is difficult to say what is impossible, for the dream of 
yesterday is the hope ot today and the reality of tomorrow. " 
ACTIVITIES: B-ball cheerleading 2-4 
Games; It's cuz I'm black isn't it?CVP; Long talks w/ 
PromCT. 2xs; JAM!; 10theng; Burp; summa99; Bama; 
Q-Lin; UFBS; Cape w/Prouty; Daddy-Wish you were 
here; thanx to Mom, Toussaint, Lau, Scott, Sean, Noni. 
Luv u, Monique 



"Believe what you think but ponder what you want. " -Me 

ACTIVITIESTorch 1-4; Ed.3-4; Key Club 1-4; Exec.1-4; AFS 
1-4, Sec.3, Pres.4; NHS 3-4; Track 2; Baseball Manager 1-4. 
FUTURE PL ANS:Law School & Firm, DA, The Presidency, 
Supreme Court Justice & 2 Books, all respectively. 
MEMORIES: Luv 2 Erin, Mark, Amy, Joe. Times w/CC, SP, 
MW, KC, KA,TD. KWH143; Prom 99-Advice w/EY. Bus rides 
w/theguys. Mailbox game-summer98(Pams). Mac Dad Mr.S, 
C, P, Rui, Mme.G; French-45-YCB; AFS 4-eva RC, AV, PS, 
MJ; Rave 99'; Dancin' w/Diane. 16 th B-day; Pimp Josh; 
Homecoming 99'; Rtown & SatMat; Porkchop-143. Thanks 
everyone 4 love & support. I love you Mom, Dad and Derick. 

Love Always and Forever, Tiffany. 



"There is only one happiness in life, to love and be 

Jr.Archbearer3, Girl's State3,B-ball1,FH2, Dancing12 
years, Viking Voice 

AC,JR,+AS Frosh B-ballSPPS NKOTB,Riverside+wwgood 
times w/SB CrazyJohn! "Limpy" prank calls, sleep-overs 
thanx 4 everything! Jr. Prom w/MF-after party @KJ's "ain't 
nuttin' but a bs!" "We like 2 party" Labor Day bash! Gsdancing 
w/KJ+JR times w/Mike 1 2-23-98 1 love you always! Thanks 
Mom and Dad! Good Luck, Kara+Adam I Love You! 

ft" :■ Jrtfc. 

««L_ -i 


"You can't be something you're not... So be yourself" 

-Pantera CFH 
FUTURE PLANS: To go to college, live a happy full life. 
MEMORIES: Mailbox 1 BB Mailbox 2 BB, EB CFH JL, SV, 
JM.Ozfest '98 SV, SW, Ozfest '99 Mr. Wu and BA. Riverrave 
Korn MH MTv, Black Sabbeth BC, SV, JL, Metellica 1&2, 
L Bazooka, SV, Tattoo '99, Hard Core SH, Sugar Ray CS, 
chillin' with Brian Connolly, Josh Lagerval, Scott Viscardi, 
Crystal Sweeney, John Wynott, Meg Rosenberg, Steve 
Hayward, Mike Harris, Josh Lagerval, Eric Beeson, Bill 
Benner, Albie Fratallia and other friends. I will always 
remember you Kelly. Thanks to my friends for all the times 
together. Thanks to my Mom, Dad, Kristee and Uncle 
Danny. I love you all. 


'This is fun." Me 

ACTIVITIES: Soccer 1,2 Track NHS 3,4 Basketball 1 
FUTURE PLANS: Be happy and rich! 
guys My girlies AMMGEYAL Beach Jr. Prom w/ Jake 
Ferbs afta party AB fires wwf x-mas sleepovas scavenger 
hunts-MF-poops camping @ MS Pre game Loft-KZ x's 
w/ David AL-IRSLS "BCITE" Boston w/ girls x's w/AFEY 
x's w/ Scott luv ya cruises late nights road kill JMO miss 
ya #43 miss you KH good luck everyone Thanks Mom, 
Dad, Matt, Kel, Nana, and Grandpa. 


"If your enemy is hungry feed him, if he is thirsty, give him 
something to drink. " 

ACTIVITIES: Key Club 1,2,3,4, FOL 1,2,3, AFS 1,2, 
Tommorrow's Teachers 4, Executive Committe 2,3 
MEMORIES:AII the good times with: CF, KA, JP, LF, JR, 
MC, LD, JH, AR, SP and SB. Spain with SB, New York with 
KA and LF. Christmas trees with KA, LF and JH. Christmas 
Party with, KA, CF and JR. Canobie, Jr. Prom with KA. 
Pants with JR, Boston, Just Joking JP, MixfestwithCF, KA 
and JP. Lock-ins, English Mike LF, AR, WTF, Thursday 
Nights with KA, JP and LF, Cape Cod, Loon with CF, 
Thanks to everyone for eveything and I wish you the best. 


MEMORIES: Daytona w/ KZ LS EM. Wayne's & Ferbs 
Parties. Times w/ RN & MB, Pits; Halloween w/ KZ & AL. 
Cabbage Patch; XMAS lights w/ KZ. Friendly's; Rockland 
game w/ LS, KZ, AM, AG, MK, AB, MG. Scavenger Hunt 
w/ KZ, MG, AM, EY, MK. Homecoming; semi w/ DD 
Aftersemi @ MS. Concert w/DD. Superjam98; Janet w/ 
LS, Mom, Ash, Elliots & Erin. Prom & After Prom w/ DD. 
Cheese & Salt w/ SS. Framingham w/ SS. Haunted 
mansion; Riverside w/DD, LS, RD. Longtalks w/ LS & 
MM. Growing up with MM BFF. Times w/ Dwight 143 1/ 
1 2/99. Times w/ family, ILY Mom & Dad TFE,GL Rob, Bri 
& ASH. TFE OMI-ILY. GLWE Elise. -GL 2000- It's 
Finally over!!!! 


"Reach high, for stars lie hidden in your soul. " 
FUTURE PLANS: Go to college, work hard, and make 
everyone proud. 

MEMORIES: Times w/ KL, JL, CB, JP, JP, KB, BK, JW, 
BA, KB, BS, SP. J & JP's house. Living at the pond. 
Sneaking out. MNNOP in Maine. Wanna go to the 
beach? Noo! Point Sebago w/ SC, KL. Prom w/ JL. 
Grounded in Florida. Ozzfest, River Rave. New Years. 
Halloween at Umass w/ LM Times w/ Traci. Being a 
brute. Katie and Jude, you will always have places in my 
heart. Thanks for all your love and support Mom, Dad, 
Mark, and Traci. 



'They say thatl can move the mountains, and send them falling 
to the sea. They say that I can walk on water, if I would follow 
and believe. With faith like a child. " -JOC- 
Activities: Soccer 1 ,2,3, Captain 4. 
Memories: Times w/ the boys: MH SV BC AJ. Night on 44 w/ 
MH SV BC. Sabbath '99 w/SV AJ BC JB. Soccer w/MH & MR- 
Duck and Chuck!(H-MO!). Jr skip day(Big C's poor truck!). 
Snowboarding in T-shirts w/ SV during frostbite warnings. 
Summers at CCL thanks JB VH AR JB AT AH NM SM KA ES. 
Mom, Dad, and Jeremy for all the support. I love you! "Buddy" 
I love you!! You're never forgotten!! Love Josh 



"Everything is everything. What is meant to be will be. 
Changes come eventually. " 

ACTIVITIES: Key Club 1; Executive 1; Basketball 1; 
Soccer 1-4. 

MEMORIES: All the good X's w/ CP, JA, SH, KH, LV, KJ, 
LS, AM, LF, NG, HJ, LD, NF, MR. Vac w/ CP; BFF. 
Hanging w/soccer girls; Jam; Peeps. Leftovers-$150 
Tickets; GB&BP-LF; BO & Greensox-LS. Scars; Frogbite. 
SPPS-FY. MB & NC-CP, SH, KH. DWRK; Muffhead. 
BR, NP, WDC, VD-99; 143. Cha Ching. Graphics-LV 
Finding OA. LD Rocka; YTBTTEHTMMike; 9/8/98- 
6:09pm-1 2/1 1/98; HHNWB ; Rusty. Thanks a lot Mom, 
Dad, Kelly, Mimi, I love you all. 


"Let love rule" -Lenny Kravitz 

ACTIVITIES:FH1-4,Drama2,3VP4Rythmix3,4Girls State 
MEMORIES: My buds-KZ, SN, EM, LS, KL, EY, EF, MK, 
Muff Divers ; SM Fully Loaded w/ Kerri-luv u! Ls-Will you 
be my BB? Smokin buddies w/AB! MK-IRSLS! Camp- 
ing-99; Cher; LK w/ KL+DC;DU, BT, GH, IL; NY ,RS 98- 
KZ, EM, LS, SN;Youngas! MG-Put it in a cup; Growing 
up too fast w/ KL;Loft; Missions; JG-Will U B my pri pri? 
JG, JJ, Nl, RM, FO, NA, BP, PE, PL, AB-Luvu! Friendly's; 
EM-A boot! Fires @ AB; SN Chahee! Coley+Shell!GL-2 
8 14 1 2 46! Mom + Dad thx luv U;Gord + Mike good luck 
Luv u! No seriously-lm out! 143 



"People say true friends must always hold hands, but 
true friends don't need to hold hands because they know 
the other hand will always be there." 
MEMORIES: Wanna go to the beach? New Years 
Plymouth w. Dennis w/ JDJBCM. Shady, Puddles w/ 
Talks with Jon and Jay. Grounded in Florida, Sleepovers 
Loosing JK IN Maine sneaking out OOB w/ BA stc. SUP' 
s FRI. w/ JDB. Dinners w/ Grammie and Grampa Dancing 
PL's w/ PSJDBCPPEA. Joy and Jay I'll always be there 
for you! To my friends and family I love you! KT 



'We're all puppets, in the hands of the man that truly 

plans it. " 

ACTIVITIES: Baseball 1,2,3,4 

FUTURE PLANS: Go to college and be successful in 

whatever I choose to do. 

MEMORIES: Hanging out with RV, JS, RB, SM, AM, AH, 

IW, AS, KM, JC, RL, NB, JM, JB, RE, JM, and DH. "Hey 

Rob, you got triple A?" Doing time in the Resource 

Room. Junior and Senior year, the year of many chicks. 

Hanging on at Stop & Shop with two strikes. Archie, 

you're my idol! Keeping it real with Ricky, AKA Bishop. 

"Magic" Don Juan! Hey Vanetta, "Keep in touch with 

yourself." Julie, what u doing 2 N 


"You have put me in here a cub, but I will come out 

roaring like a lion, and I will make all Hell howl." -Carry 


ACTIVITIES: Art Club 1,2,3,4 

FUTURE PLANS: To have fun and cause chaos!!! Long 

live Punk Rock !! I'M OUT OF HERE!!!! 

MEMORIES: Mortar blast, partying at the danger house. 

Playing shows and passing out. Thanx to: Kevin, I love 

you, Ms. Hegarty, Ms. B, Jay, Charlie, Pete, Mr. Lucier, 

AC, April, Ashley, Dave, Mom, and Dad. 



"Life is a Dream/ Often not as it seems/ View it with open 
eyes/ Enjoying every little surprise. " 

-The Man of Infinite Wealth 
FUTURE PLANS: To go to college and major in computer 
programming and then create games while running my 
own computer company and finally take over the world. 
MEMORIES: To my friend Tim for being with us since I 
lived in Bridgewater, Ryan for all the great times I've had 
here, Charley for his food, FON for being FON and The 



"Scars of the soul are souvenirs often hidden from 

society. My scars are on display through fragmented 


ACTIVITIES: Finding security and loopholes in EBHS 

networking systems. (3&4) 

FUTURE PLANS: Attend college and enjoy life with my 

friends and Kerri. 

MEMORIES & STUFF: Ry, Tim, FON, A.P. Calculus, 

Kerri, "the little one," Mel, Autumn, and everyone else I 

forgot. These years have been one great adventure for 

me and I could not have made it without you! Best of 

wishes to all my friends! 



"Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and your plans will 
succeed." -Proverbs 16:3 

ACTIVITIES: Football 1 ,2; Basketball; Executive 1 ,2,3,4; 
Key Club 1,2,3,4; Student Senate 4 
FUTURE PLANS: Be happy. 

MEMORIES: Having fun. Snowboarding with the boys, 
Alabama with CR, JT, JN, and the girls. Hangin out with 
the crew. Doing some crazy stuff with the YG. Playing 
deathball w/ JH. Doing some ODF w/ JN, KG, ZS, JW, 
PR. Lakeside with the guys. Canoeing. Water-skiing w/ 
Dad. Growing w/ SM, CR, MB, BB, JL Thanks Mom, 
Dad, and sis for everything. See you in the end. Tony 


"Only those who risk going too far can possible find out 
how far one can go." -T.S. Elliot 
MEMORIES: Remembering times spent w/ JS, SS, JG, 
LP, BC, JW, KS, AB, Lake Placid Catskills, Hampton's 
late nights w/ LP, NB, LD. Mudpuddles- just one more. 
Jr. Prom w/ Albie. Oct. 12 '96. Jimmy- I'll always miss 
you. FSF Gang, it's been fun. Adventure Island Florida 
'97. Horseshows with AG, LP, LN, RQ. Great Woods, 
Fleetcenter SS, MW Thxs for everything. Times well 
spent w/ my buddy sleddin @ DW. Special fruit Summer 
of '99-l'll never forget Liz, Joe, Sarah. It's been great 
times w/ you. Mom, Dad, Sal, Angelica, thanks for being 
there for me. XOXO - Amanda 


■ . W& ■ 


ACTIVITIES: Key Club, Freshman and Sophomore years 
FUTURE PLANS: College, becoming a successful 
architect, settling down into marriage and having a 

MEMORIES: 98 Punk shows TSR with C.H. T.H. B.W. 
P.E. C.H. LM. M.W. & T.M. December 12, 1998. Get 
togethers L.M. Half day @ Friendly's- Lyns broke her 
arm. Haunted houses with PD, CH, TH, PE, LM, AF, 
MW, 1436 Chantal Semi & Prom- summer of 99 Nip 
parties Beth's cookout- six Flaggs- WWF- Winter 99 
New Hampshire. Guys Night = S.C. Thank you Mom and 
Dad for everything. Good Luck Chris and Anthony ILYG! 

"Live fast, have fun" 

FUTURE PLANS: To become rich and successful. 
JK RC DC AB AH CS CA MM WT "Partying" Boston, 
Taylor's House, $20 Mustang, times with Joy, "The Lair," 
024 UJD, Down the cape, Jr Prom, nights at the beach, 
getting into trouble, chillin with the KP. Love to all my 
boyz, to my brothers Nick, Billy, Mike I love you guys, and 
I will never forget you. Thanks to the Montouri Family. 
Thanks Mom, Dad, and Chris. 


"On the day when the wagons come I just pray that you'll 
let me out." -ICP 

ACTIVITIES: Chorus 1-4, Key Club 1, SADD 3 
FUTURE PLANS: To live happily ever after. 
MEMORIES: Times w/ BG, KT, JK, JR, LD, DW, NW, 
RW, JW, CA, MP, AP, TS, LB, CH, AC, & DC, Habib & 
Habib w/Tina, Jellystone w/ LB, Metallica w/ MP, KORN 
w/ CA, ICP w/ Josh, Jeremy & Tina, FL w/ LD, TB, JC, 
Chippy Police w/ Renee, "Mr. Medows?" May 15, 1998- 
Jeff, I love and miss you, Rest in Peace. Thanks family 
& friends for everything. I love you all. 


Katie & Kathy 

"Kindness consists in loving people more than they 
deserve. " -J. Joubert "Never a dull Moment!" 
ACTIVITIES: Football Cheerleading: 1 ,2,3 Capt 4. Bball 
Cheering 1,2,3,4 

MEMORIES: Growing up too fast w/ ANGE, Childhood 
memories w/ Ames. Pete it's a good idea- Luv ya!! 
Flowing w/ SN-EM. Times w/ 97 Crew- EY, AB, LF, MG, 
NH. Never forget you Gil, JN, AD. John-823! Chocolate 
Milk- Ferbs! KZ-AB 007. Times w/ JM. Jr. Prom/ DM 
Malones get sentimental- then crash Tommy- slow down 
poy boy!! First smooch/ KM. Thanks to my family! Class 
of 2000-Take care of you! Love, Kathy 





- ^F'f: QP 

c •-■ 

■ ''■■■ '. ■■■ 

:--... ; 




"Trust in your instincts, not in your heart. . . for the heart 
has the capacity to feel, not to think. " 
FUTURE PLANS: To be successful 
MEMORIES: Fun times at Aimee's with JT, BH, RA, CS, 
DP, MM, RG. Troll Wall. Plymouth. Marvin the Martian. 
Pat. Trash runs with RD. Internet with EP. Camping with 
KH, BB, RD, Soap in the blender. Blacklite car. Pranks 
and setups. 360's. Riverside with RD, BB, Water Wizz 
with RD, BB, CL, Mail box runs. DW Fields with AK, JT, 
BH, CS, Halifax play ground. Brockton Fair with SS, BB, 
BD, MM, Special thanks to Mom, Dave, Danny, Thanks 
for believing in me! 

Real Deal 

"Talk low, talk slow, and don't say too much." 

-John Wayne 

ACTIVITIES: Football 1 ,2,3,4; Basketball 1 ; WinterTrack 
2,3,4; Baseball 1,2,3,4 

MEMORIES: Chillin w/ BB, MS,DM, DC, ML,DC,MF, and 
the girls; N.H. Trips w/ BB,MS,DM; Cruisin in the Malibu; 
Locked out w/ MS,BB; Drive by canning; Steve Miller 
1999 Last call; Going to war with the boys; Norwell 
(Blocked); Frosties @ AL'S, Red Sox's games; Sailing 
w/ the captain; DMG; Squirrels peak; the early days in 
the rock; Thanks Mom, Dad, Steve, and Wendy. 


MEMORIES: KFC Customer of the month awarded to 
JF, Making fun of silly-AH,MS,JI,JF,CR,BD,RS. Trips to 
Holiday Inn. Jack Frost thanks to Lenny the mechanic for 
always fixing my car. "Man I can fix yo car" Gannon's 
system in the mail truck will never be as loud as mine. 
Memories with RS,RA,IF,CR,MS,AH,MF,MS,BD, 
Thanks-I would like to thanx all my teachers for helping 
me and a big thank you to my parents for helping and 
being there. 


"It's kind of fun to do the impossible. " -Walt Disney 
ACTIVITIES: Soccer 1-4; Indoor Track 2,Capt. 3-4; 
Track 1 ,2,Capt 3,4; NHS; Stud. Senate 3-4; Key Club 1 -4; 
Exec. Comm. 1-4 

MEMORIES: Grease 97; Track Champs 97&98; JIMascot; 
my track bud-LS; Red Toolbox; NYE'S; times ©Jen's; 
HYZsistas-Henny&Shirl; tennis ball; TMG; Montreal 99; 
Ladinka & Sauceroow/ KJ;Jr. Pro, w/ JF, EG;-after Prom- 
Kirsty's; BSB&NSYNC concerts;Florida '00 w/JR; 
Shania3; Miccamac; Sat. Track meets; 143 cuz-ng; 
ACSSASLFCPBLSHKJ;Thanx Dad, Mom, Rob, Sarah 


Diesel-Hard Cor 

"Never underestimate the power of a woman!" 
ACTIVITIES: I did a lot, I'll mail you my transcript! 
FUTURE PLANS: Have as much fun as possible, be 
successful, get married & make beautiful babies! 
MEMORIES: Frosh yr w/ AK, LS, KZ; FH girls I'll never 
forget u 143! Chillin w/ DB, SN, KL, AB, AL, LS, KZ, EF, 
LS, AM, MG, EY, MS, MN, NS, KM. New Years 98' 
Waynes; Hot-Stuff AL, KZ; Daytona-KZ, LS, AK "Boof" 
AL,BR-KL,DB-143 all the yrs all the memories! Prom/ 
TL. Pre-game Loft! Pub106 Da, Da! SN. Times w/ Paul/ 
Cor&Crew/ME. Thanks, Mom, Dad, Cor & Dave. I love 
you! No, seriously I'm out! Good Luck 2000!! 

Marky & Markus 

"Early to rise, early to bed, makes a man healthy but 
socially dead. " 

ACTIVITIES: Soccer;Track-Capt; Jr. Marshall; Key Club- 
VP; Exec; Yrbk; NHS-VP; VIK. News; SAP; St. Senate 
Shania/ Sheila; Smith Farm; Fr yr w/ MR- Wannabe; 
CC; Tsunamis w/ MO; Simp AC; LATER-AS; Scrabbin 
quotas-MST-AC; Kirker-KJ; TODD/MARIK; 8 times Kel! 
I have 2! Lock Chx; Fix chairs; Dingsingsing; Brkn JF w/ 
Mom-Dad, Derek, ReRe- Thanx & Love ya, Mark 



"Iflruledthe world and everything in it, the sky's the limit." 
FUTURE PLANS: I plan to go to college and get a good 
job. I then plan to travel and see other countries and 
different places. 

MEMORIES: Hangin with HN, NM, ML, NL, AL, JL, RD, 
EM, RM, MM, WW, BC, SB, JD, BB. STEALTH, where's 
the bass? BS, HN. Blair Witch and the Irish Kids. To my 
loving family, I love you all. Thanks Mom and Dad. Peace 


ACTIVITIES: Soccer 1 -Freshman, Track 2-Sophomore 
FUTURE PLANS: To go to Massasoit Canton and be an 
Electrical Engineer 

MEMORIES: The farmstand, Braintree, Gannon putting 
in my radios then mefixing them. Autos, Woods. Everyone 
at S & S Brockton. 


"/ have my faults, but being wrong ain't one of them." 
ACTIVITIES: Football 1-4, B-ball 1-2, Winter Track 3-4, 
Baseball 1-4, Captain 

MEMORIES: NH w/ KM BB MS MacNeills Thanks, Drive 
by canning w/ KM DC, Hanging out w/ everyone, Times 
w/ Michelle, Summer 97 w/ DC AM MK, Battles on the 
field, Ferbs July 4 98, NH w/ MK DC AM TO, RAW IS 
WAR, Camping MS, JR Prom w/ Kathy. Ferbs house 
after, late night talks w/CC ALTalkingw/SR, New Years 
99, Trips to the beach w/ everyone, Thanks to everyone 
that helped out. Love you Mom, Dad, Megan and 
Amanda. Good luck everyone see ya soon! 


"Live life, love, and be happy, " 

ACTIVITIES: Field Hockey 1-4; Dance; NHS 3,4; Track 
1 ; Future Nurses 4; MEMORIES: My buds MK, MG, EY, 
AL, AB, KL, LF, KZ, LS, AK, SN, EM, EF, NH, DC, DC, 
BB, DM, KM, ML, MF, MS; Halloweens; squirrelspk; 
beach; holidays; EY ROCKAS; Scavenger hunts; x-mas 
sl.ovas; b/g sl.ovas; NY w/ DC; NH&MV w/ DC, MK, DM, 
EY; cool kids; homecoming; phat5; fr. Semi; WWF; GT 
w/ KL; AB fires; rallyracer; sox games; JR. Prom w/ DC; 
Ferbs; fh bus; camping @ MS; Pregame loft; Times w/ 
Dave- Thanx 4 everything- 1 love u; Mom & Dad-Never 
could've done it w/out u; Luv u Muffy&Maya; Thanx&luv 
to my family&Joyce. We did it guys! 


"Respect those who respect you. " 
ACTIVITIES: Football 1234; Baseball 234; IndoorTrack 
234; Track 1; B-Ball 1; NHS 3 Pres. 4; Key Club 1234; 
Exec. 1-4 

FUTURE PLANS: To be successful in the game of life. 
w/ Visco; BFI w/ ML; Day in Bos. W/ MBJLNMBSSV; 
Football w/ the guys; SHARK Fishn MV; Dancin in Bos. 
Sum. 98; Soccer w/ Frosty; Special times w/ Angela, plane 
ride; 10/7/98; Skiing w/ Jason; Times w/ NGSSAMDC; 
THX Mr. H and my coaches; THX to my family; Love ya 
Grama, Mom, Gregg, Jay. Good Luck 2000; Let the games 
begin. CM#1; J.L& ST. 

"Sometimes the party just has to end and everyone goes 
home. " 

FUTURE PLANS: To get rich quick and be happy forever. 
MEMORIES: Causing trouble with the KP, $20 Mustang, 
BOSTON, The LAIR, River Rave 99, The VDT, VA 
Beach the SPARTA MOPEDS, fire up the EURO, the 
RAMP, UJD, Wrestlemania, All night parties, JUNE 9 th , 
One love to all my boys: MT, MB, BS, SV, HN, MM, BC, 
024, and all the rest. And to my sworn brothers JUDE 
and BILLY. I love you guys and I'll never forget you, To 
my girl LAURA, I will always love you, THANX to my 
family, the Benner family, and the Lupica's. 


"You haven't fallen down until you can't get back up." 
FUTURE PLANS: To succeed in life and to achieve my 

MEMORIES: Hanging out with all my boys from the cape 
FB, DE, TS, SF, and everyone else, skating with 508; 
Chillin with BS, TY, HN, CR, JR, MT, CH, JL, BB, JS, KG, 
KM, AF, MW, JR, TM, SV, MK; Halloween 1998. And all 
the fun I had with BE, ER, I'll never forget you guys! 
Thanks to all of my family for being there for me. 


"If what you did yesterday seems big, you haven't done 
anything today."- Lou Holtz 

ACTIVITIES: Football 1234, Spring Track 1234, Winter 
Track 234, Executive Comm. 1234, Future Teachers 
Club 34, History Club 34, Student Advisory Council to 
School Comm. 4 
FUTURE PLANS: Go to college. 
BB MB SV SB MFTL CR HN, Hampton Beach, Camden, 
MA SM BC JB, Mom, Dad, Grams, Tracy, Chris Maura- 
Thanks for all the support I love you all. 

iii RyanMorey !!! 

"Haven't had such a good time in years!!!" -Raphael Costa 
ACTIVITIES: Music Department 1 -4; Drama Department 1 -4 
STUFF: FON, JC, SD, LJ'S+TP, Low Brass, Paul Beatings, 
Bass Section, Music Trips- DC, TOR, FL- those crazy 
Drama kids, NESBA CHAMPS 5-Peat; FSU, UGNA, Right! 
R'PhaundaBooda-pepjerjj. Graduated kids; Backstage, 
Cast Parties, Mrs. Cox, Wadsworth, the Rules, Chuck and 
the outer ring, APUS, The Calculus, AP English, Chuck's 
Box, Ed + Phil, Jared, Aaron, JJ, JG, AL, NIF, LB, JH, 
Fraction Fairy, P'Fred, Peter, Mia, Lunch Antics, Poka-dots 
w/ SD, Feasting, "werd"-PP. 
Luv ya, Family, Friends, Mom, Dad, Darrell + Raph! ! ! 


"The best advice comes from yourself. " 
MEMORIES: Times with my friends; JK, KB, SP, BL, DL, 
BL, SL; Chicago-Summer 98; Pinkfloyd with GF, DW, 
and DL; Carvers with the guys, (I want more candy); 
Lance! We miss you. Windosil; Maine, KFC; Morsecode; 
See you in college DL; I miss you Bri. You'll always be my 
beaches. Dan, I love you. Thanks, Dad, Mom, Robin, 
Hannah, Avi, Ethan. Luv you guys. 


"It may not be your fault for being down, but it's got to be 

your fault for not getting up. " 

ACTIVITIES: Football 1 , Track 1 ,2,3,4; Indoor Track 3,4; 

Weightlifting 1 ,2,3,4; Key Club 1 ,2,3,4; STAND 1 ,2,3,4; 

FOL 4; SADD 4; Student Senate 4. 

FUTURE PLANS: To become successful, get married to 

a loving, beautiful woman, have kids, and live a happy 

life. 143 Linda Hoang. 

MEMORIES: Hanging with my boyzTY,BS,JL,NM,SM, 

MB, CR, TL, JR, BC, MM, pool halls, traveling, Boston. 

To my family, I love you all. Till the day we meet again in 

my heart is where I'll keep you, NAM NGOC NGUYEN 




"I am what I am and that's all that I am." -Popeye 
ACTIVITIES: Track 2,3,4, Captain; X-C 4; Indoor Track 
4, Captain 

MEMORIES: STP concert w/ SP, TS, MP; Johnny Mac 
Crew; Times down pond; Manhunt w/ DD, RF, MG, JM, 
Chillin over Josh's; Breakfasts w/ Grama and Mom; To 
my family and friends, Love ya; Hangin and bangin w/ 
EW, EW, JG, KF, EH, to CJF love foreva; Mom and Dad, 
Love and Bro <peace> . 

Little Nolan 

"Take it as it is or don 't take it at all. " 
ACTIVITIES: Field Hockey parties 1-4 
MEMORIES: My Girlz EM KZ AL KW GR chillin' w/ EM 
KZ KL AL GR CB CD MS MN FH Girlz 1 43 causin ruckus 
w/ KZ+mdma+missions w/ spot, pre-game parties, the 
loft, Jr. Prom-Ferbs, cha-hee tell me whyhee-Ange. 
Road + Trips w/ ERIN + spot, Rap solos, no seriously + 
no really, New Years 98KZWTRNCDALMNCB Ghetto, 
maple-SB To all my x'sthx4nothin, Erin 143, Scott-143 
2/1 4/99, Mom + Dad THX 4 being there I LOVE YOU Liz 
+ Rach THX 4 being there- I'm outta Here! 



"Become who you are. " 

ACTIVITIES: Exec. 1-4 Secretary 1;Student Senate 1-4; 
Torch 2,4; French Club VP 3 

girls- LinnyB'squest;Riverside;Waterwizz;France-Colie 
"parlez-vous"CLAIRE-MARIE;Jnr Prom-KJ-aint nuthin 
but a BS;MM-tsunami;times w/ AS,BB,SB,MB,AM,SM, 
&Gimpy;Guta luvs Kirdy BFF-FOM; luv u mumJ;luv u 

Bonnie;B-you make me laugh, Nan&Dee-love you 

Ry, angel, you've taught me so much about myself, I will 
always love you ;Mima, you are my Godsun, Dad-I'll dare 
and win for you. Thanks you guys, I love you. 


"This is how high school ends, not with a bang, but a 

whimper. " 

ACTIVITIES: Key Club, Executive Committee, National 

Honor Society, French Club, History Club, Varsity Golf, 

Math Team 

FUTURE PLANS: To succeed in life and be happy in 

whatever I do. And if I have time, take over the world. 

MEMORIES: Line of the Day, DW w/ JH, Montreal trip- 

OH LA LA!, PPV's, 1 st Tramp party at JH's, summer wiffle 

ball, proms, PE's b-day party, hanging out with: JH, RM, 



"I always knew looking back on my tears would make me 
laugh, but I never knew that looking back on my laughs 
would make me cry. " 

FUTURE PLANS: To make a lot of money and retire 
wealthy by 35. 

MEMORIES: Good times with MK, KA, CF, LF, RD, JH, 
Boston, Trips w/ MK, KA, LF. MB20/semisonic / CP, JR 
M. Junior Prom / LF. Bingo!!! Sports R'us w/ DR, RR, JR, 
JD, RD, CP, JL And, will I ever get off the phone? Thanx 
to all my family for keeping me on track in H.S. Thank 
You all! -Jason- 


"It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is 
essential is invisible to the eye." 
ACTIVITIES: Drama, Key Club, Track, X-Country, NHS, 
Student Senate 

FUTURE PLANS: To live a happy successful life. 
MEMORIES: Road Trips w/CC;SB-xtravaganza; drama 
(I love you guys!); PCC (ducky, sprinting, "The List", 
nswimming) MF w/ JB; 2LS w/ NT,SS; Mia- You are my 
STAR; 4 ,h of July w/ KB (I miss you); "youth"; Trucchi's; 
PG's w/ CCG; Summer Concerts; Homecomings w/ CC; 
to my family and friends — Thank you for making me who 
I am. I love you all. EM-that's for you! 


"Some people come into our lives and quickly go, others 
stayfora while, leave footprints on our hearts and we are 
never quite the same." -unknown 
FUTURE PLANS: To be happy and make enough money 
to travel the world. 

MEMORIES: Unforgettable times with KELJHJWMM 
"We are all here for a short time, get all the good laughs 
you can." Grease rehearsals FB Games Jr./Sr. Prom 
Dances Lib. Gang Pilgs Lib. w/JR ehh..shunny? Fatbutt 
camping® PP Thanx Mom, Dad and Nick LUV U! 



> " tB 



«B5fe?* 3Kii^C5B 

': ■: 


v . .-y^** 

■~z is^ 

■ ^5" 





"Every tear shed is a thousand smiles wasted. " 
ACTIVITIES: Frosh-Bball Soccer 1-4 Track 1-4 Winter 
Track 2-4 Key Club 1 ,2,4 Executive 1+2 French Club 3+4 
BL-Cape/NJ Scars CHA-CHI Sleepovers LD, HJ, 
@ Henny+Kirdy's-AMBDJR SPPS INKOTB Girls AJ- 
AS Bruno-Betsy 2hrs Hingham? Times with Mike 
Snickers-SB Montreal-99-GFDNG Let the peeps be w/ 
you I love you Mom and Dad! 


"When you love someone, put their name in a circle, not 

a heart; cause a heart can be broken but a circle never 


ACTIVITIES: Concert Band 1,2,3,4, Choir 2,3,4, Jazz 

Band 1 ,2,3, NHS 3,4, MB 1 ,2,3 

FUTURE PLANS: Attend Northeastern, Be true to 

myself, never forget where I came from, where I've been 

or where I'm going. To be happy. 

MEMORIES: Performances, Disney, BSB!!! Hanging out 

w/ AS, Joe, Mel, Bob, Tina, Joe - Harmony liquors!! 

Thanks Mom, Dad, sis, Tina, Joe, Mel, Sue, Joe, Mr. L, 

Bill, Ms. Bell, B-ROK and everybody. I love you all. Be 

good!! and God Bless. - J. P. 


"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty 
of their dreams. " 

ACTIVITES: Cross Country 1; Field Hockey 2,3; 
Basketball 1 ; Track 1 ,2,4; Key Club 1 -4; National Honor 
Society 3,4; Executive Committee 1 -4; French Club Sec. 
3,4; Student Senate 3,4; PCC; Jr. Archbearer; Jr. Miss; 
Girls State; Homecoming Court. 
'96, '97 always; "urn hi"; 'NSYNC concerts w/ 
KB,AM,CP,S; Pats games #4; Jr. Prom; New York; 
Montreal, I dare you...MW. Thanks everybody- I love 
you Mom. Love,Suz 


"I shall not fear no man but god. " -2 P AC (RIP) 
ACTIVITES: Soccer 1,2 Basketball 1,2 Captain 3,4 
Softball 1-4 

MEMORIES: Good & Bad times w/ Billy;Growing up w/ 
KL. Jiggalo-JA Cape, dances, games w/MJ. TNA-SH 
Trouble w/ LM. Projects w/ JAMJ. MUFF! Summers in 
Va. Softball w/ the "DIRTIES"- KVEFMR. Proms w/ My 
Billy. WHAT! Midd. 21 -1 . Times w/ BS RD LS SC CB MJ 
LM KH AK SM JA EP JB JL JW & MA-SMW! Thanks for 
everything Dad-Luv ya! 143 Chrissy, Brianna, Tasia. 
Billy- Thanks for always being there. 524 
I LOVE YOU!! (8-4-98) 

8 PM 



"Oy Vey!" 

MEMORIES: The Jalopy-TH "Slammin' Sammy Prusak 
is a super star"-John Eaton Cruisen in the frog mobile 
with Ryan and Keefa Shows with Goonie "Hard core still 
lives"-MAD Ball Charlie Dog RIP Hard line Lockin 98 
Jammin with Goonie Fon John New Hampshire with Bob 
and Tom and Josh and Tom Thank you's: 
Nips are well, Mom, Dad, Rachel, Brian for all your Love 
and support over my school years;l Love You and thank 
you Nana Papa and Family;l Love you all you know what 
I love every-one- Peace I am out for good. Lata 


"Life is like a box of chocolates; You never know what 

you' re gonna get. " -Forest Gump 

ACTIVITIES: Senior year on yearbook 

FUTURE PLANS: Finish high school and hopefully go 

on to college. 

MEMORIES: Going on camping trips with my family. 

Going to King's Castle with Jocelyn Harlow for her 

birthday. Going on trips to Vermont and Maine with my 

late grandfather, my grandmother and a few of my 

cousins, we would go to see the fall foliage. Thanks mom 

and dad for everything. Love, Kathy 



"Wherever you go, there you are. " 
MEMORIES: Florida, Salem, DC, New York, Sydney 
Street, Minnesota, Boston, Cape Cod, HBL and all it's 
drama, Monet, NJ, Halloween, DF- Still trying to figure 
you out, Surf Drive beach, concerts, registry, Vinny 
hanging by a string, SH, everything I learned in 96, DB, 
Woo-Wa, Fourth of July, Eddie Murphy face, Niagra 
Falls, $4.74 Sheraton Tara. Thank you Mom, Laurie, DJ, 
Matt, and Jill for always being there for me. 


"If you do not think about the future, you cannot have 


ACTIVITES: Key Club 1,2,3,4; Executive Committee 

3,4; Student Senate 4 

FUTURE PLANS: Go to college and live a good life. 

MEMORIES: Hanging out with TL, AS, JR, LV, HN, AA, 

JM, JS, NS, MR, HF, SM. Alabama with TL. Skating with 

JS, JL, RF, CH, AC, TS. Snowboarding with TL and TY. 

Thanks Mom, Dad, and Marissa, Love ya. 



"Yesterday has been and gone- Tomorrow will I find the 

sun. ..or will it rain?" -O. Osbourne 

ACTIVITES: Key Club 9-1 2, Class Executive Committee 

9-12, Math Team 11, 12, NHS 11, 12, Football 12, Boys' 

State 1 2 

FUTURE PLANS: I want to make Bill Gates look poor 

compared to me. 

MEMORIES: RS was Right- It went by fast/ Coming out 

of my shell/ AP Calculus '99! / OWI-Long Live the Top- 

O-Holics! / Football as a senior- why? 


"If you want a rainbow, you have to put up with the rain. " 
ACTIVITES: Drama 1;Exec.Comm.2-4 Yearbook 

MEMORIES: Times w/friends-EB,AM,CP,SS,LD,KJ,LJ, 
HYZS:AM,CP;NH w/ SS-The Boys;What happens if we 
go straight?TH;ZI-MM;DD runs in MM w/KJ,LJ;The Matrix 
w/KJ-Abs;AM's TMG; Riverside $200 later w/EB, 
CP, AM,LD,TH; JR.Prom w/BD; After prom @ KJ's;Sr Prom 
99 w/BD;D-R Please-SS; X-Mas Party w/MK, KA, LD; 
NYE's@my house; Times w/Eric 5-13-99 143 always! 
Thanks Mom, Dad, Matt, Eric, family & friends. I love you. 


ACTIVITES: Track 1-4;Field Hockey 2-4;Key Club 1-4; 
Exec. Com. 1-4; NHS 3,4;PCC 96,97 
MEMORIES: 491,492;Codfish;Um. ..hi; Froshyrw/MM- 
babysittin';spheres...whaat? Line of the day;old times 
w/CCMWSP;Joe Screamin';whater u new?locker 
room;covergirl Ricky; Sat.meets;is that Kel'smum?Loon 
trip 99;"Kinda tall";Who made this poster?discus ring; 
DQ/PG runs; corkscrew; cones + "cones"-SR; beach 
trips; Kakob;yace;prom cookies;labor day drive-thru;311/ 
keys/tix? — Thanks so much to my Family + Friends. 
Love, Marisa 


ACTIVITES: Soccer 12; X-C 3Capt4; Indoor track 
2Capt34;Spring track 2-4;Key Club;Executive;NHS 
MEMORIES: Holy mombajahomba; NH trip; yeah Val; 
baton; PCC; bitin chair; is that Kel's mum; UUA; Can I get 
a...; Joe Screamin; discus; 491+492; Rugby;DQ/PG 
runs; urn, hi; Loon'98; 5/19/99; BigG; Sphere,what?; 
cones +"cones"; Kakob; NYC'97; Sat. meets; Covergirl 
Ricky; tubing; DM car; 31 1 /keys/tix?; Boston; the beach; 
line of the day; Where's the sun; Codfish; Whater u new; 
Labor Day Drive-thru; BlakeRoger; Stalker; times w/MR 
KCJSDMKBKDSPMMJH; CHW "t-shirts sometimes" 
swings; Thanks to my family+friends-love, Sarah 



"Everything is still the same. It's just a little different now. " 
ACTIVITES: Cross-Countryl ,AFS1 ,Track2,NHS 
FUTURE PLANS: College, then good job, tons of money, 
great wife, great life! 

MEMORIES: EM,JB,HN,RM,MW,CR,and everyone else 
in our class. Thank you to Dad, Mom, Becky, for putting 
up with me, Elyse, thank you for everything, I love you! 


"Half of learning how to play is learning whatnot to play. * 

- Ani Difranco 
ACTIVITES: FH 1-4, SB 1-4, STAND 2, VP3, P4, KEY 
CLUB 1-3, DRAMA 1-4, TTC 3 

MEMORIES: 21-1 Middleboro;MC ran me over; Our 
Island in Maine w/ JH; Who's got the pain? KA Rats; PCC 
96; Water ban w/ JH; Lauren are you play with the 
faucet? GA Class w/ LF; Junior Promm 99; fishing w/ 
Blah; Sheep go ba!; Best of luck O, Nl-F AM EG LF JH 
Nej MK CF KA MS NM RMF MC SG-B; Water Wiz 99; 
Fish fart in the lake; Thank you for everything Mom, Dad, 
Nan, David I love you all very much! Peace out. 



ACTIVITIES: History Club 4, Astronomy Club 4 



ACTIVITES: FH1-4 B-Ball12 Cpt34 
MEMORIES: FH Bus w/ girls. Hangin w/ KZALAKEMEY 
Dungan's. AU'WILL U BE MY BB" Pre-games loft.98 
NewYrs.Daytonaw/KZAKEM.Janetw/AK. Homecoming 
98. Youngas Rockas. Camping w/LO.Times w/Ryan 12- 
3-97 I Luv-u. Prom w/RD. Foxboro? RM112!! Riverside 
w/AKRDDD. Long Talks w/AK dubthgliL. Friendly's. "No 
Seriously" Sara what did u do to the geese? Muffdivers 
luv-ya's. Spending time w/Jeanne Luv-ya. Good Luck w/ 
Jordan. Thanks Mom&Dad for everything I couldn't have 
done it w/out u. Good Luck Dave&Steven. We did it 



ACTIVITIES: Marching Band, Jazz Band, AFS, Soccer, 

Winter Track 

FUTURE PLANS: In June I will go back to Germany. 

There I have to go to school for two more years. After this 

I would like to go to a university. There I will study 

chemistry or biology. 

MEMORIES: Special thanks to my parents and my 

brothers here who helped me so much. Their help made 

life for me so much easier! Thanks also to my good 

friends who helped me so much at the beginning and 

later in the year. 



"Nothing is ever gained by winning an argument and 
losing a friend. " 

MEMORIES: Summer of '98; Springfield w/Kolleen; 6 th 
or 12 th floor? Habeb&Habeb; Hoyts mafia! SAFCw/TH, 
KL, JC; DENTON ST. w/KL ,SE , KT, BG, Beefy, Amy 
Humarock "did you girls sleep on the beach?"; Marshfield 
Fair w/ CD, SE; Chillin' @ Becky's w/ KL, SE, KT, Josh; 
Sitting on the bench w/CD, SE, SG, RO; Good luck to all 
the hoodlums CD, SG, CB, CS, KC, MZ, RO, MO, RJ, 
DC. Thank you Karen & Ricky for everything you have 
done for me! Good Luck Cassie and Krystin. Mom I will 
always love you. -Tina 


Linny B 

"Life's a journey not a destination. " - Aerosmith 

ACTIVITIES: Soccer 1,2, Captain 3,4; Track 1, 2, 
Captain 3,4; Indoor Track 2-4, Exec. Comm. 1-4; NHS 
3-4; Torch; Student Senate; Girls State etc. 
MEMORIES: Times w/KJ, AM, MO, NG, CP, SH, BO, 
LJ, Soccer Girls, Pasta fests! LD Rocka Bottle return w/ 
Kirsty, "Caress me down" BK w/NG, AM; CC-My hero! - 
BO Green-sock-BL; Jr. Prom w/ JL; Ain't nuttin but a BS 
baby! - Jl Team mascott '97 SPPS - Frosh Bball; Pudd 
jumpn w/NG, AM track buddy - old times w/SM, BB, MB 
- Riverside. Luv ya Mum and Dad - Thanx 4 everything 
Mike. Good Luck 2000 -LS 


"Be young, have fun, drink Pepsi, and eat ice-cream too. " 
ACTIVITIES: Drooling 1-4; Key Club 1, 2, 4; SADD 4, 
Exec. 3, 4; STAND 1, 2; Tennis 1; SB 4 
MEMORIES: Drum roll please Traf! Hay there news 
letter, fair- KM, BB, MM, Prom w/BV&BD, Montreal-BV- 
Flip-MS, CD, JK&MC, Barking w/T, Nipskip, That's not 
my bag baby- Monte, Check me 4 cheese & sit, Haunted 
mansion, NH-SM DW Batman Sam JR/BF, Crashin' into 
reck hall-Shman 4 th July-Got 2P! MR. Niceguy, Melly BF 
half nosed WW-JR-even exchange, UR My shiite, Hay 2 
Fruity&Blutey, Reduce our buts5am-EM, Yo Adrianne 
Bri Sng Tun Tun, wuv2my widdle wizard, VA Beach 
Thanks Mom, Dad, Mikey, Shelly & Brian 


"If you want to save the world, you got to push a few old 
ladies down the stairs. " -Bernard, DOTT 
ACTIVITES: Soccer 1 ; AFS 1 ,2,4; FOL 1 ,2,Sec 3,4; Chorus 1 - 
4; Drama 2-4; Key Club 2-4; Math Team 1 ,2,3 Capt. 4; NHS 
3,4; French Club 3,4; Stand 3, Sec 4; Amnesty 4; Exec. 4 
FUTURE PLANS: To become a forensic scientist and 
catch some bad guys. 

MEMORIES: PCC, NIF & a river; Disney; Montreal;Cast 
Parties-Matchmaker, Damn Yankees, Guys and Dolls, 
Clue!; Crazy car rides; RKTF; Quotes w/LAB; times w/NIF, 
MB, Mme., Mr.S., Ms. Bell, Mrs. Cox; Thanks Mom, Dad, 
and Nick. 

"Wisdom comes only through suffering. " 
ACTIVITES: Football 2 ; Winter track 23; Track1234 
MEMORIES: Growing up with JCKDJFJGCBTB.Riding 
dirt bikes w/ friends. Backyard football back in the day. 
$20 Mustang. Cruise with JC Virginia Beach-Sparta Mo- 
peds w/ Nick M. Younger Days with the crew'The Bad 
Kids". HD CRASH Flippin. Bike jumps. Fights, Beating 
the hawk badly pos. HAHA Rip RA 1987-1999. The 
beach w/friends.The Cape w/ Visco, the strip. Hangin w. 
Mom, Dad, Chrstine+Kathryn. Love, Billy 


"Good, better, best; never rest till 'good' be 'better' and 
'better' best." 

ACTIVITES: Football 1,2,3, captain 4;Basketball 1,2,3, 
captain 4; Baseball 1,2,3, captain 4 
RNSLESDC. Trips to UMASS'99' wasik's parties. 
Moylan's House 9/1/98 KCACSM. Climbing EBHS Dairy 
Queen SM. Ding Ding Ding KZLSRD Lockout w/KMBB 
Times w/KC what happen love ya. Got any Houch 
Gutter, Sull, Was, Moylan, Dwa, Flake, Macneill, Scotter, 
I'd like to say thanx to MRS.O and mostly my Mom for 
being there at all times in my life and best of luck to 
Caroline, love Matt "later" 



"We love because God first loved us."-~\ John 4:19 
ACTI VITI ES: Key Club 1 -4; Student Senate 3,4; Exec. 1 - 
4; President 3,4; French Club 3,4; SAP 3,4; Soccer 1 -3; 
Softball 1 , 2; Bball 1 ; Junior Marshal; Girls State; Jmiss 
MEMORIES: the Cape; sun queens- CH; KH; Smidget- 
CC; Bugs; Sebago - guess what? PCC; aj w/ CP; HH n 
WB; Rvrside; slpovrs; YG; Spofford-snoball fight; Lucile 
& Chris; Cand guys w/ Lau; France; Sg n hy; DMB w/ 
Lisa; waterskiing; T&C; CO New Years! L-A-T-E-R that 
week; many thanks to the May's, Lomb's & my family 
Hugs & Kisses to Dad, Mom, Zach- 

f v 



"To live is to suffer, to survive, well that's to find meaning 

in the suffer." -DMX 

FUTURE PLANS: To make money 

MEMORIES: Good and bad times with Colleen. Chillin 


w/ CP LS RD Beach b-ball w/ CB MN CP DR. JR/SR 

Proms w/ Colleen. Candy land w/ CB, Bang!!- MN. 

Ferreira's house. Growing up in Brockton and Whitman. 

Concerts. Summer 99. Here comes the BOOM! Thanks 

for the support mom, dad, Ashley, Tanya. Thanks for 

everything Colleen. I love you! (8-4-98) 

Sassy & Red 

"For I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord, 
plans to prosper you and not to harm you. " 
ACTIVITES: Colorguard 123 capt. 4 Drama 1 
FUTURE PLANS: Live long + prosperous 
MEMORIES: "Kristin, how do I start the show?!" "Suzy, 
stop talkin' about me behind my back!" Times w/ KC SFL, 
Doodle and my 2 nd family, ALRMKWMWLDMLCPNDKS 
JBSDJJMGMCLFMJ + to all my other buds. Toronto 
Disney and all ourcomps. I'll miss everyone neverforget 
our times. Nikki, you're my best friend, distance won't 
even tear us apart! Thanx Mom Dad + Rach, I luv all of 



"Life is too short, Do something. " 
ACTIVITES: Baseball 1, Track and Field 3,4 Senior 

FUTURE PLANS: Being happy with whatever I do. 
LS, Crusin in the Buick w/ LS, JA, GT, KA. Halloween 97. 
Camping with JB, JA, GT. Going to the beach during 
school w/ LS, GT, JA, KA, ET, OZZFest-99 w/ SW, LS, 
GT, MG, ET, DC, SC, AJ, JP. Jamin w/ RC, JL, PE, SH. 
The Lock-in incident. Colorado Summer of 99 hanging 
with GT,JA,JB, WE, ED, The Walk. Hotel Parties w/ 
work. Growing up with the best class ever. 

Panama Fred 

"Momentos maravillosos e involvidaldes. pero a la vez 

rapidos se presentan cada dia. For ello digo que hay que 

aprovechar cada instante de tu vida, pero a la vez 

pensando hacer con ella lo mejor para toda tu vida. " 

ACTIVITIES: Marching Band, Concert Band, AFS, Jazz 


FUTURE PLANS: To finish high school in Panama + 

pursue a career as a pilot 

MEMORIES: 1 st Nesba Competition, Hurricane Floyd, 

AFS Camp, 1 st day at EBHS the Desmonds-Buddha, 

Paul, Maria, FON, Ryan, Suzanne, Aaron, Jarod, Andre. 


"Keep smiling. It makes people wonder what you've 
been up to. " 

ACTIVITIES: Executive Committee 1 -4, NHS 3-4, Student 
Senate 3-4, Jr. Archbearer 

JA.JR.PROM. Driver's Ed.w/AG. Summer99w/JD,BD, 
BD. JD,Luv ya like a sis. Rockers! Sugar, AS. JR. Skip 
Day® JL w/CS. Mox#4. Mr. Condon. Where do I begin. . . 
Graphics w/JD,BL,KZ. Graphics Chics. Shan B, BFF. 
Brockton. To my fam, I Luv U guys. T my 2 nd mom, Jr.& 
Nilza my Bro&Sis. Iris my big sis. Love you Mom&Dad 



"Life is not worth living, unless you try your best. " 

FUTURE PLANS: To go to college and to live my life to 

the fullest. 

Thanks, Laurie, Rick, Mom and Dad for all your help and 



"The sooner you fall behind, the more time you have to 
catch up." 

ACTIVITIES: Football 1 ,2,3, Captain 4; Track & Field 2,3 
Captain 4; Weightlifting 1,2,3,4 
MEMORIES: Going to Red Sox game with only 2 nd gear, 
Beating Big C's truck, BFI with cousin BOOM! Pos on 44, 
$20 mustang, Down the Cape with Sims, snowboarding 
in t-shirts with frostbite warnings with Josh, Racing 
Regina anytime, anywhere. RIP Betsy, watching 
motorcycles flip with Sims. Riding with Lafratta back in 
the day. Going up to Brockton watching the Races. 
Thanks to my family and friends. 


"You get the best out of others when you give the best of 
yourself."- Harry Firestone 

ACTIVITIES: Basketball 1,2 Softball 1-4 Captain 3,4 
SH SS MR KH AG; Rides w/ SD KH JD; Sox game w/ JE 
SD; Dirty-CP; Middleboro21 -1 ; Softball team-Semifinals 
99; You hit me -SD; Halfday @ EF; My driveway w/ SD 
JD; Soph. Eng; JO Softball; Jr Prom w/ MJ; T-giving wk 
97; 4/20/99; JG's fav!; Chillin @ JG's;/ SD's Party; R- 
blading w/ JB EF KH LF + SD. I love you Mom! Thanks 
Al. Good Luck Kim, Derek, Kyle + Allison. I love you 


"You gotta dance like no one's watching and love like it's 
never gonna hurt." 

FUTURE PLANS: To be happy and live life to the fullest. 
MEMORIES: Prom 99+00; Semi 99; PCC; Girls' State; 
JELL-O; Pigeons; "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" w/ Lyns- 
BFF; 4th of July; singing at Roche; talks w/ Steph B.; 
Special Thanks to LM, SB, SL, CK, PD, KT, BW, NL, CC, 
SP, SP and the rest of the crew- I'll never forget you, you 
all mean so much to me. To my family: Mom, Dad, 
Ashley and Niki - I love you guys. Lyns, Stef, Court, 
Peter, Kel,etc.-I made it, now it's yourturn! Always and 
forever, Meg 


Weezy Bird 

"I've come too far now to ever close my, eyes, made my 

mistakes and I wear no disguise, I speak my mind and let 

the rumors twist the world around. Some try so hard but 

never get me down. " 

FUTURE PLANS: Live life a day at a time and have as 

much fun along the way as possible! 

MEMORIES: Jr. Prom w/ BJM-26-99* every days a 

memory! Times w/ BJ, BA, KL, Cape w/ BJ- Don't ever 

change I love u just the way U R! Have U seen my cut 

lately?! Prom '97 w/ BL, Mom, Dad, John & Chris -no 

matter where we end up in life I'll always love you! 


"Ican'tdo what another person can do. Icanonlydo what 

I can do." -Robert Edwards 

ACTIVITIES: Football 1. 

FUTURE PLANS: To make it and be happy. 

MEMORIES: Friday nights w/ JS, SO. Times with JM, 

11 27. Causing trouble with AJ aka ND. SHS Semi with 

AJ. Paintball and riding in the pits with JS. Talks with AJ. 

Times with SP, 824. L.I.F.E. 

Thanks for all the fun times: RM AR JS JP GB DR MT JG 

CL KM JL KC CF MH BC BW and anyone else I may have 

missed. I'll see ya all later. 


ACTIVITIES: Field Hockey 12 3 4, Future Nurses 234. 
MEMORIES: My girls luvya, Hanging w/ AM MG MKAL 
My House, Demon AM NH, X-mas sleepovers, Russell, 
p -lines -BUSTED, UMB New Years, UMD w/ KL, 
Scavenger Hunt, Cruises w/ MK, Squirrels Peak, 
Camping, Homecoming, Sox Games, 'WWF, DQ w/ KD 
KM, vacations w/ AM, NH w/ MG BB KM, Jr Prom w/ KM, 
SM Fully loaded 99, Times w/ Kev-Thanks, KZ LOFT, FH 
Bus Rides, PG w/ AF AC HL MT JP TM, Thanks Mom + 
Dad, I love you, Thanks Grammy, Keri, don't follow my 
path!, Good Luck 2000! 



"Don't stop until you get enough. "-MJ 
ACTIVITES: FH 1 -3 Capt 4, BBall 1 -2 capt. 3, Softball 1 -3 
DAYTONA EMLSAK, New Yrs 98 the demon almost got 
me! Waynes; Kings; Rallyracer KLALAM; EY rockers; 
SM fully loaded ANGE LUV U! Loft; TB Shed; RN FUN 
BUT DUMB; AB "XTC" 007. Casin Ruckis w/ SN MDMA; 
missions w/ FH Girls-143; What just happened? 
TGHILDUBEEW! Wheres the party at? Halloween. 
Jenny-143 BFF; P-town! Mom, Dad luv you! Mathew 
enjoy. No Seriously, I'm out. 








• • 

a n 

a i 



o u z 


a i z 

150 East Bridgewater High School.. 

" A 

• • •JLlfter graduation Sunday, the Seniors will be 
gone. Then it will be up to you to carry on the traditions 
and uphold the integrity of East Bridgewater High School. 
We know that you'll come through and be the leaders of 
next year." 

-As said to the Junior Class every year 

As unlikely as it seems, the Underclassmen 

represent the future here at 
East 3ridgewater High School. 
Whether it be the scared tiny 
Freshmen, the stupefied and only 
less tiny Sophomores, or the 
overconfident but still kind of tiny 
Juniors, one thing is certain: 
without Underclassmen, there 
could be no Seniors. 

For the Freshmen, Senior 
year may seem eons away, but 
with all the time spent searching for the "Fourth Floor 
Pool," Sophomore year arrives before they know it. 

And what can we say about Sophomore year? 
Nothing. It's just like Freshmen year only taller. Or in the 
words of Sophomore Class President, Suzanne Ferrell- 
Locke, "One down, three to go!" 

Junior year signifies a period of Intense change 
and Introspection. Who better to speak on that than 
Junior Class President (and Fink Fower Kanqer) Jill 
Smith. "As a Junior, the future seems more like a reality, 
something almost in reach. What seems like an eternity 
has now become but a reflection on the past." We 
congratulate the Juniors on their hard work and 
dedication in the past three years and wish the best of 
luck to all Underclassmen. 

There is No Better Place to Learn. 151 

152 East Bridgewater High School... 

Arthur Illsley, Cathy Dennison 

JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS: Meghan Rosenberg, Vice President, 
Pamela DeAngelo, Treasurer, Jill Smith, President, Rachel 
Anderson, Secretary. 

THE CLASS OF 200 1 ! 

JUNIOR CLASS EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE:(Front to Back) Rachel Anderson, Meghan Rosenberg, Pamela DeAngelo, Jill Smith, 
(2nd row) Heather Driscoll, Kaity Corthell, Briis Wile, Jessica Zahka, Nicole Mauger, Karissa Carey, Sean Findlay, Eric Johnson, 
Matt Tobolski, Dan Gouthro, (3rd row) Kristin Daniels, Torie Snelgrove, Sara Johnson, Brighid Lynch, Kim Smalley, Joe Frost, 
Ed Perry, Ryan Clements, Tarah Martell, Ted Phillips, (4th row) Jessica Bernard, Stacey Sampson, Erin Sheppard, Nicole 
Tirone, Jessica Reale, Phil Perry, Heather Smith, Lindsay Mateiro, Lacey Loughlin, Kristina Clifford, (5th row) Erin Mondeau, 
Kristen Murphy, Erin Kenney, Danielle Morrissey, Lori Benecchi, Mikaela Anderson, Tom Hansbury, Maura Gardner, Michelle 
Roan, (6th row) Moriah Phillips, Heather Silva, Kaitlyn Sachetta, Kristen Kendrick, and Mark Lawler. 

There is No Better Place to Learn. 153 

With a President like Jill Smith you could never 
have a better class. The Junior Class is probably one of the 
most interesting classes ever to grace the halls of EBHS. 
The class executive committee has been extremely 
dedicated through its last three years. Led by its committed 
officers: Jill Smith, Pam DeAngelo, Rachel Anderson and 
Meg Rosenberg , the Class of 2001 has never failed to 
impress the entire school. This year the class had an 
extremely successful Homecoming celebration. Their skit, 
a take off of the Britney Spears video Crazy, was received 
with amorous applause. With their vibrantly decorated 

9{e?d in Line... 

Kim Allison 
Mikaela Anderson 
Rachel Anderson 
Robert Andrews 
Stacy Baker 
Catherine Belmore 
Lori Benecchi 

Renee Benyue 
Jessica Bernard 
Bradford Bishop 
Dennis Brooks 
Timothy Brown 
Grayson Burger 
Jared Burrell 

Sandra Butler 
Jeremy Cady 
Karissa Carey 
Jason Carlson 
Quincie Carney 
Roster Casey 
Diane Charette 

Benjamin Chase 
Shelley Chaves 
Kristin Clark 
Ryan Clements 
Krishna Clifford 
Jennifer Colby 
Jesse Conant 

Kaitlynn Corthell 
Michael Cowgill 
Derek Crowell 
Melissa Damon 
Seth Damon 
Kristin Daniels 
Rickv DaSilva 

154 East Bridgewater High School.. 

"Bridge" slash "Float" they took home the winning trophy, 
which Jill happily accepted! Another significant contribution 
from the junior class was "Open Mic Night". This tradition was 
started last year and with a significant amount of hard work, the 
juniors brought it back for another whirl. Overall the event 
turned out great, not only did it raise big bucks, but it gave the 
students of EBHS an opportunity to express themselves and see 
another side of their fellow classmates. The Junior Prom was held 
in May and turned out to be a magnificent success. The Class is 
ready to take on the task of leading the school next year. 

Pamela DeAngelo 
Kelly Delaney 
Jennifer Dennison 
Shawn Desmond 
Nichole Doolin 
Heather Driscoll 
Thomas Duquette 

Mark Ferioli 
Sean Findlay 
Cassie Fisher 
Lauren Folloni 
Michelle Fontes 
Joseph Frost 
Maura Gardner 

Emily Goode 
Joshua Goulston 
Daniel Gouthro 
Sarah Gregory-Barton 
Timothy Hanlon 
Thomas Hansbury 
Walter Hardy 

Michael Holbrook 
Kendra Holmes 
Shane Hynes 
Cole Jenness 
Eric Johnson 
Sara Johnson 
Daniel Joseph 

Daniel Joughin 
Luke Julius 
Stephan Karch 
Kristen Kendrick 
Erin Kenney 
Gary Kingman 
Mark Lawler 

There is No Better Place to Learn. 155 

Nicole Motte 
Kristin Murphy 
Casey O'Brien 
Alan O'Donnell 
Michelle O'Loughlin 
Steven O'Neil 
Edward Perry 

Phillip Perry 
John Phillips 
Moriah Phillips 
Alicia Prandi 
Joseph Pratt II 
Jessica Reale 
Austin Reno 

Gina Reynolds 
Adam Ricci 
Michelle Roan 
Meghan Rosenberg 
Robert Roxburgh 
Kaitlyn Sachetta 
Stacy Sampson 

156 East Bridgewater High School 

nmrMiaiini inn Ttrtntrw 

Adam Czolpinski 
Debra Duncan 
I Jason Ferreira 
j Michelle Hopkins 
Amy Lane 
I Sean Nichols 

Stephanie Safko 
Steven Samia 
Eric Schnell 
Melanie Seeley 
Michelle Whitney 
Daniel Yussup 

Nancy Wainor 
Kaleen Waters 
Brian White 
Briis Wile 

{Catherine Williams 
Matthew Wood 
Philip Woolf, Jr. 
Jessica ZahJka 

There is No Better Place to Learn. 157 


"~~ "•"" 

158 East Bridgewater High School... 


Jamil Siddiqui, Carolyn Barnes 

SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS: Holly Runnals, Treasurer, 
Deanne Aucoin, Secretary, Nicole Beddia, Vice President, 
Suzanne Ferrell-Locke, President 


SOPHOMORE CLASS EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE:(Front row) Holly Runnals, Suzanne Ferrell-Locke, Deanne Aucoin, Nicole 
Beddia, (2nd row) Morgan Duperey, Brianne Baird, Allison Smith, Rachel Pooler, Van Nguyen, Kara Joy, Angela Rotondo, 
Tracy Moore, (3rd row) Kelly Rindone, Megan Walden, Lauren McDermott, Kimberly Hill, Kendra Pickering, Alyce Poliatti, 
Michael Tupper, Jeff Kelley, (4th row) Laura Saya, Bridget Larkin, Evan Buckland, Mark Robillard, Dianne Chaves, Colleen 
Lynch, Jaime Tressel, Sara Moukalled, Angela Brown, (5th row) Angela Noon, Emily Simpson, Emily- Anne Patt, Katie- Anne 
Sands, Kylene Hacker, and Lauren Russo 

There is No Better Place to Learn. 159 

«r 9 

.■.■ .■■■■■m >~nrm*m 


I want you 

to join 

The Class of 2002 enjoyed the 1999-2000 school year. Playing 
the role of Commander-in-Chief was Suzanne Perrell-Locke. Hei 
second in command was none other than Nicole Beddia. Holly Runnalj 
was always there to keep track of the hoards of money that was bein^ 
raised and Deanne Aucoin did her best to keep track of who was doin£ 
what, and when they were doing it. Every Thursday afternoon the class 
movers and shakers could be found in the Art room thinking up new 
ideas, making snowflakes, or just sitting around being very loud 
Starting in the Summer of '99 the Executive Committee was hard a 
work planning fundraisers. Beginning with a record setting car wasl 

Jessica Akusis 
Courtney Alleman 
Michael Await 
Melissa Bailey 
Brianne Baird 
Lauren Bartell 
Steve Batti 
John Beach 

Nicole Beddia 
Stephan Bergeron 
Michael Bixler 
Jennifer Blushi 
Justin Bois 
Megan Bosworth 
DeAna Botta 

Ryan Broderick 
Richard Brophy 
Angela Brown 
Jason Brown 
Evangelyn Buckland 
Laura Buckley 
Michael Burke 
Christopher Cahill 

Nicholas Carey 
Kristen Chancholo 
Dianne Chaves 
Jennifer Chaves 
Ashlee Clifford 
Catherine Climo 
Daniel Coots 
James Coots Jr. 

Matthew Costello 
Jason Cox 
Susanne Dacey 
Alexander DeSerpa 
Tim Desmond 
Jonathan Dineen 
Jeremy Disbrow 
Katheryn Dodero 

160 East Bridgewater High School.. 


at the start of the summer, the Class of 2002 was off and running. 
Car washes, pin sales and grilled cheese sandwiches were some of 
the ideas that the Class of 2002 tried to turn into cash to help 
reduce the costs of running a class. From the beginning of the year 
:here was a push to get the class more organized. The Executive 
Committee formed a subcommittee that was given the task of 
writing a class constitution. The constitution was written and 
massed before the class and now stands as the definitive set of 
guidelines for the class Operations. In October, the Class of 2002 
Darticipated in the Homecoming Festivities by entering a float 

Robert Doherty 
Katie Donovan 
Justine Driscoll 
Morgan Duperey 
Jahna Estrella 
Charles Farrell 
Erin Feeney 
Suzanne Ferrell-Locke 

Shannon Foley 
Robert Fredricks 
Sara Gates 
Mathew Gayle 
Jennifer Gibson 
Lauren Goff 
Amanda Gormley 
Nate Gurney 

Kylene Hacker 
Christopher Hall 
Ashley Harris 
David Heeps 
Andrew Hetman 
Jonathan Hooker 
Leanne Johnson 
Kara Joy 

Jeffery Kelley 
Darrin Kelm 
John-Paul Kenn 
Brian King 
David Knight 
David LaFratta 
Bridget Larkin 
Joseph Lauzon Jr. 

Courtney Lawcewicz 
Criag Lawlor 
Cinthia Leedberg 
Salvatore Longo Jr. 
Dean Lucier 
Colleen Lynch 
Kristen MacDonald 
Paul Mann 

There is No Better Place to Learn. 161 


David Martorano 
Jennifer Masse 
Amanda McAuley 
Michael McCarthy 
Lauren McDermott 
Kristen McDermott 
Lauren McFarland 
Kristen McKinnon 

Rachel McManus 
Lauren Meagher 
Nicole Meighan 
David Messing 
Chester Miller III 
Allison Mitchell 
Eric Moberg 
Amanda Montuori 

Tracy Moore 
Julia Motte 
Sara Moukalled 
Lisa Nason 
Van Nguyen 
Daena Nicholson 
Ashley Niland 
Angela Noon 

Kerri O'Brien 
Crystal O'Loughlin 
Adam Oliveira 
Ryan Orcutt 
Tiffany Overstreet 
Emily-Anne Patt 
Jacob Perkins 
Kevin Perry 

Nicole Peters 
Lindsey Phillips 
Kendra Pickering 
Alyce Poliatti 
Gregory Pomfred 
Rachel Pooler 
Jacob Poulirt 
Marissa Poulos 

162 East Bridgewater High School... 

dipicting the history of the East Bridgewater 

Mascot. The float showed the evolution from 

the Warriors to the Easties (whatever they 

are?) to the mighty Vikings and beyond. 

During the month of December the Class ran a 

booth at Christmas on the Common and sold 

hot soup and grilled cheese sandwiches to the 

hungry crowds. Throughout the months of January and Feburary the Sophomores 

were hard at work with the members of the Senior Class preparing for the School 

Semi-Formal, "Winter Wonderland" . What seemed like thousands of snowflakes 

were created to make the high school cafeteria the "coolest" place to be on 

February 12, 2000. The Class of 2002: now it's "Two down, two to go." 



^^^^j B^^^^B 

^^0^^^k J^P^ ~* n| 

■ ■ i^'' '^B 

Hp^' ' ' k^^I 

14 /if 

V*.*^. 3 

■he 1 

^■mt^W rl 

Kenneth Almon Jr. 
Christine Amaral 
Shawn Anderson 
Dalphina Aucoin 
Sheena Barends 
Mattew Boyce 
Aaron Bush 
Richard Colburn 
Elizabeth A. Davis 
Elizabeth E. Davis 
Lindsay Forsyth 
Andrea Fortier 
Nicole Hanson 
Kimbery Hill 
David Lindstrom Jr. 

Scott Lockhart 
Peter McLaughlin 
Keri O'Brien 
Krystina Pawlyshyn 
Christopher Piana 
Ross Pratt 
Christopher Riley 
Joe Rodricks 
Ross Safko 
John Salvaggi 
Christopher Tomlinson 
Derek Volner 
Renne Wainor 
Christopher Watson 
Christopher White 

Matthew Poulus 
Jennifer Ramsay 
Kelly Rindone 
Mark Robillard 
Angela Rotondo 
Holly Runnals 
Lauren Russo 
Katie-Anne Sands 

Adam Sawyer 
Laura Saya 
Emily Simpson 
Caroline Singleton 
Allison Smith 
Megan Smith 
T.J. Smith 
Sally Sproule 

Jessica Thurston 
Jason Tigges 
Matthew Traylor 
Jaime Tressel 
Fredrick Tully 
Michael Tupper 
Benjamin Waddell 
Aimee Wagner 

Megan Walden 
Charles Wallace Jr. 
Michael Waugh 
Nicole Weljkovic 
Elizabeth Whitaker 
Keith White 
Matthew White 
Riley White 

Shawn White 
Jennifer Whitney 
Brittany Wile 
Amanda Williams 
Kaitlin Wood 
Joshua Wright 
Jessica Yurkins 
Charla Zarrella 

There is No Better Place to Learn. 163 


i — •niiTirirr—i-mnrrininiiTwmmiwunTTminnmimrTii 

164 East Bridgewater High School... 

Louis O'Rourke 

FRESHMEN CLASS OFFICERS: Bethaney Ortenzi, Secretary, 
Abby Haines, President, Ari Wile, Vice President, Lara Batti, 
Treasurer . 


There is No Better Place to Learn. 165 


"•" "~ "■--■— ■■~--™-"-'-»»~-~"— ""»»■'— ~"°-—^ 

"Everybody wants to be like the class of 2003!" Well, maybe not 
everybody, but those fortunate enough to be members of the 
incredible group this year were led by a strong President, Abigail 
Haines, as well as the newest member of the faculty, Mr. O'Rourke. 
Beginning the year with the Homecoming pep rally, the insecure 
upperclassmen felt the need to boo us, and let's just say that we felt 
terribly lucky to be greeted with such a warm welcome at East 
Bridgewater High School. The next day, the class of 2003 participated 
in the Homecoming parade by making a float depicting a young 
child walking into the high school and strolling out as a Senior in a 
graduation cap and gown. 

In gathering together for the Freshmen dinner, we 
experienced quite a change in the usual manner with which the 

One dozvn... 

Jillian Almon 
Matthew Amaral 
Jamie Ambach 
Megan Atherton 
Jason Baldeck 
John Barends 
Micheal Barends 

Lara Batti 
Sean Benner 
Christopher Berretta 
Jessica Bishop 
Brianna Bodio 
Alam Bolduc 
Daniel Bombardier 

Merry Bosworth 
Noelle Boudreau 
Paul Bozoian 
Robert Brack 
Alia Braley 
Shayna Braley 
Danielle Brasill 

Micheal Brigham 
Christine Brooks 
Kelsey Brooks 
Micheal Brooks 
Matthew Brown 
Sara Cahill 
Kevin Carrigan 

Kristina Carrigan 
Jamie Cepero 
Michele Chartier 
Jason Chaves 
Caitlin Clifford 
Mark Climo 
Allison Cobb 

166 East Bridgewater High School.. 

upperclassmen tended to treat us. We watched in awe as they 
waited on us hand and foot. The upperclassmen quickly put an end 
to the illusion, however, when they promised, "We're not ever 
going to serve you again, so you had better enjoy it while it lasts!" 
In December, we sold cookies at Christmas on the common. 
After finishing the day with only 50 dollars in profit, we realized 
that cookies were not going to pay for our proms. For this reason, 
we decided that we would be better off to keep raising money. In 
order to further this goal, we held the greatly successful student vs. 
faculty basketball game, which helped us not only to raise money, 
but to leave an enduring mark on the school. All in all, we've had 
a great year, but nonetheless, we are looking forward to next year, 
when we will no longer be the Freshmen. 

Three more years 
of this togoll 

Catherine Connolly 
Ryan Coots 
Ryan Coyne 
Brendan Craig 
Traci Croker 
Brian Curley 
Steven Curtis 

Mark Czolpinski 
Steven D'Agostino 
Tammy D'Antuono 
Meghan Damiano 
Joshua Davis 
Kimberly DeAngelo 
Daniel DeChristopher 

Matthew Delaney 
Jennifer Dineen 
Ryan Doolin 
Brett Dungan 
Cassandra Dustin 
Joseph Elsmore 
Christopher Feterowski 

Kathryn Findlay 
Adam Finlay 
Joseph Fiorini 
Sumner Flynn 
Paul Folloni 
Stacey Fontes 
James Gambee 

Sherry Gannon 
William Gilbert 
Ryan Gilbertson 
Alicia Girard 
Justin Gluck 
Jennifer Goulston 
Joseph Gouthro 

There is No Better Place to Learn. 167 

iwffwm»iniiir fmftiirrT iri ift i «"^ ft ngi iii» i iiii ii i iiu m i m 


Gregory Hill 
Amy Hood 
Rebecca Horan 
Amanda Johnson 
Peter Judge 
John Keith 
Matthew Kelly 

David Kendrick 
Kurt Kisielius 
Michael Knight 
Caren Lamb 
Patrick Lawlor 
Gordon Lawson III 
Joseph Layou, Jr. 

Joseph Leahy 
Leanne LeBlanc 
Gina Leighton 
Kristopher Lewis 
Joshua Libby 
Timothy Loughlin 
Michael Lounge 

Bonnie Lundgren 
Julie Lynch 
Kori MacDonald 
Richard MacDonald 
Ryan MacLeod 
Steven Maloney 
Matthew Mauger 

168 East Bridgewater High School.. 

Krintin Morrissey 
Robin Morse 
Paul O'Donnell, Jr. 
Joshua O' Kelly 
Kathleen O'Loughlin 
Brendan O'Neil 
Richard Orcutt 

Bethany Ortenzi 
Richard Owens 
Sonya Pawlyshyn 
Callum Pearson 
Laura Peterson 
Meghan Phillips 
Nathan Phillips 

Jason Pierce 
Ashley Puopolo 
Michael Randall 
Kerriann Realini 
Erika Reichert 
Theresa Reiley 
Kenneth Rettman 

There is No Better Place to Learn. 169 



"They're, so Ottte!" 

Senior Htyan Morey 

Matthew Ribeiro 
Melanie Ribeiro 
Emily Rice 
William Rich, Jr. 
Amanda Richard 
Kaelee Richardson 
Sean Riley 

Leanne Ring 
Michael Roan 
Samantha Robertson 
Nicole Rossier 
John Rossman 
Brian Sheppard 
Dennis Sheppard 

Lauren Sheppard 
Geoffrey Smith 
Daniel Spector 
Kathrine Sweeney 
James Tevlin 
Daryl Thomas 
Phyllis Tuitt 

Aphroditi Vallas 
Andrew Wagner 
Emily Whitaker 
Christopher Whiteman 
Ari Wile 
Haley Wile 
Craig Williams 

Nicholas Williams 
Jonathan Wood 
Michael Zewiey 
Matthew Zimmerman 

Freshmen not photographed: 

Chris Barton 
Carl Berens 
Allan Comeau 
Jodi DeCourcy 
Jacalyn McColgan 
Jack McCroken 
Jared Philbrick 

Daniel Schwemin 

Shain Shaw 

Charlie Shawles 

Heather Swanson 

Eric Wise 

Jared Wolfe 

Michael Gunderway-O'Cormor 

170 East Bridgewater High School 

• • • 

a n 


o n 




o u x m l n 


172 East Bridgewater High School... 


cademics not only prepare you for 
further education, but also guarantee you 
success in your future." 

-Ms. Hegarty 

So you must be wondering, "The Academic Section, 
what could possibly be interesting and worth looking at in 
the Academics Section?" Well, if you do not look, you'll be 

missing out on some of the best 

pages in the book. Anyone that has 

gone through the EBHS education 

program knows that there is a lot of 

effort put into the success of the 

students. Forthe students who take 

theiracademic success seriously, it 

is believed that coming from our high 

school they are well-equipped to 

continuea highereducation or enter 

the work force. No matter what level a student is, whether 

he or she is taking derivatives in calculus class or learning 

about the tragedies of Shakespeare, East E3ridgewater 

provides a strong education for anyone who is willing to put 

in the effort. 

Often, the clubs and classes that are an integral 
part of the school are not given the attention they deserve. 
Therefore, Academics is devoted to recognizing the many 
accomplishments ofthejournalism publications, the student 
government organizations and an impressive program called 
My Turn. Asyou can see the Academic section features some 
of the best and the brightest at EE3HS and that the 
organizations are a respectable and Important part of our 
school. Many of our students have gone on to outstanding 
colleges and had great success In the world as a result of 
their East E3ridgewater education. With a strong sense of 
academic pride and respect, East Drldgewater High School 
proves that scholarship is a truly divine trait. 

There is No Better Place to Learn. 173 


fflffflifmnimmwiiw HMiMiii«mff"*""'"-'"~ 


My Turn 

The MY TURN experience for 
participants this year has been 
exciting, challenging, and 
rewarding. The exceptional 
students who were selected for MY 
TURN benefited from an enhanced 
academic experience through a 
variety of activities in and out of 
the classroom. In the classroom, 
lessons and activities focused on 
self awareness, substance abuse 
prevention, community service, 
public speaking, conflict 
resolution, and career exploration. 
Through the Guest Speaker series, 
students learned about the 
importance of time management, 
decision making, and goal setting. 
At the MY TURN orientation at the 
John F. Kennedy Library and 
Museum in Boston, the students 
learned about leadership and the 
impact they can make on their own 
community. As guests of the Boston 
Parks and Recreation Department, 
the students enjoyed a holiday skate 
at the Frog Pond in Boston Common 
to reward them for their 
achievements. Project Youth at the 
Massachusetts Correctional Facility 
in Norfolk gave students and 
opportunity to learn about what can 
occur as a result of poor decision 
making and substance abuse. 
Students listened to the stories of 
the inmates who were 16-20 years 
old and were serving sentences that 
ranged from 25 years to life. The 
annual Recognition Ceremony was 
a wonderful evening that the 
students shared with Dr. Riordan, 
Mr. Kelly, Mr. Fairfield, faculty, 
and parents. MY TURN'S Career 
Development Conference challenged 
students to demonstrate the skills 
they have developed throughout the 
year and was one of the two big 
highlights for the students. The 
second highlight that students 
eagerly anticipated was a 
Whitewater rafting trip where 
students worked as a team while 
they were being challenged 
individually. The students in MY 
TURN had an outstanding year 
where they were able to enjoy 
academic and personal enrichment 

174 East Bridgewater High School 

The Student Advisory Councils 

to the Principal & School Committee are 

the voice of the students at EBHS. The 

five representatives, of the Student 

Advisory Council to the School 

Committee, meet at the weekly school 

committee meetings. Kirsten Johnson, 

Steven Moore, Jill Smith, Justin Hastings, 

and Pam DeAngelo are the five students 

voted to represent the student body. They 

attend meetings with the faculty and 

administration here at the high school 

and help to give the students perspective 

on current issues of EBHS. The 

representatives take the information 

discussed at the Student 

Advisory Council to the Council 

to the Principal. This group of 

students take the information 

from the other Committee and 

incorporate it at the meetings 

with Principal Kelly. These 

students work with the Principal 

to directly provide the faculty 

with students' voices. Because 

they are directly elected to their 

positions, all the students are 

trusted with this important task. 

By providing the faculty, school 

committee, & the community 

with the opinions, ideas and 

voice of the student body, both 

the Student Advisory Councils 

help create a harmonious 

environment for everyone in East 


A compilation of short 

stories, poetry, and non 

fiction works of literature, 

the Viking Saga is a 

tradition at EBHS. Every 

year the Creative Writing 

class works to publish this 

piece each June. With the 

help of advisor, Mr.Dunphy, 

the Viking Saga has become 

a well respected publication 

througout the school and 

community. This year 

Seniors Stephanie Patt and 

Meg Weljkovic are the 


The Viking Saga 


Front Row: Craig Burley, Sarah Gates, Nicole Weljkovic, Kaitlin 
• Volner, Liz Varela, Sharrel Paul, Noel Flynn, Stephanie Patt, Meg 
J- Weljkovic, Caitlin Colombo. Back Row: Josh Lagerval, Rob 
|i" Chamberlain, Casey O'Brien, Gregg Hill, Lyndsay Signorl, Katie 
^J, Hartman, Laura DeSerpa, Amanda Collins, Justin Hastings, Chris 
«* " Palmquist, and Mr.Dunphy. 

Each year two students from every school are elected to the Regional Student 
Advisory Council (RSAC), this years representatives are Nicole Gill and Doug Colburn. 
At RSAC two cochairs, a recorder, and eight delegates are elected and are sent to the 
State Student Advisory Council (SSAC), Nicole Gill is one of the elected State 
Representatives also. The state council then elects a vice chair and a chair. The chair 
then becomes a voting member on the board of education. Both the RSAC and SSAC 
meets once a month. 

This year both SSAC and RSAC split 
into three subcommittees who work 
separately. In RSAC outreach worked on 
making a packet to get students aware of 
SAC and their rights as students. The school 
issues worked on a recommended 
attendance policy and the violence (social 
climate) also worked on a packet. In SSAC 
the outreach committee broke into two 
groups and worked on getting SAC in 
schools and also getting SAC known. The 
legislative committee is working on getting 
their teacher evaluation bill passed. The 
issues committee is working on MCAS and 
violence issues. The main goal of SAC is to 
represent students on the Board of Education 
and to stand up for their rights. 

The Viking Voice 

Each semester a group 

of students work 

together to give the 

school and the 

community, a 

masterful literary 

accomplishment, the 

school newpaper. 

Mr.Cronin, the acting 

advisor, guides each 

group of students 

through the 

publication process to 

make the Viking Voice 

an extremely 

Marik Fiero, Matt Singleton, Kevin Dixon, Chris Palmquist. Back Row: Torie Snelgrove, FrontRow:ColleenLynch,KristinClark,JasonPalmquist,Stephanie cicrnif irant nart of 
k. Lindsav Mateiro.Emilv Ann Patt. Briannc Baird. Derek Volner. Megan Walden. Kirsten Bodio. Second Row: Amv McCormack. Marissa Rindone, Lauren 5 r 

irk, Lindsay Mateiro,Emily Ann Patt, Briannc Baird, Derek Volner, Megan Walden, Kirsten Bodio. Second Row: Amy McCormack, Marissa Rindone, Lauren 
.ob Andrews,Lauren Joy, Amy Roshinski, Marissa Rindone, Mr. Cronin, Stephanie Bodio, Joy, Susan Porier. Back Row: Dave Capuzzo, Kathy Lynch, Josh 
er, Lauren Ferbert Laeerval. Mr. Cronin 





^^r " ■ ■ ■ 


■UHMnraBB 1 


The problem with today's society is the inadequate participation of our youth in the political system of our 
country. Many young people are complaining about the corruption of our political system, but few do anything to 
change it. This past summer, six boys and thirteen girlsfrom East Bridgewater High School had their chance to show 
what they thought of politics in this country. These nineteen students spent one week of their late summer 1 
participating in a program of political studies at Stonehill College for the boys and Mount Holyoke for the girls. The 
program is meant to bring togetheryoung adults and to teach them how the government works. The students spent: 
the week living on the campus and joining in various activities through the day. Over three hundred local area students • 
were involved with the program. The students were divided into municipalities and were expected to carry out the 
duties as if they were real. Students had the chance to learn how government operates and also to be a part of it, , 
either by working on a committee or running for off ice. The boys had the chance to work in appointed as well as elected I 
positions. All and all, Boy's State was an experience that was enjoyable for the boys who attended and an experience 
that should be had by all. Both educational and fun, Boy's State was an excellent learning experience for those who 
attended and an excellent opportunity for the boys. As for Girl's State, well that's a whole different matter. 


s^ \* 





m^ : 1 «jptf 




Justin Hastings, Steve Moore, Chris Palmquist, 
Marik Fiero, Doug Colburn, Chris Richard 

176 East Bridgewater High School 

Lyndsay Signori, Nicole Gill, Susan Poirier, 
Stephanie Bodio, Lauren Joy, Erin Maloney, 
Kirsten Johnson, Angela Lawson, Amy Smollett, 
Meg Welikovic, Stephanie Patt, Jessica Gammons 

firJil N 

issf fjKtj 253 Brag* 

irvSmS'K^S 1 I ... 

S^EfKK«T«WW? , Wr ■'"'.'I J2 


EgyptAir Flight 990 crashes into the Atlantic 
Ocean on October 31, killing all 217 people 
on board. Although suspicious actions of a 
pilot are under scrutiny by American and 
Egyptian officials, the cause of the crash 
remains a mystery. 

_^^_ On October 12, the world's official population 
^r hits 6 billion. The designated 6 billionth human 
is a baby boy born in Sarajevo. 

As part of Rome's continuing restoration, the 
city unveils a plan to create an 18,000-square-yard 
rambling space connecting the Imperial Forums 
with the Roman Forum. 

In September, 
more than 

3 Japanese 
are checked 
for radiation 
exposure after 
an inadvertent 
nuclear reaction 
at a uranium 
processing plant. 

Y elected Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and 
his government after Sharif announces the 
removal of his powerful military chief, General 
Pervaiz Musharraf. 

Nearly a million ethnic Albanians flee Yugoslavia 
and thousands are killed after Serbs begin a 
violent ethnic cleansing campaign in 1998. 
Seventy-eight days of NATO bombing bring the 
war to an end in June. An international tribunal 
later charges Yugoslav President Slobodan 
Milosevic with crimes against humanity. 


In a violent October coup, gunmen storm 
the Armenian Parliament and assassinate 
Prime Minister Vazgen Sarkisian and six 
other top officials. 

Britain's Prince Edward marries 
longtime girlfriend Sophie Rhys- Jones 
on June 19. 

Cuban Elian Gonzalez, 6, becomes 
the center of a bitter citizenship 
debate after surviving a November 
boat wreck off the Florida coast in 
which his mother dies. 


in India, two trains collide head-on in August, 
■ killing 285 people and injuring more than 300. 
It is one of the worst train disasters in the 
country's history. 

Leonardo da Vinci's "The Last Supper" is 
unveiled in June after 21 years of restoration. 
The centimeter-by-centimeter rehabilitation 
cost $7.7 million and involved 
electronic microscopes. 

In September, Russia begins a military campaign 
against Chechen nationalists to regain control of 
the breakaway republic. More than 200,000 people 
flee the region, but a fierce rebel resistance 
stays to fight for control of the capital, Grozny. 

In June, Thabo Mbeki succeeds President Nelson 
Mandela, South Africa's first democratically 
elected president. 

After almost nine years in power, Russian President 
Boris Yeltsin announces his resignation in January 
2000. Yeltsin names Prime Minister Vladimir Putin 
acting president pending elections in March. 

In September and October, powerful earthquakes 
strike around the globe, killing 15,000 people in 
Turkey, 1,450 in Taiwan and at least 122 in Greece. 


On December 31, the U.S. returns control of 
the Panama Canal to Panama. Opened to the 
world in 1914, the canal is considered one of 
the greatest construction achievements in 
American history. 

A tropical depression producing heavy 
rain hits Mexico in November. The 
resulting floods kill more than 350 
people and cause 100,000 to evacuate. 

In August, the U.S. pays $4.5 million to 
victims of NATO's accidental bombing 
of the Chinese embassy in Belgrade. 
Three Chinese are killed and 27 are 
wounded in the May 1999 bombing. 


excavate 105 
mummies in a 
Egyptian tomb 
believed to contain 
a total of 10,000 
mummies. The 
necropolis will shed 
new light on the 
Greco-Roman era 
and will allow 
scholars to chart 
demographic data 
and the incidence 
of disease. 

In December, torrential rains cause Venezuela's 
worst natural disaster of the century. Mudslides 
and flash floods kill up to 30,000 people, while 
damage estimates run into the billions of dollars. 

_^_ Cartoonist Charles M. Schulz retires in January 
y 2000, bringing an end to PEANUTS, America's 
most popular comic strip for almost 50 years. 
Schulz dies in February, the night before his last 
strip runs in the national newspapers. 

As a way to boost tourism, Chicago displays 
301 life-size, fiberglass cows decorated by local 
artists. The public art exhibit lasts all summer 
until the cows are auctioned for charity. 

In July, John F. Kennedy Jr., 38, his wife, Carolyn 
Bessette Kennedy, 33, and her sister, Lauren 
Bessette, 34, die in an airplane crash in the 
Atlantic Ocean near Martha's Vineyard. Kennedy, 
a relatively inexperienced pilot, is believed to 
have become disoriented in heavy fog. 

Hurricane Floyd 
strikes the East 
Coast in September, 
killing 51 people and 
destroying over 
4,000 homes. North 
Carolina is hardest 
hit with total damages 
estimated at a record 
$6 billion. 

The drought of 1999 causes severe damage to 
Northeastern and mid-Atlantic farms. Several 
states impose mandatory water use restrictions 
and emergency federal loans are made available 
in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Ohio, Virginia 
and West Virginia. 

Lewis and Clark's Native 
American guide Sacagawea 
is featured on a new 
gold-colored dollar coin 
released into circulation 
in early 2000. 

Beginning in 1999, the U.S. Mint 
releases specially designed 
state quarters, the First 
Five representing 
Georgia, Delaware, 
Pennsylvania and 
New Jersey. By 2 
each state will have 
its own quarter. 


A President Clinton announces the removal of 
~^&- the American bald eagle from the endangered 
species list. In 1999, there are over 5,800 
breeding pairs, an increase from 417 in 1963. 

In August, a rare tornado strikes 
downtown Salt Lake City. Winds up 
to 112 miles per hour make it Utah's 
second-worst tornado in history. 

In July, Air Force Colonel Eileen 
Collins, 42, becomes the first 
woman to command a U.S. space 
shuttle mission. 


In November, a 60-foot log tower collapses at 
■ Texas A&M University, killing 12 students and 
injuring 27. The tower was to be burned at a 
traditional bonfire pep rally. 

On April 20, 1999, the nation mourns after two 
students go on a shooting rampage at Columbine 
High School in Colorado, wounding 23 and killing 
15, including themselves. Schools across the 
country take extensive security measures to 
ensure the safety of students and staff. 

_^_ In an effort to ease the burden on the traditional 
* courts, most states now offer teen court for 

juvenile offenders. After determining guilt, a jury of 
teens along with a judge decides the sentence, 
typically community service and financial restitution. 

In November, protesters at the World Trade 
' Organization (WTO) summit in Seattle provoke a 
show of force by local, state and federal officers. 
Protesters blame the WTO for eroding human 
rights and labor and environmental standards. 

In August, a female panda is born at the San 
Diego Zoo. Hua Mei, which can mean "China USA" 
or "Splendid Beauty," is the first panda born in 
the Western Hemisphere in nearly a decade. 

How's wiV » __..« 

~^P~ toll-free number to report reckless driving. 
Officials hope the system will help parents stay 
informed about their teenagers' driving habits. 

30 years 
of official denial, 
in December a 
jury finds the 
assassination of 
Reverend Martin 
Luther King Jr. 
was the result 
of a conspiracy, 
not the act of a 
lone gunman. 

An epidemic of rampage 

shootings intensifies America's growing concern 
over gun control. Many state legislatures pass new 
gun-control measures despite nationwide controversy 
over restrictions vs. Second Amendment rights. 


© Flip Schulke/Corbis 

In the first such admission by a cigarette 
manufacturer, Philip Morris publicly 
concedes tobacco is addictive and can 
cause serious diseases. 

Hillary Clinton announces her candidacy 
for a U.S. Senate seat from New York. 
As law requires, Clinton establishes New 
York residency in suburban Chappaqua. 


In September, Microsoft Corp. Chairman Bill Gates 
and his wife Melinda announce the creation of the 
Gates Millennium Scholars Program. The Gateses 
will donate $1 billion over the next 20 years to 
finance scholarships for minority college students. 

FEELit technology allows users to experience 
computer technology through their mouse. Users 
can "feel" buttons, text, the weight of a stuffed 
desktop folder and the groove of a scroll bar. 

_^_ Fifteen-year-old Amber Ramirez undergoes surgery 
Y in which half of her brain is removed to stop the 
spread of a rare neurological disease. Doctors 
hope the remaining portion of Ramirez's brain will 
compensate for the removed tissue. 

In August, NASA releases photos from the Chandra 
' X-ray orbiting telescope of a hot cloud of gas from a 
star that exploded more than three centuries ago. 
The telescope took 23 years and $1 billion to develop, f 


The Java Ring contains a computer chip providing 
electronic access into buildings for students. 
Eventually the ring could be used as a library card, 
digital wallet, electronic ID and authentication for 
students' online homework. 

The body of a 23,000-year-old woolly mammoth is 
discovered in October frozen in the Russian tundra. 
Study of the preserved fur, organs and soft tissue 
could unlock the mystery of why the species died out 


A In August, U.S. surgeons begin using computer- 
"^P" enhanced robotic technology for heart bypass 
surgery. Because the chest cavity is never 
opened, this technique reduces pain and 
shortens recovery time. 

Researchers announce in July the 
creation of a cancerous human cell by 
genetically altering a normal one. This 
significant breakthrough is an important 
step toward developing drugs that could 
potentially wipe out cancer. 

In December, IBM announces a $100 
million research initiative to build a 
supercomputer 500 times more 
powerful than current models. 



On August 11, the last total solar eclipse of 
the millennium crosses the globe. Thousands 
of people from Canada to India experience 
daytime darkness during which the moon 
completely covers the sun. 

The jawbones of two kangaroo-sized dinosaurs 
are discovered in Madagascar in October. Dated 
to the early Triassic period, 230 million years 
ago, the bones could be the oldest dinosaur 
fossils ever found. 

Parents, with help from their doctor, select 
■ the gender of their baby using a technique 
called MicroSort, which separates X-bearing 
(female-determining) and Y-bearing 
(male-determining) sperm. The success 
rate is about 92 percent for females and 
69 percent for males. 


Researchers report they have successfully 
altered the learning and memory behavior of 
mice by inserting a gene into their brains. 
This genetic-engineering breakthrough may be 
helpful in treating human learning disorders 
and Alzheimer's disease. 

A new board game, 

Infection, hits stores in July. 

Fun and educational, players race around the board 

catching diseases, described in detail, and trying to 

be cured. 

x In October, Sea Launch Company, a multi-national 
*%$ consortium, launches the first commercial satellite 
into space from a floating platform in the Pacific 
Ocean. Boeing is a major partner in the venture, 
along with companies in Russia, Ukraine and Norway. 

In October, 
biologists isolate 
one of the 
enzymes that 
sets Alzheimer's 
disease in motion. 
This scientific 
discovery will 
lead to new 
treatments and, 
possibly, a cure. 
Over 4 million 
including former 
President Ronald 
Reagan, are living 
with the disease. 


In June, scientists announce the 
creation of two new elements. The 
nucleus of new, super-heavy element 
118 decays into element 116 within 
a millisecond. 

Scientists studying Albert Einstein's 
preserved brain report it has unique 
characteristics. The region governing 
mathematical ability and spatial 
reasoning is significantly larger 
than normal. 

A To mark the 30th anniversary of the first moon 
-^p- landing, astronaut Neil Armstrong's lunar 

footprint is featured on a 1999 postage stamp. 


The fashion accessory of 1999 goes by many 
names-power beads, mood beads and prayer 
beads. Many sellers claim the beads boost 
tranquility, energy, creativity and intelligence. 

Cosmetic companies increasingly use 
■ entertainment celebrities instead of models for 
their advertisements. Sarah Michelle Cellar, 
Jennifer Love Hewitt, Jennifer Lopez and Shania 
Twain are among the celebs who appear in ads. 

Ian Spanier 

With the huge 
increase in cell 
phones, many 
cities enact laws 
restricting their 
use while driving. 
Restaurants and 
theaters are also 
requiring patrons 
to turn phones 
off as a courtesy 
to others. 





In August, a Levi Strauss & Co. megastore opens 
" in San Francisco. The store features a hot tub 
where shoppers can soak in their jeans for the 
perfect fit and a computer-scanning system to 
help customers get the right size. 


In December, Honda introduces Insight, 
a car that combines a conventional 
gasoline engine with a small electric 
motor, decreases ozone and carbon 
dioxide emissions and gets 80 mpg. 

Several companies offer "digital wallets" 
for teens who want to shop online 
but don't have credit cards. Parents 
deposit money into an online account; 
then teens can spend the money at 
designated Web sites. 

Airlines begin installing elaborate in-flight 
entertainment systems that allow passengers 
to watch movies, play computer games, listen to 
music, read headlines or browse the Internet. 

A continuation of the 
cargo pants trend, 
messenger bags with 
pockets galore hang 
at the hips of teens 

A Apple Computer introduces its new iBook laptop 
_4 (|P" in September. The super-slim, neon-colored 
units follow the highly successful launch of the 
translucent iMac desktop. 

A new line of scented candles called Aromapharmacy 
- comes in amber glass containers and looks like 
prescription drug bottles with creative names such 
as Ritalert, Cramprin and Valiumello. 

Wireless Web access becomes a reality in 
' September when Sprint PCS announces the 
first nationwide wireless data service. Shortly 
thereafter, several other providers debut similar 
service for hand-held Web phones. 

A Magellan, a satellite navigation system for 
~W^~ motorists, offers complete U.S. mapping data, 
voice and visual instructions in seven languages, 
turn-by-turn directions and a library of points 
of interest. 

Shawls and wraps 
show up everywhere 
in the fashion 
world. Hollywood 
celebrities like 
Salma Hayek sport 
the fashion trend 
in all colors 
and fabrics. 

Inline skaters can now power themselves along 
with the new Roller Cycle Personal Power 
Accelerator featuring a 1.5-hp-driven wheel. An 
optional spiked rubber tire for traction makes it 
also possible to use while cross-country skiing. 

A Gap TV 


for vests starts a trend across 

America that has teenagers wearing 

the fashionable sleeveless jackets. 

X Several rappers start their own clothing lines 
*Y making hip-hop wear big business. Popular 
artist labels include FUBU, Roc-A-Wear, Phat 
Farm, Wu Wear, Sean John and X-Large. 

Stretchy nylon 
jewelry that looks 
like skin tattoos 
is a big hit in 1999. 
The nylon bands 
are worn around 
necks, wrists, 
arms and ankles, 
and come in 
several colors. 


Teenagers need an average of nine 
hours and 15 minutes of sleep a night, 
according to research at Brown 
University's Bradley Hospital. The study 
also shows a direct correlation between 
school grades and duration of sleep. 

An influx of dot-com companies 
advertise on television. Ads during the 
Super Bowl sell for an average of $2.2 
million per 30-second commercial. 

A growing number of U.S. school cafeterias offer 
pruneburgers, a healthy low-fat combination 
of hamburger and prune puree. Other prune 
items in the works include hot dogs, pizza sauce, 
barbecue sauce and gingerbread cookies. 


Video game fans snap up a record 15,000 copies 
of Sega's highly anticipated Dreamcast system in 
the first 24 hours after its launch in September. 

The Sixth Sense with Bruce Willis and Haley 
Joel Osment is the No. 1 box office hit for five 
consecutive weekends in the summer. 

The Blair Witch Project, the year's surprise movie 
hit, is the documentary-style footage of three 
students lost in the Maryland woods and 
threatened by the presumed Blair Witch. The film 
costs $100,000 to make and grosses $140 million. 


Jennifer Love Hewitt leaves "Party of Five" to star in 
her own Fox television drama, "Time of Your Life." 
The show focuses on Hewitt's character trying 
to make it in New York while searching for her 
biological father. 

Tom Hanks and Tim Allen return as the 
voices of Woody and Buzz Lightyear 
in the animated feature Toy Story 2. 
The sequel breaks box-office records 
during its Thanksgiving release and 
wins a Golden Globe award. 

In a botched stunt, WWF wrestler Owen 
Hart falls from the rafters at Kemper 
Arena and dies in front of 16,300 fans. 


ABC's summer fill-in quiz show "Who Wants 
to Be a Millionaire," with host Regis Philbin, 
returns in November and is a huge hit with 
viewers. By January 2000, several major networks 
launch quiz shows of their own. 


^ Launched in January 1999, MTVs "The Tom Green 
'y Show" becomes one of the season's most popular 
shows. The Canadian host's bizarre man-on-the- 
street pranks are the show's main attraction. 

In June, Mike Myers' sequel Austin Powers: The 
Spy Who Shagged Me proves to be a bigger hit 
than the 1997 original. Dr. Evil's alter ego Mini-Me 
is extremely popular even though he has no lines. 


In December, 
actor Jim Carrey 
portrays zany 
comedian Andy 
Kaufman in Man 
on the Moon. 
Carrey wins a 
Golden Globe 
award for his 

American Beauty, starring Kevin Spacey, Annette 
Bening and Thora Birch, captures the Golden 
Globe Best Drama Award. The dark satire of 
suburbia and family dysfunction receives a total 
of six Golden Globe nominations. 

The new arcade game Guitar Freaks features 
■ two guitar controllers and a screen to help 
players follow along to popular songs. 

Set in 1980, the critically acclaimed NBC 
show "Freaks and Geeks" follows two groups 
of teens trying to make their way through 
high school. 

The long-awaited prequei Star Wars: Episode I The 
Phantom Menace hits theaters in May 1999, taking 
in a record-breaking $28.5 million on its opening 
day and going on to gross more than $420 million. 


A In September, the New Roc City entertainment 
"flp" center opens in New York. The complex includes 
an amusement park ride on the roof, two skating 
rinks, 19 movie screens, restaurants, an arcade, a 
health club, a supermarket and a hotel. 

Michael J. Fox announces in January 
2000 he will leave the popular ABC 
sitcom "Spin City" at the end of the 
season to promote awareness of 
Parkinson's disease in hopes of 
finding a cure. 

After 10 seasons, Fox cancels the 
hit show "Beverly Hills, 90210." The 
show followed characters through 
high school, college and careers. 


Medusa, the 
world's first 
floorless roller 
coaster, opens 
in August at Six 
Flags Great 
Adventure in 
New Jersey. 
The 4,000-foot, 
ride has enough 
drops, loops, 
rolls and 
to thrill 
every rider. 

Six Flags Great Advent 

The Talented Mr Ripley, starring Matt Damon, 
Gwyneth Paltrow, Jude Law and Cate Blanchett, 
opens in December and earns popular and 
critical praise. 

U.S. sales of music by Latin artists shoot up 
48 percent in the first quarter of 1999 thanks 
to artists such as Ricky Martin, Jennifer Lopez, 
Enrique Iglesias and Marc Anthony. 

Superstar Mariah Carey releases Rainbow in 
November and begins a world tour in February 
2000. Carey is named Billboard Music Awards Artist 
of the Decade and is awarded the distinguished 
American Music Award of Achievement. 

A Computer games feature big music stars on 
-^~ their soundtracks. Sheryl Crow contributes her 
talent to the Tomorrow Never Dies soundtrack, 
Metallica to Hot Wheels Turbo Racing and 
Naughty by Nature to NBA Live 2000. 

Backstreet Boys' Millennium wins the Billboard 
" Music Awards Album of the Year and becomes 
the best-selling album of the year with over 10 
million copies sold. 

Lou Bega's 
rhythmic "Mambo 
No. 5" hits the 
Top 40 in August 
after selling 2 
million copies 
overseas and 
topping the chart 
in 15 countries. 

_^_ "NetAid,"a concert dedicated to relieve hunger 
^ and poverty, airs live in October on MTV, VH1, 
the BBC, as well as radio stations in 120 
nations, making it the widest-heard musical 
performance in history. 

In a strange twist, Garth Brooks releases the album 
The Life of Chris Gaines in which he pretends to 
be a fictional rock star. Gaines will be the main 
character in a movie called The Lamb, currently 
in development. 

Shania Twain becomes 
the first woman since 
1986 to win the Country 
Music Association's 
Entertainer of the Year 
Award at the 33rd annual 
awards show. 

MP3, technology 

that compresses sound into a very small 
file, becomes a popular alternative to 
the CD. MP3 files are downloaded from 
the Internet onto computers or portable 
player units, making it possible to take 
a personal music selection anywhere. 


AI'WkIl- WurM Photos 

VHl's "Concert of the Century" spotlights the 
" importance of music education in schools. The 
all-star show includes Lenny Kravitz, Sheryl Crow, Eric 
Clapton and B.B. King, as well as high-profile actors. 


Fiona Apple releases her long-awaited second 
' album to rave reviews in November and begins 
a tour in February 2000. The album features a 
90-word title, which is commonly shortened to 
When the Pawn. 

After a successful New Year's Eve 
reunion performance, the Judds 
begin their first tour in almost 10 
years in February 2000. Since 
they disbanded in 1991, Naomi has 
recovered from Hepatitis C. 

Best New Artist Grammy nominee 
Christina Aguilera gives an exciting 
performance during the Super Bowl 
XXXIV halftime show. 


Ricky Martin takes the music industry by storm 
after his show-stopping performance at the 1999 
Grammy Awards show. Martin's first chart-topping 
single, "Lwin' la Vida Loca," helps him win the 
Billboard Music Award for Male Artist of the Year. 

Lance Armstrong wins the 1999 Tour de France 
in July. Armstrong, who survived a three-year 
battle with testicular cancer, becomes the 
second American to win the event. 

The Dallas Stars beat the Buffalo Sabres 2-1 
in triple overtime to win the 1999 Stanley Cup 
championship, four games to two. 

David Cone of the New York Yankees pitches 
a perfect game against the Montreal Expos in 
July. Cone's feat is the 14th perfect game in 
modern baseball history. 


Payne Stewart is 
killed in a bizarre 
airplane accident 
in October. After 
the airplane's 
takeoff from 
Florida, an 
apparent loss of 
cabin pressure 
everyone aboard. 
The aircraft flies 
on autopilot for 
four hours until it 
runs out of fuel 
and crashes in 
South Dakota. 

A The Houston Comets earn their third straight 
~^p" WNBA championship in September, beating 
the New York Liberty 59-47 to win in three 
straight games. 

In September, 
tennis phenom 
Serena Williams, 
17, overpowers 
Martina Hingis 
to win the 1999 
U.S. Open title. 

The St. Louis Rams stop the Tennessee Titans 
" at the 1-yard line on a final play to save their 
23-16 Super Bowl XXXIV victory. 


Both Detroit Lions running back 
Barry Sanders and German tennis 
star Steffi Graf announce their 
retirement in 1999. 

On February 7, 2000, Tiger Woods 
wins his sixth consecutive PGA Tour 
event, tying Ben Hogan's 1948 
winning record. 


Dale Jarrett wins the 1999 NASCAR Winston Cup 
championship after a four-victory season. 


In the January 
2000 Sugar Bowl, 
No. 1 Florida 
State beats No. 2 
Virginia Tech 
46-29 to capture 
the National 

_^_ Andre Agassi wins the French Open in June 
Y a °d becomes the fifth man ever to complete a 
career Grand Slam. Agassi goes on to win the 
U.S. Open in September. 

In July, the U.S. women's soccer team wins the 
■ 1999 World Cup by beating China 5-4 in penalty 
kicks following a 0-0 tie. More than 90,000 fans 
attend at the Rose Bowl and another 40 million 
watch on television. 

Travis Pastrana, 15, wins the gold medal in the X 
Games' inaugural Moto X freestyle motocross event 
The fifth year of this ESPN-sponsored competition 
is held in San Francisco in June and July. 

The New York Yankees win the 1999 World 
" Series in a four-game sweep against the 
Atlanta Braves. 


a The U.S. team beats the European team to win 
"i^" golf's Ryder Cup at Brookline, Massachusetts, in 
September. The American's stirring comeback 
is marred by unruly galleries and a premature 
victory celebration. 

In July, many major league baseball 
umpires announce their resignation as 
a labor protest. The strategy backfires 
when owners accept the resignations 
and in September, 22 umpires lose 
their jobs. 

In January 2000, Michael Jordan returns 
to pro basketball as part owner and 
President for Basketball Operations of 
the NBA's Washington Wizards. 


Twenty-year professional hockey veteran Wayne 
Gretzky announces his retirement in April 1999 
after setting or tying 61 records. Two months 
later, "The Great One" is inducted into the 
Hockey Hall of Fame. 


A Fearing the collapse of the world's banks, utilities 
~"^~ and transportation systems, thousands of people 
stock up on food, water, money, ammunition and 
generators. After midnight, it soon becomes 
apparent that the preparations were unnecessary. 

The public and private sectors spend 
hundreds of millions of dollars to ward 
off the Y2K bug. The world lets out a 
sigh of relief after midnight strikes and 
no major computer malfunctions occur. 

The FBI warns of possible terrorist acts 
on New Year's Eve and stays on national 
alert throughout the celebration. After 
the arrest of one man with bomb-making 
materials, Seattle decides to cancel its 
Space Needle celebration. 



A surprising number of people, appalled by the 
exorbitant costs of travel and events, decide to stay 
home on New Year's Eve. Many companies and 
performers drastically slash prices as a last-minute lure. 

Primed in USA. © 2000 Jostens. [nc 190381 {1742) 

EB Savings Bank 
Batti's Auto 
Dr. Levitt 
Towne Cleaners 
Pat Snow's 
Country Convenience 
EB Co-op 
EBHS Student Senate 

SS Savings Bank 

Power's Auto 

Robert McCarthy 

Baggia Press 

Bob Graham 


Ye Olde Standish Grille 

Commercial Club 

EBHS Key Club 

-Jo CnfinUu and Lrzuond! - Jduzz ^Liqntusa'i 

That should be the theme of the East Bridgewater community. A large part of the 
production of the Torch is community sponsorship through advertising. Many of the ads 
in this year's book have been with us for ten consecutive years. In fact at least half of 
those advertisers, if not more, have been with us for twenty years. And all plan to be 
with us for as long as there is a yearbook at EBHS. 

These advertising alumni include East Bridgewater Savings Bank, Batti's Auto, 
Dr. Levitt, Towne Cleaners, Dewhurst Lumber, Pat Snow's Academy, East Bridgewater 
Co-operative, East Bridgewater High School Key Club, South Shore Savings Bank, 
Power's Auto, Robert McCarthy Attorney at Law, Baggia Press, Bob Graham Auto, 
Wales-Prophett Funeral Home, Ye Olde Standish Grille, Commercial Club, and East 
Bridgewater High School Student Senate. As you can see, these different businesses 
and organizations make up something else besides our final pages. They make up our 

Established in 1823, East Bridgewater is a community not made up of streets and 
rivers, nor boundaries and titles. It's made up by the people. The people who give their 
time and their money are the most important component of our community. It is this 
year, the final yearbook of the millennium, that we should take a look at these people. 
Without them we would not be a community. 

The yearbook committee, the Torch, would like to formally thank everyone who 
has helped us build this great project. It is the dedication of all these people who have 
been with us for so long that inspires others to join and help out. Thank you for your 
support, it is infinitely appreciated. 

-Jns -Joxcn 

There is No Better Place to Learn. 177 


Be yourself- but be your best self. 

Dare to be different and to follow your own star 

And don't be afraid to be happy!! 

Enjoy what is beautiful. 

Love with all your heart and soul. 

Believe that those you love, love you. 

When you're faced with a decision, 
Make the decision as wisely as possible- 
Then forget it. 
The moment of absolute certainty never arrives. 

We love you 
Mom, Dad and Amanda 


Follow your dreams and reach for the 
stars. The sky is the limit. We've watched you 
grow into a beautiful young woman. Remember 
always how proud we are of you. 

Mom, Dad and Eddie 


We know you'll be all you can be in your life. 

Never forget your friends! 


Mom, Dad and Nick 


178 East Bridgewater High School.. 


our baby's all grown, and 
what a joy! We love your 
crazy sense of humor, and 
your warm and caring 
ways. The way you make sure of every little thing, and the 
love, and enthusiasm for X-mas decorating!! 
We are so proud of the person that you've become. The genuine 
qualities you hold will bring you great things. Now you're 
ready to face life and its challenges. You're focused with great 
goals, and you'll be great at whatever you choose. 

It's when you were a baby, we are behind every step 
you take. How lucky can parents be to get two of the best 
daughters ever! Papa's proud of his little gardener too! 


Mom, Dad, Kelly + Mi-Mi 


Our precious little girl has grown into a beautiful, 
loving and caring young lady. We are proud of your 
accomplishments and wish every success and happiness 
for you. 

Love you always, 
Mom, Dad, Bobby, Adam, Kristen + John 


We are so proud of all your accomplishments 
but also the loving and caring young woman 
you've become. Follow your heart. 

We love you, 

Mom, Dad and Chris 


Congratulations on your awesome years at 
EBHS! We wish for you love, luck and happiness 
as you experience all the best that life has to give! 
Good luck and God Bless! 


Mom, Dad, Rob and Sarah 

'Does life get any better than this?' 

Jessica & John, 

May the best of life be yet to come! 

We love you, 
Mom and Dad 

There is No Better Place to Learn. 179 


Words cannot convey our sense of pride as we've watched 
you grow from boyhood to manhood. Your enthusiasm and 
determination are an inspiration to all around you. As you 
enter the door of adulthood remember to aim high and give it 
your best, you'll be pleased with the results. Always remember 
your entire family loves you and we are all very proud of your 


Mom, Dad, Rick, Rachel 

Colburn and Marx Families 


Listen to your heart 

Develop that talent 

Follow that dream 

You'll reach higher 

and climb farther 

than you ever thought possible. 

You and that 


will be amazing. 

We love you, 

Mom & Dad 

180 East Bridgewater High School.. 

Linny B, 

We stand in awe of 
your Academic and Athletic 
excellence. Always be true 
to yourself. 


Dad, Mom, 
Michael, Lea & Olivia 


When you gaze 

into the mirror, 

you see a grown-up person looking back. When we look at you, 

we see so much more... 

a wide eyed infant, checking out her "new digs" 

a mischievous toddler, getting into things she shouldn't (i.e. 


a worried little girl, concerned by her mommy's tears 

a smiling dancer, so poised on stage 

a confused teenager, trying to find her voice (and succeeding too 

well at times) 

an engaging young woman, who promises to be so much more! 

And so Lau-Lau, eighteen years of "never a dull moment" later, 
we want to tell you how proud we are and how much we look 
forward to being there for "Lauren, the adult". Don't forget- "Be 
good to everyone!" and always remember who loves you. 

Mom, Dad, Kara and Adam 


We have watched you grow into a wonderful 
young man. You have the ability to take yourself 
wherever you want to go in life. We love you "all 
there is and more." 


Dad, Mom and 



You are bright, caring, honest and 
humorous. Trust in yourself and these 
assets will take you far. We are very 
proud of you. 


Mom, Dad, Justin and Jenna 


You may not think that you have the talent that 
you strive for- but you certainly have the heart! 
You're every parent's dream come true- Thank 
You for all the fun! Congratulations and Best 
Wishes for more to come! 


Mom, Gregg, Jay 


The only thing greater 
than your potential is your 
integrity and character. 
We are so proud of you. 

Love you. 

Mom, Dad, Derek and 


How lovely your smile and your gentile ways... 
Spread your wings and make your mark in life. 
Your determination, respect for others, and 
accomplishments have made us very proud. 

Love ya Punkin, 
Mom, Dad & Zach 


We knew if you held on long enough, 
you'd make it. We love you and we're so 
proud of you. 


Mom, Dad & Kelly 

There is No Better Place to Learn. 181 


Our shining star. Keep that 
positive attitude and you will 
succeed in what ever the future 
holds for you. We love you. 
Thanks for being so special. 


Mom, Dad, David, Nan 






Proudly we have watched you develop 
into a talented young woman with the 
confidence to fulfill your dreams. You have 
completed one part of your journey. The 
world awaits. The best is yet to come. Stay in 
tune with your dreams and keep the beat! 

Mum, Dad and the gang 


You really are a princess! 
Mom and Dad 


Your dazzling smile, your sense of humor and your 

joy for life are just some of 

the precious gifts you have 

shared with family and 


We are so very proud of you! 
All our love, 

Mom, Katie and Lauren 


We are very proud of all you've 
accomplished. Your creativity and 
enthusiasm will make your college years 
a wonderful experience. 


Mom, Dad, Tom and Stacey 

182 East Bridgewater High School.. 


You have brought an abundance of love 
and joy into our lives. We thank God for 
sending you to us! We pray for wisdom and, 
perserverance to guide you, and always remain 
the unique, caring and honorable young man 
vou are. 

Love you so much, 
Mom, Dad and Tommi 


We've had a wonderful time leading you down the 
paths that together we have chosen. Now, we look 
forward to walking beside you as you continue on 
life's journey. Thank you for many years of 
happiness and for being a positive role model to 
your brothers and sisters. 

All our love, 

Dad, Mom, Sean, Elyse and Victoria 


We all just simply love you very much. You're 
a great role model for your nieces and nephews. 
Mom & Dad & the whole family 


We are so proud of you. 
Keep your own words close to 
your heart! 

Sometimes I am happy 

Sometimes I am sad 

Sometimes I am upon a frown 

and Sometimes I am glad 

But just remember this only thing 

if you are feeling blue 

If you just get your heart pumping 

you wont feel so bad. 

(MKO 1986) 

We love you! 

Mom, Dad and Bethany 


Keep your desire to be the best you can 
be and your dreams will come true. Laugh 
while you work, smile as you learn and 
remember- we all love you and are so very 
proud of all your high school accomplishments . 

Love you forever- 
Mom and Dad 
Laura and Craig 


You are our shining star. We are so very proud of 
your accomplishments and your commitment to 
making the world a better place. We wish for you a 
life filled with happiness, service to others and 
personal success. 


Dad, Mom and Erick 


Here you are a graduate! We can 
hardly believe it. You've grown into a 
wonderful young man and we're so very 
proud of you. Always strive to do your 
best, but remember to enjoy the world 
around you. You've got what it takes... so 
get in the game! 

And-oh-by the way- it doesn't matter if 
you win or lose- when you wear a great 
smile and have a twinkle in your eye! 

Love you, 

Mom, Dad, 
Elisa and Garrett 

There is No Better Place to Learn. 183 


We wish for you all the best that 
life has to offer- go for it. 

Love Always, 

Al, Mom, Kimberly, 

Derek, Kyle & Allison 

May 11,11 5's 

The Calculus 


Message of the Day : Congratulations to all of you who survived my 
class. Typically this is the portion of the yearbook where a loved one gets 
to say all that mushy, sappy stuff, but I'm not going to do that, instead I 
will leave you with these parting words. If I had a book that I used, you 
would all be fives in it. Thanks for all you hard work and dedication. 

Don't forget the +C 

Eaox BpiSyEcoaTep Hiyn ZxnooX... Tnepe la No Bex-rep Hkaxz to Aeapv 





(508) 378-3151 

HL_a. & * i Iran 


184 East Bridgewater High School... 

"When we do the best we can 

we never know what miracle is wrought 

in our life, or in the life of another/' 

-Helen Keller 

Congratulations and Best Wishes 
to the Class of 2000 from 

The Kiwanis Club of East Bridgewater 

Go Key Clubbers! 


There is No Better Place to Learn. 185 




186 East Bridgewater High School... 

MA Reg. Repair Shop #3092 
Appraiser Lie. #012777 

Tel: (508) 378-4091 

Power's Auto Service 

Used Cars Collision Repair 

General Auto Service 






707 Central Street 
East Bridgewater, MA 02333 

Class of 2000! 


215 Bedford Street 
East Bridgewater, MA 02333 

(508) 378-2711 

Newsletters & Brochures 

Beth Hayes 

Jane Haines 

There is No Better Place to Learn. 187 1 

Compliments of the 





CLASS OF 2000 ! 


188 East Bridgevvater High School... 

Life will present you with 
opportunities, challenges 

and decisions. 

When in doubt, choose 

long-term value. 

Look to us for value! 

East Bridgewater Savings Bank 

(508) 378-8400 

There is No Better Place to Learn. 189 

Sales Co., Inc. 

Manufacturers Reps. 

Pine Hill Park 

6 Merchant Street - CI 

Sharon, MA 02067 

(781) 784-0040 
(781) 784-0088 FAX 

John J. O'Brien 

Go with G & O 



1 1 5 South Main Street 
West Bridgewater, MA 
(508) 584-4444 
FAX (508) 584-4847 

Nina Eliasson/Parrott 
Pam DelTufo I 
Jerry Lawrence I 

Congratulations to the 
Class of 2000! 

Join us at Gary's for lunch, dinner 
or any special function. 

James Holmes 



Fine Fragrances, Cosmetics & Gifts 

(781) 447-4101 

WHITMAN, MA 02382 


Congratulations, may all your dreams 
come true in the years ahead and may you 
have much happiness. 

Love You, 

210 Pond Street 

East Bridgewater, MA 






■-';-^-*v : -: ''■!<;■:■ 


To All The Graduates! 

The Future belongs To You. 

Best Wishes, 


Roche Bros, and Sudbury Farms 

There is No Better Place to Learn. 191 








r '. : : :: ..... fl 

We're not just the place for tires. Our 

highly trained automotive technicians can 

fix whatever is wrong with your vehicle. 

All backed by the Sullivan guarantee of 


Check listing, visit our website, or call our toll-free 
locator line for a location near you. 

671 No. Bedford Street 

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192 East Bridgewater High School... 

Congratulations from 
your friends at 





The Community Bank 
1265 Belmont Street 
Brockton, MA 02301 

West Bridgewater 


f&> Casual environments on our old 
beautiful land with carriage house. 

fb*> Classic studio portraits with 

an innovative touch to "posing." 

f&> Personalize your portrait. Let us 
photograph you how you wish to 
be seen. 

There is No Better Place to Learn. 193 

(508) 378-7600 Shop 
(617) 545-0287 Beeper 


24 Hour Towing Servicing Most Major Auto Clubs 
556 Bedford Street East Bridgewater, Massachusetts 


CLASS OF 2000 

baggia printing, inc. 

650 Plymouth Street 

East Bridgewater, MA 02333 

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27 Central Street 
East Bridgewater, Masssachusetts 02333 


Good Luck 

to The 

CLASS of 2000 



TELEPHONE 447-2691 

194 East Bridgewater High School... 

oodJ-JuAi (~La±i of 20001 

Pub 106 

1300 Plymouth Street 

East Bridgewater 

(508) 378-7106 

ere is No Better Place to Learn. 195 



196 East Bridgewater High School. 

Used Cars 
Bought and So 

Complete Automotive 
Repairs and Service 
Road Service 



20 North Bedford Street (Route 18) 

East Bridgewater, Massachusetts 02333 

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5 West Union Street 

Good Luck 

to all the 

members of the 

Class of 2000! 


Fuel Oil - Diesel Fuel - Sales & Services 

elephone (508) 378-2652 





50 Cross Street 
East Bridgewater 

48 Central Square 



585 Washington Street 

There is No Better Place to Learn. 197 

(^umdM k 


fl ft ^ A (D * c 

V g c| 

I ■.•*?*'. 

: . 

""^ ■ n^^^^^^^^™ 

X/r 6U£ co/2 makz thsis auui Look aood, imaqlnz 

uanat cve can do rox uou. 

iJ-^xoua Jbujihoxtzx or tnz j'cisk clusx ana <^A/{aulj£ Lad: Joxcn crfuaaxai.. 

137 Main Street 
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198 East Bridgewater High School.. 

214 Broadway 

Pawrucket, RI 02860 

Tel: (401) 723-7524 

Fax: (401) 723-7525 

40 Main Street 

Taunton, MA 02780 

Tel: (508) 824-3777 

Fax: (508) 822-5552 

goon luck 

CLASS 07 2000 



There is No Better Place to Learn. 199 


Best Wishes i 

to the 
Class of 2000 

268 Cresent Street 
E. Bridgewater, MA 02333 

Good Luck to the 
Class of 2000 

Abracadabra Hair, Nails 
& Tanning 

'Tiffany, (Best "Wishes 


Qood Lucf^in ail you do. 

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650 Plymouth Street 

East Bridgewater, MA 







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East Bridgewater MA 



Director \X 


98 Bedford Street 

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35 Spring Street 

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200 East Bridgewater High School.. 


tomobile Sales - Bodywork - Towing 






1 kfc 




Good Luck to the Class of 2000 ! 

.. . : : - ■■■..:■■ 

Paul A. Wolfe 


There is No Better Place to Learn. 201 

Ye Olde Standish Grille 


Class of 2000 

Arthur & Pauline O'Leary 
(508) 378-3682 








: sl*.. 



202 East Bridgewat er High Softool.. 

;« :'■'■ 

. II 

■■ ■■ 

Robert E. McCarthy 


176 North Bedford Street 

East Bridgewater, MA 02333 

BUS: (508) 378-4378 

FAX: (508) 378-9114 RES: (508) 378-4779 


"Today's preparation 
determines torn 



to the 

Class of 2000. 




South Shore 


(800) 660-7800 

East Bridgewater • Hanover/Norwell 

Quincy • Weymouth 


There is No Better Place to Learn. 203 

L^onaza£uLa£lon5, CIxx^a of 2000 



Mike Perrault, RE. Dave Johnson, AICP 

P.M.P. Associates, LLC 

Civil Engineering & Land Planning 

516 North Bedford Street 

East Bridgewater, MA 02333 

ph: (508) 378-3421 

204 Ea st Bridgewater High School... 


Some people think you have to be a member of a special 

organization to join Brockton Credit Union. Anyone who lives or 

works in Bristol, Plymouth, Norfolk, or Barnstable Counties can join 

by making a $5 deposit. So stop reading and hurry in. 

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Federally Insured by 



Sales and Services 


BRUCE C. MESERVE, President 
JO ANN C. (Meserve) ADAMS, Clerk and 


1 26 Pleasant St/RO. Box 504 Telephone: 378-31 31 
E.. Bridgewater, MA Fax (508) 378-9961 

Best of Luck 

to the Class of 


?f. CLASS OF 2000 



Congratulations to the Class of 2000! 

325 South Street 
East Bridgewater, MA 02333 

There is No Better Place to Learn. 205 

w^m m 

Take the Torch 
and Run With it! 

The East Bridgewater Teachers 

Congratulations to the 

graduates of the class of 

2000, and good luck to all 

of you in the future! 




;Batti's Auto Body 

26 North Central Street / East Bridgewater, MA 02333 

Telephone (508) 378-2171 ** 

Congratulations to the Class of 2000 > 


License #0082449 

MARS #799 


There is No Better Place to 'Learn. 207 

lemosicusle, Pk?iaAe& 

9. (fylllin the blank) id, itupid- and io- an& you! 
8. Wanna Vack? 

7. What the heck ate- you talkina about, Vi^any? 
6. die hated- me !i ] tell you, hehated-me! 

5. Gan 9 pbade -iee the pmo^i. now.? (aUaayi- lollouied ky "no-/") 
4. jbon't touch that button! you'Uldow-HpthBa^mauteA,! 
3. What do you- mean you don't do takeout on chicken pot -aid-?!? 
1 : 2. Qo JAiaale the uti/iel 

t. Well, ifr we want it done liaht, dJwuldn'twea&kMn,. Paone? 

Our Many Memories 

"What do you want to do today?" 

"Finish the Yearbook!" 

And that is just what we have done. During the past six months that we have been putting this book together, 
we've made this exchange of words hundreds of times, and they havefinally come true. Along the way, Tiffany, Mr. Siddiqui 
and I (Kim) have created many lasting memories and ingenious inventions that served us well at midnight on Fridays, and 
this page is our way of remembering them. None of us will ever forget the blind ambition that drove us to invent useful 
tools such as the Yearbook Bins, the Big Red Book of Yearbook, the F3ig Calendar of Yearbook, the still nonexistent Bulletin 
5oard of Yearbook, and student photographers. Let's just say that not every invention lasts a lifetime! Of course, we 
are most proud of an idea that was thrown into the air during 3rd period one day, and by 7th haddeveloped into the Torch 
Awards. We cannot express properly our appreciation for the seven days of sleep and the three days of food that Mr. 
Siddiqui gave up to make the night a success for us and the rest of the school. We will never forget the backstage chaos 
and onstage calmness we were lucky to be a part of. 

On a day to day basis, things were no less hectic than during the afternoon before those Torch Awards. From 
the beginning of the transition from what we fondly call the Faonian Dynasty to the Siddiqui Empire, there were times 
when we all put our noses to the grindstone and got things done, and then there were times when we just weren't quite 
as.. .focused shall we say? The day that Tiffany lets Mr. Siddiqui and I live down the Highligher Wars of the first meeting, 
or my continual tendency to fall off of my favorite red stool will be the day that the yearbook ceases to exist! Who could 
forget the countless restaurants and photo processing centers our staff made rich, or the continuing struggle of Mr. 
Siddiqui and I to translate Tiffany's personal languageand determine thetrue pronounciation of her favorite band's name. 
Over what looking back seems to be a very short trip, there were times when laughter was all around and times \&ien 
tensions and tempers ran rampant, but overall, the three of us made a fantastic team. 

As the Editors, Tiffany and I would also like to acknowledge the efforts of all who helped us in our journey. To our 
writers, photographers, staff and anyone else who made our jobs a little easier and a lot more interesting, we extend a 
sincere thank you. We would also like to bid a fond farewell to Tiffany. The team wouldn't have been complete without you. 
You'll be taking over the yearbook at Clark University in no time! Always remember that "I'm so happy to see you!" will be 
our sincere welcome anytime you decide to visit us. To Mr. Siddiqui: Tiffany and I will always remember that first week 
when.we were actually responsible for teaching you all that we knewabout the making of a yearbook. It seems like the Dark 
Ages compared to now! We thank you for the countless hours you put into perfecting the book for the whole school, and 
for all that you have taught us. We are well aware that without all you have done for us, there would be no yearbook! As 
for trie, I have enjoyed the entire experience immensely and will carry all that I have learned, and all of the memories the 
team has created, 7 with me as I begin the process again; this time on the yearbook of my own Senior year. Until then, we 
hope that you-afrenjby what we have done with this year's Torch. See you next year! 

The 2000 Torch Editors, 
Kim Allison and Tiffany Joslyn 

* i nK MaHHMmnu.unMui 

'|UI'BIV1JM>'\ ■. «Mlt»*lJi.V